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Fisher & Paykel Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Fisher & Paykel Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Fisher & Paykel Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask
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Fisher & Paykel Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Fisher & Paykel Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask
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Comfortable, Tight-Fitting Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear

The Opus 360 from Fisher and Paykel is a comfortable and ergonomic nasal pillow CPAP mask. Designed to contour to fit your face perfectly, you are also given three sizes to minimize leaks and enhance support. The Opus CPAP mask headgear is comfortable and lets users sleep in all positions.

Quiet Nasal Mask

The Opus 360's diffuses air quietly and stifles noise. Air flows out of a series of holes at the end of the hose, which keeps the air from your face and lets both you and your partner sleep soundly.

Comfortable and Lightweight

Being small and noninvasive and weighing slightly less than two ounces, the Opus 360 is sleek and unobtrusive. The Opus CPAP mask's contoured frame fits naturally to any face, which enhances comfort and provides support.

Soft-Lip Cushion

Fisher and Paykel designed a Soft-Lip cushion into the Opus 360, so that your lips rest gently against the device, without scratching or scraping.

Great for Any Size

The device comes with small, medium, and large pillows already included. Don't worry about ordering the wrong sized mask: Fisher and Paykel have you covered from the moment you purchase the Opus 360.

Variable Tube Anchoring

With the Opus 360, you can choose how tight you want to anchor the mask tube. Anchor the tube at the top or the side of the mask, or leave it unanchored for a 360 degree swiveling capacity.

Key Features

  • Minimal Leakage
  • Great for Side Sleepers and Back Resters
  • Ergonomic Design Relieves Pressure

Reviewers Tip:

The headgear is great for side sleeping, as it doesn't put pressure on users's backs or necks.

Lightest and Quietest CPAP Nasal Masks of 2014


I want to get the new mask, but was wondering if I could still use my old nasal pillows. Is this possible?

Yes, the nasal pillows are interchangeable. The headgear, tubing, and swivel are not, however.

How will I know which size I should choose?

You can experiment with all three sizes (which come with the package) or you can look at the 360's recommended sizing guide.

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7034/A7035
  Warranty90 days
  Extra FeaturesPressure range - 4-25 cm H20


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