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Respironics DreamStation Go Reusable Pollen Filter

Model: 1133743
Made in the USA
Respironics DreamStation Go Reusable Pollen Filter
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Two Washable Respironics Replacement Filters

Washable replacement filters designed to work with Respironics DreamStation Go CPAP device. Each replacement pack comes with two (2) washable filters that can be easily cleaned in order to keep dust, dirt, and any extra materials with 88% efficiency out of your Respironics Travel CPAP machine in order to perform at peak. Cleaning the filters regularly is recommended in order to generate the best results from your DreamStation Go. .

Key Features

  • Two (2) replacement filters per pack - Each filter should be cleaned every two (2) weeks and replaced every six (6) months
  • Washable, reusable - Easy to clean and reuse

Reviewers Tip:

Cleaning the filter is quick and painless, but don't forget to do it regularly. We recommend rinsing this filter with clean tap water every 30 days or so however, depending on the environment your CPAP machine is stored in, cleaning may need to be more regular than what is recommended. Please all the filter to be completely dry before placing it back in the device. 

The device will display a message every 30 days to remind you to replace the filters.
Sliding out the filter from the base of the device.

Operating your Respironics CPAP Device


Do I need to change these filters?

While the filters are washable, and reusable, it is recommended that you change the filters every six (6) months as they will experience general wear and tear over time. In order for your CPAP device to work at optimum levels you should keep up with the maintenance.

Can I purchase the disposable filters as well?

Yes, you can buy the disposable filters .


These filters will work with the following Respironics CPAP Machines:

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