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Caire FreeStyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Easy to use 
The FreeStyle Comfort brings usability and convenience to a new level. The push of a single button starts the device, and it takes less than 2 minutes to start delivering oxygen. The machine’s sound level is only 43 decibels, so you can use it with confidence whether at home, in a restaurant, or at church. It’s also fully FAA certified and approved for airline flight on most major airlines.

Light, Ergonomic, and Comfortable


The FreeStyle Comfort is just 5 lbs in weight. It can easily be carried around with the included case and strap. In addition, the unit itself was designed with an innovative curve which fits against your body snugly as you walk. This curve cleverly limits the amount of swinging and banging from your normal stride.

How does oxygen concentrator deliver what you need?

The air we breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other gasses. With the FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator system, the ambient air is drawn into the machine through the air intakes. The air then passes through an adsorbent material called the molecular sieve. This material separates the oxygen from the nitrogen and allows only the oxygen to pass through. The result is a flow of medical grade, high-concentration, or high purity of oxygen delivered to you.

AutoDose Safety

The AutoDose feature monitors your breathing closely. If it monitors abnormal breathing, the true brilliance of this machine shines through. The FreeStyle Comfort can instantly deliver automatic pulses of oxygen at a rate of 20 breaths per minute until normal breathing has resumed.


The FreeStyle Comfort's battery can last up to four hours if set at Setting 2.

To give you peace of mind the unit includes an industry-leading 3-year manufacturer warranty that covers the unit and a 1-year warranty that covers the sieve beds. This is the only unit on the market with a warranty on sieve beds, a benefit that could save you hundreds of dollars. There is also a 1-year warranty for the battery and power supplies.

Key Features:

• Full Color LCD Display
• Glow-in-the-Dark Keypad
• 5 pulse setting choices deliver up to 1050 mL.min of oxygen
• User Friendly Interface
• FAA Compliant
• Easy Carry Case & Shoulder Strap
• CAIREview Wireless Connection Technology
• 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Start Up
• No Breath Detected
• Low Battery Shut Down
• Low Battery Warning
• Warm-Up
• Low Concentration
• Battery Over Temp
• High Temperature, Low Temperature, High Pressure, Breathing Rate Exceeded, Fan Failure, Low Pressure

Battery Duration
• Setting of 1 - 8 Cell Battery: 8 hours average
• Setting of 2 - 8 Cell Battery: 4 hours average
• Setting of 3 - 8 Cell Battery: 3 hours average
• Setting of 4 - 8 Cell Battery: 2.25 hours average
• Setting of 5 - 8 Cell Battery: 2 hours average

Flow Settings Pulse Dose (Settings from 1 - 5)
• 1 = 210 mL/min
• 2 = 420 mL/min
• 3 = 630 mL/min
• 4 = 840 mL/min
• 5 = 1050 mL/min

• Height: 10 inches
• Width: 7.3 inches
• Depth: 3.1 inches

Technical Data
E1390, E1392
10.0 x 7.3 x 3.1 in (25.4 x 18.5 x 7.9 cm) with single battery
AC Input
100 "240 VAC, 50-60Hz
AC Power Supply
Operates between 100-240 volts, 50-60Hz
DC Converter
(Car charge compatible) 11�"18 VDC (10 max amp)
Altitude Adjustment
-1250 to 10,000 ft (-381 to 3048 m) (tested to 700 " 1060 hPa)
3 years FreeStyle® Comfort (Includes sieve beds)
Sound/Noise Level
43 dB(A) @ Setting 2
Two External Gross Particle Filters
Operation Modes
Flow Settings Pulse Dose (Settings from 1 - 5) • 1 = 210 mL/min • 2 = 420 mL/min • 3 = 630 mL/min • 4 = 840 mL/min • 5 = 1050 mL/min
Battery Duration
8-Cell : Up to 4 Hours // 16-Cell up to 8 Hours
Battery Recharge
Single Battery: 3.5 hours, Double Battery: 6.0 hours
Flow Rates
Pulse 1-5
100�"240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Maximum Output Power
Setting 5 - 1050 mL/min
AC Power (100-240 volts, 50-60 Hz; DC Power 11�"18 VDC (10 max amp)
Power Consumption
120 W while charging
Weight with Battery
5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Battery Warranty
1 year
Item Includes
  • FreeStyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • 8- Cell Battery Pack
  • AC Power Supply with Power Cord
  • DC Power Supply & Cords (vehicle power supply)
  • Cannula and User Manual
  • UltraSense Technology
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What is the price, and does it have warranty plans that come with it.

This item is discontinued and we no longer carry it. This page is up for reference purposes only.

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