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ResMed S8 Standard Filter

Model: 33915, 33918, 33974
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ResMed S8 Standard Filter

ResMed's filter comes in a pack of 50, 12, or in singles depending on what you need. Filters are an integral part of CPAP therapy because they eliminate foreign particles and provide you with the cleanest air possible. This ensures optimal sleep apnea therapy that reduces irritation and discomfort.

Key Features

  • Necessary for those who suffer from Allergies
  • Blocks large and fine air particles
  • Compatible with S8 series of CPAP devices

Reviewers Tip:

When installing new filters, place the filter white side in.

Changing Your Filters


How many filters come with each pack?

You can purchase the filters in packs of 50, 12, or just opt for a single filter.


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