Easy Flow 5 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

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Compact, Durable Stationary Concentrator

With smooth lines, and sleek design, the Easy Flow 5 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator is an easy to use, transportable, reliable system. The stationary oxygenconcentrator has been designed with oxygen users in mind. With top of the line technology, you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. It runs cool, and makes minimal noise so as to not disturb your family and friends when in use.

Top of the line technology

Equipped with technological features, such as self-cleaning filter, oxygen sensor monitor, and Smart Start, this stationary oxygen concentrator has it all. Use of the Smart Start feature eliminates the hassle of service calls due to tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses. Abrupt interruptions in power will not halt the flow of your oxygen. This vital feature can be very useful during an unexpected loss of power. With the Easy Flow 5 Stationary Concentrator you can rest assured that you will always have access to your oxygen therapy. Don't even lift a finger, as the system's Smart Start technology will re-start the concentrator automatically.

Easy Dial

Easy dial makes setting the oxygen flow simple, even for inexperienced users. If you are utilizing oxygen therapy you can easily learn how to set the flow to the levels you require. Even if you have never operated an oxygen system, you will find that this stationary oxygen concentratoris highly user friendly, allowing you to receive the benefits of oxygen therapy without the stress.

Key Features

  • Sleek Design-Enjoy modern, sleek design for ease of transportation.
  • Automatic Alert- Rest assured your oxygen concentrator system system will alert you when oxygen purity levels are compromised.
  • Lightweight-Stationary system that is also portable and can be moved with relative ease.

Reviewers Tip:

The internal bacteria filter never needs to be replaced. If you are looking for an oxygen concentrator that requires little to no maintenance, the Easy Flow Stationary Concentrator is the perfect choice for you.

How to Read the Control Panel

  1. On/Off Switch
  2. Flow Setting
  3. Oxygen Outlet Plug
  4. Hour Meter
  5. Alarm Indicator
  6. Oxygen Concentrator Indicator
  7. Power Indicator


How will I know if the purity level drops below acceptable standards?

The oxygen sensor monitors purity levels and will warn you immediately in the event that it drops below the established threshold. Eliminate stress, and go about your business, knowing that this technologically advanced system takes care of everything for you.

Can I use this with a humidifier?

Yes, this oxygen concentrator unit is designed to work both with and without a humidifier.


Easy Pulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • For ease of transportation, the Easy Pulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a suitable choice. The Easy Flow 5 Stationary Concentrator is the perfect model for long-term daily home use.

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