Fisher & Paykel myAirvo 2 Humidified High Flow System

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Fisher & Paykel myAIRVO2 Humidified High Flow System

Need a high flow system that is quiet and has a built-in humidifier to meet your humidification needs? Have a look at the myAirvo 2 Humidified High Flow System from Fisher & Paykel!

The myAirvo 2 offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional high flow therapy which can be incredibly loud and uncomfortably dry. With the ability to deliver up to 60 L/min of humidified high flow therapy, the Fisher & Paykel myAirvo2 is an ideal solution for users with high oxygen needs who prefer the comforts of their own homes. This easy-to-navigate unit features a simple, user-friendly button interface and a cleanable water chamber, as well as the Fisher & Paykel's AirSpiral Heated Tube which minimizes condensation for optimal comfort.

AirSpiral Heated Tube
No more condensation in the tubing or interfaces and no more cold droplets or gurgling noise to keep you awake at night! The myAirvo 2 keeps these problems at bay using the AirSpiral Heated Tube. This heated tube features two intertwined spiral elements: one for heating, which ensures the delivery of warm air consistently along the entire length of the tube, and the other for insulation, which maintains a stable tube temperature regardless of environmental variations. With these advanced features, the myAirvo 2 is capable of reducing condensation by an impressive 93%! 

Supplemental Oxygen 
The myAirvo2 is a worthwhile investment for anyone who requires high flow oxygen therapy, supporting up to 15 L/min supplemental oxygen from a regulated supply such as a stationary oxygen concentrator . Simply connect the output from your oxygen source to the oxygen inlet port to add supplemental oxygen to the myAirvo2. A built-in ultrasonic analyzer blends the air and oxygen together with no special setup required.

The resulting air/oxygen mixture provides an oxygen fraction that will change along with adjustments to amount of oxygen flow added and the airflow setting on your myAirvo2 unit. Please do not adjust either the oxygen or airflow amount without direction from a physician (a prescription is required for setting adjustments).


What type of patients is myAIRVO2 intended/indicated for?
myAIRVO 2 can be used on a wide range of patient types, ages, and disease states. In order to obtain myAIRVO 2, a patient must have a valid prescription from a healthcare professional. An HCP will be able to diagnose a patient’s situation and determine if myAIRVO 2 is the appropriate treatment. 

I used AIRVO in the hospital, can I buy one to use at home?
myAIRVO 2 is FDA approved for use in the home and long-term care. If you have a valid prescription from your healthcare provider, the myAIRVO 2 is available for purchase and use in the home.

Is myAIRVO 2 covered by insurance?
myAIRVO 2 can be covered by insurance depending on the patient's circumstances. Often times insurance companies will require proper documentation in order to pay for the device. Some of the information that insurance companies may or may not require include a valid prescription from a healthcare provider, a letter of medical necessity, prior authorization, and peer-to-peer review.

Can I use my HSA/FSA to purchase myAIRVO 2?
Yes, myAIRVO 2 is eligible for purchase via both HSA and FSA.

How long is the breathing tube that comes with the device?
The AirSpiral Heated Breathing Tube for myAIRVO2 Humidified System is six feet long.

High Flow Therapy and COVID-19

High-flow oxygen therapy has emerged as a valuable therapy for hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Home high-flow therapy can be an adjunct to avoiding hospitalization or to earlier discharge home.

High-flow therapy delivers heated and humidified gas flow at rates up to 60 liters per minute. The flow from the high-flow unit reduces the patient’s effort of breathing. The flow may also generate some degree of positive end expiratory pressure in the lungs to support lung expansion as well.

When used with supplemental oxygen, high flow also allows a fixed percentage of oxygen to be delivered, often at higher percentages than achieved by a standard nasal cannula.

myAirvo 2 system simulator APP

Download the myAIRVO 2 system simulator app and have this great learning/teaching tool at your fingertips.
Use the app to:

  • Learn how to use the myAIRVO 2 device
  • Teach others how to use the myAIRVO 2 devices quickly and easily
  • Test your skills

Download the free myAIRVO 2 humidified high-flow system simulator app now!
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Reviewed By Pam Schmidt RRT, RCP 

Registered Respiratory Therapist for RespShop

You are going to love the myAirvo 2. This new high-flow humidification will have you jumping. It sets a whole new standard for humidification. It provides my patients with convenience and optimal performance for any patient needing high humidity. Whether you use a trach mask, face tent, or nasal pillows you are going to love this new humidification unit!

The myAirvo 2 is replacing the need to have a heavy air compressor that is noisy and messy. It is very versatile for customers traveling. It is capable to deliver warm humidified air with an easy-to-push button to adjust flow to meet your targeted air. My clients love how warm the air is and how easy it is to run. No more messing around with water bottles leaking or condensation in the tubing. No more cold droplets or gurgling noise to keep you awake at night. The Airvo 2 will keep these problems at bay by using the AirSpiral Tube. This is great for my patients because they will not have to drain any tubing or worry about condensation flowing into their trach/mask area.

If you use oxygen with your air compressor, no worries. The myAirvo 2 is compatible with any supplemental continuous flow system, up to 15 lpm. Simply add an oxygen port and the built-in ultrasonic analyzer integrates the flow without a special setup. Just remember if you think this system could help with your oxygen therapy, make sure to talk with your physician. It is so quick and easy to set up, do not waste any more time on the noisy cumbersome air compressor of the past. Update to the new Airvo2 or at least check it out!

RX Required

HCPCS CodeE1399
Flow Rates10-60 LPM (Default), 2-25 LPM (Junior Mode)
Basic Features
Warranty2 years (see warranty program)
Sound/Noise Level45dbA @ 1m
Weight4.8 Lbs
Dimensions11.6 x 6.7 x 6.9 inches
Power Features
AC Input100-115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2.2 A
Additional Features
Altitude Adjustment6000 ft.

Questions? Ask here. We typically respond within 12-24 hours, often sooner. You'll receive email notifications once answered.
1–5 of 5 Questions
Q. What is the default temperature for the Airvo 2?
A. It is 37 degrees celsius
Q. Do I need to have an oxygen concentrator to use this?
A. Unless you require supplemental oxygen as well as the high flow from the Airvo then you do not require an oxygen concentrator to use the machine.
Q. Hello
one of our client is using myAIRVO2 and want to clarify the 'Target Flow Setting'
if the oxygen given to him is 1 - 2L/min what should the TFS be set at?

Dr. has prescribed 25 but user manual pg A-10 give a table which shows 28. what should be the correct setting? (not able to understand the table to use it)
A. Hello,

The correct flow setting will be 25 L/min as prescribed by the doctor. The 28 on the graph is the FiO2 (fractional inspired oxygen) when the target flow is set at 25 L/min and the oxygen at 2 L/min. FiO2 is greater than 25 L/min because you are adding 2L/min oxygen to the 25 L/min flow. The 25 L/min flow is room air (so contains 21% oxygen or FiO2 of 21%) while the 2 L/min oxygen is at 100% FiO2.

Hope this helps,
Q. Hello,
Several questions, and if better to call that is great . 615-419-0520 ..
1) how soon can product be shipped?
2) is it easily installed or set up without a technician?
3) can oxygen be ordered and delivered with the.machine?
4)is it portable for travel?
Thank you so.much!
Shasta Brown
A. Hello,
1. It can be shipped as soon as today with a prescription
2. it is easy to set up
3. yes O2 can be bled in with additional items
4. It is not portable

Thank you
Q. Can this machine push 50 liters per minute?
A. It can do up to 60 LPM of air flow.
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