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Fisher & Paykel Headgear for Eson CPAP Mask

Model: 400HC567, 400HC568
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Headgear for Eson CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel

The Eson headgear is an ergonomically designed headgear that provides a comfortable breathable headgear, with a crown point design to guarantee stability, and easy clip hooks for a quick release ensuring comfort and stability.

Easy Clip Hooks

The ErgoFit comes with Velcro Tabs that have Easy Clip Hooks ensuring you will be able to quickly fit and remove your headgear when necessary. You will have a hassle free experience every time you get ready for the day, or ready for your sleep apnea therapy.

Crown Strap with 3-Point Adjustment

Fisher & Paykel utilizes a Crown Strap headgear in order to provide a stable support base. The Crown Strap has 3 points of adjustment, one located at the top of the head, another near the forehead, and the third in area of the cheek. You can easily personalize the headgear to suit your facial structure providing you with a reliable fit throughout the night.

Soft, Breathable Fabric

The Eson headgear is made with soft, breathable fabric to minimize irritation and provide a comfortable sleep apnea therapy experience.

Key Features

  • Easy Clip Hooks
  • Crown Strap with 3-Point Adjustment
  • Soft,Breathable Fabric

Reviewers Tip:

The headgear comes in a small and standard size.


Are the nasal pillows adjustable?

Yes with the unique rotating barrel the nasal pillow angles are adjustable

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