Q-Lite In-Line CPAP Muffler By Breas

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This is the new generation CPAP Tube Noise Cancelation Muffler of the discontinued Q-Tube Muffler

No Prescription Required

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all CPAP and BiPAP machines
  • Connects to all non-heated CPAP tubing with 22mm cuffs
  • Reduces machine and airflow noise for better sleep
  • Easy to install
Product Details

Q-Lite In-Line CPAP Muffler Kit by Breas

The Breas Q-Lite In-Line Muffler is designed to reduce CPAP machine and airflow noise for a better night's sleep. The Q-Lite Muffler is easily portable, measuring about 5 inches long and weighing only 3.3 oz. It is a practical addition to any travel CPAP machine which are generally louder than home units. The Q-Lite In-Line Muffler contains a layer of sound-insulating foam to minimize noise associated with your machine and can be easily connected to any CPAP or BiPAP using the included 8" Flex Hose.

This in-line muffler is compatible with all CPAP and BiPAP machines. If you are using this muffler with the ResMed AirMini, you will need an AirMini Adapter. Connect the AirMini Adapter to your AirMini's air outlet, then follow the steps below.

Connecting the Q-Lite In-Line Muffler

  1. Connect the 8" Flex Hose to your machine's air outlet or the AirMini adapter.
  2. Connect the Q-Lite Muffler to the other end of the Flex Hose
  3. Connect one end of your CPAP tube to the Q-Lite Muffler and the other end to your CPAP mask.

Note: The Breas Q-Lite In-Line Muffler is not compatible with heated tubing.

Important Information Regarding Humidification
Please note that the Q-Lite In-Line Muffler is not compatible with heated humidification systems that utilize water. This is due to the potential for water to saturate the sound-insulation foam within the muffler, thereby rendering it ineffective. We recommend using this muffler exclusively with waterless heat moisture exchangers (HMEs) such as the Breas Z1/Z2 HME


How often should I replace the Q-Lite In-Line Muffler?
The Q-Lite Muffler should be replaced as necessary, such as when it is damaged or when there is an increase in airflow and/or machine noise.

Technical Data
Machine Weight
3.3 oz
Machine Size Only
4.25 x 2.25 x 5.875 in
Item Includes

1x Q-Lite Muffler
1x 8" Flex Hose

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Narlenne B
(Verified Purchase)
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Subject: Ordered the wrong item
I ordered the wrong item and realized it after I hit the submit button. I meant to order a mask instead. How can I correct this?

Please call our office and we will be happy to assist you in correcting this.

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Q&As (5)
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So long as I have the adapter for my Resmed Airmini..can I use the Q-Lite In-Line CPAP Muffler and the HDM Z1/Z2 Heat and Moisture Exchanger? I understand I can't use the Resmid humidifier puck if I have the Q-Like in line CPAP muffler.

You may use this and the HME if you use the adaptor and your own standard hose. If you want to use the tubing with the humidex then it will not work.

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Does the Q-Lite In-Line CPAP Muffler fits the resmed airmini?
Does it needs any adapter?

This device is compatible across the board with all CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines. The end of the Q-Lite is a universal size. You will need this adapter: https://www.respshop.com/cpap-supplies/tubing/airmini-cpap-tube-connector-p-1384.html and a non-heated tube, but you won't be able to use the humidifier pucks for the Airmini if you decide to use this.

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How often should I replace this product?

The Q-Lite Muffler should be replaced as necessary, such as when it is damaged or when there is an increase in airflow and/or machine noise.

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Is the muffler included in the rental of the Z2?

Yes it is. Enjoy!

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After how many uses should the Q-lite be replaced when used with the Breas Z2 auto?

Breas told us that for regular use, it was tested during regular usage of 30 days and they haven't discovered any bacterial growth but there isn't really a recommended time of when you replace it. Safe to say you can replace it if something is noisier than before or if it has cracks.

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