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Respironics PR System One Advanced DS1160 BiPAP AVAPS C Series
Model: DS1160S

Respironics PR System One Advanced DS1160 BiPAP AVAPS C Series
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PR System One Advanced BiPAP AVAPS C Series Offers Superior Automatic Breathing Support

The Respironics BiPAP AVAPS provides advanced breathing therapy and support in the comfort of your home. Noninvasive ventilation is automatically adjusted to your breath-by-breath needs and provides up to 30cm H2O.

Benefits of AVAPS

Average Volume Assured Pressure Support is an innovative technology offered by Respironics. AVAPS measures the average tidal volume of your breath and reports this information to the BiPAP machine, which adjusts your IPAP pressure to reach your target tidal volume. By constantly measuring and adjusting your tidal volume, the System One Advanced BiPAP provides carefully customized therapy to keep you comfortable and supported.

System One Technology

In addition to resistance control and advanced event detection, System One incorporates tracking systems Encore and DirectView, Digital Auto-Trak, and more. System One compatibility means you can use all System One accessories like performance tubing, filters, and power supplies.

Optional Heated Tube Humidifier

Connected via a top mount with 270-degree rotation, the optional Heated Tube from Respironics is as convenient as it is effective. Choose your ideal humidity and air temperature, and the heated tube maintains your preferences, even as room temperature drops. Rainout protection and more efficient humidification are just a couple of the benefits you'll receive with this optional humidifier.

Key Features

  • Customized Therapy - AVAPS reports your average tidal volume and adjusts as needed
  • Advanced Support - delivers pressures up to 30cm H2O
  • Optional Innovative Humidification - heated tube manages air temperature and humidity

Reviewers Tip:

For an even more comfortable experience, consider purchasing the Respironics Tubing Wrap to reduce noise and rain out.

How To Attach Respironics Heated Tubing


How do I know if I need a BiPAP machine?

BiPAP ventilators are ideal for users who have more complicated sleep and respiratory disorders or who require both inhalation and exhalation support. Users who are prescribed a high pressure may find it difficult to exhale against the pressure of a CPAP machine, and BiPAPS are usually an effective solution. Talk to your doctor to determine what treatment is right for you.

How much pressure support is the Respironics PR System One Advanced BiPAP capable of?

The BiPAP AVAPS PR System One delivers up to 30cm H2O.

RX Required.

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