ResMed Quattro Air Full Face CPAP Mask

Model: 62701, 62702, 62703
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Key Features:

  • Compatible with all CPAP Machines except the ResMed AirMini
  • Circular Diffused Vents directs air away to reduce noise
  • Quick Release Elbow for quick mask disconnection from hose
  • Lightweight Frame minimizes facial contact to prevent skin irritation
  • Spring Air Cushion provides a flexible yet secure seal
Product Details

Quattro Air Full Face CPAP Mask by ResMed 

The ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask with Headgear is the lightest CPAP mask on the market. This lightweight design, combined with a cushion that protects the area of your face around your nose and mouth, makes the Quattro full-face mask one of the most comfortable CPAP masks available as well.

The mask's cushion inflates as air flows into the mask causing it to grip your face without leaving painful facial impressions, as well as this the frame reduces pressure. The headgear is easy to attach and does not impair your vision, letting you read, watch television, or converse at your leisure while you're wearing the mask.

Light Design

The new ResMed Quattro Air CPAP mask is 45% lighter than the previous model, making it the lightest full-face mask on the market. You will love how it feels and how it does not feel heavy on your face.

Frame Design

The frame design supports the facial cushion while limiting the device's contact with your face. This limits the pressure you will feel when you put the ResMed Quattro Air mask on, and reduces your risk of getting red blemishes or stretch marks on your face. The frame design also offers a good amount of stability.

Quick Release Elbow

The elbow attaches to and snaps off of the mask frame in an instant by using squeeze tabs. These tabs allow the user to easily take off the tubing in the middle of the night, and the CPAP user can even use just one hand to make this feature work. Additionally, the elbow swivels 360 degrees, making it ideal for tossers and turners, as they will have a full range of movement.

Wraparound Headgear

The Quattro's soft-edge headgear design has two easy-to-attach straps on each side of your head. The design of the straps makes putting on and taking off your mask very simple and the softness of the straps lets you sleep soundly in all positions. In addition to this, the flex-wing forehead support helps with adjustments and allows for great comfort due to the padding, the padding even feels light.

Cushion Design

The Spring Air cushion in the Quattro provides a durable and effective seal that is both light and flexible. The dual wall cushion works as air flows into the mask, and the cushion inflates, creating a seal between your face and the device.

Circular Diffused vents

Circular diffused vents along the elbow diffuse air away from the user and bed partner, reducing noise for a more comfortable sleep therapy experience.

Reviewers Tip:

Make sure the straps are fastened securely, particularly if you plan to sleep on your side.

62701 Mask includes: 62756 - Headgear, 62753 - Frame, 62737 - Cushion
62702 Mask includes: 62756 - Headgear, 62754 - Frame, 62738 - Cushion
62703 Mask includes: 62756 - Headgear, 62755 - Frame, 62739 - Cushion

ResMed Quattro Air Full Face CPAP Mask


My mask does not feel comfortable:
Make sure your straps are fastened equally on both sides. If one side of your chin strap or forehead strap is tighter than the other, the mask will be tighter on one side, and thus uncomfortable. This might also explain any leaking that you may be having.

My mask is making noises, and I think it's because there's something stuck in the vent holes. How should I clean this?
If the problem is specifically with the vent holes, try cleaning them with a soft bristle brush. Don't use anything so rough that you'll scratch the device or damage the holes. Cleaning and assembly are made easy with this mask as it only has four parts.

I have certain allergies related to certain materials for CPAP Masks, what is this one made of?
Cushion and Frame: Silicone,
Nylon Elbow: Nylon/Polypropylene/Thermoplastic/Silicone
Headgear: Nylon/Lycra/Polyurethane Foam

Is this mask compatible with my tubing and CPAP machine?
Most masks are compatible with most machines and tubing. If you have an Airmini the mask will not be compatible. Most ResMed products, however, are made to be compatible with any tubing and CPAP sleep apnea machine.

What is the difference between the Quattro Air and the Quattro FX?
The Quattro Fx full face mask does not have forehead support like the Quattro Air. Both of these masks are good for people that move around in their sleep as they both feature a 360-degree elbow swivel. The Quattro Air is very easy to take off and put back on, due to the quick-release elbow, which is great if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

If you have any questions about any of our CPAP supplies, please contact our customer service, we have 24/7 chat, email, and phone.

Technical Data
62701, 62702, 62703
90 days against manufacturer defects
Tube Connection
Front of the face
Mask Type
Full face
Headgear Clips and Type
Headgear Size with Mask
Other Headgear Sizes Available
Yes, Small
Other Headgear Styles Available
FitPack Available
Active Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
Glasses Friendly
Specifically Designed For Women
Facial Hair
Cushion Interchangeable with Different Type
Item Includes
  • Frame System - 62754
  • Cushion - 62738
  • Headgear - 62756
Reviews (19)
4.4 out of 5 stars
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5 of 5 Stars!
Natalie A
Was this helpful?
More expensive than other cpap masks that are full face but definitely worth the price because its made by resmed and not some other manufacturer. I use the resmed auto machine with this mask and it works great!

The cushion is really comfortable and it doesnt have to be extremely tight to make a good seal which helps as other masks might be needed to tighten and that can cause pain when I use my machine, causing me not to wear my mask every night, and leading to no sleep!!!

Buy the resmed and you wont be disappointed with your purchase!
Was this helpful?
1 of 5 Stars!
Sarah K
Was this helpful?
My husband couldn’t use the head strap wouldn’t tighten enough and air leaks out. So now we need to purchase a new head strap.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Chad G
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
Great mask. Arrived quicker than expected. Have worn this mask for years and is the most comfortable one I have found. Thanks to reap ship for having this one in stock and many other option for my cpap needs.
Chad Goolman
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Karen S
Was this helpful?
Love this mask! Very comfortable and does not leak.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Ron S
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
prompt delivery and mask is identical to original, these are not substitutes. They fit good and last a long time. Only complaint is that I only needed a new frame, not the cushon or strap but couldnt find one. Had to purchase the whole thing.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Noah A
Was this helpful?
Subject: Fond of this mask.
I am a longtime CPAP user and have tried a lot of different masks over 10+ years. The Quattro mask is light and has a good "grip" on my face that I think makes it stand out over other masks. The best part about this mask is its gel piece that connects to the plastic face part. This prevents the problematic leaks that can happen from other masks.
The attaching and detaching system is also exquisite. This simple mechanism helps me take off my mask quickly and put it on again whenever I wake up in the middle of the night to use the washroom.
The lightweight build and the sleek build make it so my vision is clear even when wearing the mask. Even as a side sleeper, this mask takes the cake for best design from me. Once you try this one, you won't be able to go back to your old mask.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Zeny R
Was this helpful?
Resmed Quattro air full face mask was worth buying for, its light weight and the cushion really is soft and comfortable and I don't have to worry about waking up in the morning with marks on my face. And never have leak problem, mask gives me clear line of vision and the softness of the straps allows me to sleep in any positon I like.Thanks Resmed!!!
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Robert W
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
I am well pleased with the Quatro Air Full Face Mask and headgear. It fits comfortably and allows me easy movement while sleeping. I do notice some air leakage around the cushion but I have a full beard and attribute most of the leakage to that. As long as the mask is nice and snug, it works fine.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
kelly w
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
Subject: ResMed Quattro Air Full Face CPAP Mask
Quality product! This is the best price I've found for quality products! No more searching and comparing! Great service and speedy delivery!
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Allen H
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
Fits and works well enough but being it's made out of material that slowly stretches it will like so many products need replacing again.
Was this helpful?
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Can I wear this mask with a pressure of 14 air flow?

Thank you

Yes, provided the mask is properly fitted this will function perfectly at a pressure of 14 cm H2O. Be sure to checkout the size gauge is available on the product page or at the link below:

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