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Key Features:

  • Ultimate portability with lightweight, ultra-small design
  • Quiet operation with only 26 dBA noise level
  • Optional PowerShell battery for added convenience
  • Compatible with any standard CPAP mask
  • Free NiteLog mobile app for therapy progress monitoring
  • Waterless humidification with Heat Moisture Exchanger
  • Z-Breathe feature for enhanced comfort
  • Auto Start and Stop for easy therapy control
  • Customizable auto-adjusting or fixed pressure modes
  • FAA approved for in-flight use
Product Details

Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine for Rent

The ultra small and lightweight Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine is perfect for travel just like its predecessor, the Z1 CPAP Machine. This machine weighs only 10.3 ounces and is just 6.48" x 3.30" x 2.02" and easily fits into any carry bag. It also includes an Auto Start and Stop feature and a free Q-Lite In-Line Muffler to dampen the noise as you inhale and exhale. Not only is the Breas Z2 light and quiet, but you can also use any mask with this machine so take your favorite mask with you when you travel!  

Need humidification? No problem, this machine offers tank-less humidification through their Heat Moisture Exchanger or HME, which recycles heat and moisture from your exhaled air so no need to bring distilled water with you when you travel.

Please note that the Nitelog app may not be compatible with all Android devices due to developer limitation (Breas is currently working on an update for their Nitelog app).

Key Features

  • Enjoy ultimate portability with this lightweight and ultra-small Auto CPAP machine.
  • Experience quiet operation with an average noise level of only 26 dBA.
  • Stay powered up with the optional PowerShell integrated battery for added convenience.
  • Use any standard CPAP mask with this machine for ultimate flexibility.
  • Monitor your therapy progress with the free NiteLog mobile app available for IOS or Android.
  • Experience waterless humidification through the Heat Moisture Exchanger for enhanced convenience.
  • Enjoy enhanced comfort with the Z-Breathe feature for a more comfortable breathing experience.
  • Start and stop therapy automatically with the Auto Start and Stop feature for easy operation.
  • Customize your therapy with auto-adjusting or fixed pressure modes.
  • FAA approved for in-flight use, perfect for travel.

Default Settings

  • 4-20 cm H20
  • Ramp Time: 15 minutes
  • Ramp Start Pressure: 4 cm H20
  • Z-Breathe: APAP 3
  • Bluetooth: On
  • Auto Start/Stop: On
Related Parts
Technical Data
Item Includes

In The Package

  • Breas Z2 Auto CPAP Machine
  • Device Power Supply
  • Standard Air Filter
  • Standard CPAP Tubing
  • USB cable
  • Tube Adapter
  • Q-lite Inline Muffler
  • Heat Moisture Exchange
  • User Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Rental Checklist

Note: CPAP masks and batteries are sold separately.

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michael y
Was this helpful?
Subject: CPAP Rental
Rental was delivered in a timely manner, checklist made it east to send back with the returned shipping label. Machine and componets worked as expected. This is the third machine I have rented to go overseas. No problems with any of the transactions.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Margit B
Was this helpful?
Subject: Review of Travel CPAP
It was great to have a CPAP machine that could fit into my suitcase for airplane travel when I didn't want to carry another bag. I chose this model because I could use my own mask. The directions made it easy to put together, and I appreciated receiving the muffler as part of the rental. I found it to be very quiet and it didn't bother a friend who was sleeping nearby. I liked it so much I was tempted to purchase one to have on future trips.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
Subject: Awesome company
I searched online to find a CPAP machine as soon as possible. When I found this one I called the number and I was helped right on the spot. They were very professional and they were accommodating. I got my CPAP machine in two days and started my therapy. No hassles at all.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
Subject: Breas Z2 travel CPAP
The Breas Z2 is lightweight, small, and packable. The one drawback is that there is breathing noise (inhalation and exhalation) at the mask to nose area. Eventually, I will get used to it, but it is a sleep deterent in the beginning.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Patrick B
Was this helpful?
Subject: Very Satisfied
I need to rent a mini CPAP for some upcoming travel. The process was painless and easy!
Was this helpful?
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Q&As (8)
Have a question on this item? Ask here and we will answer it in 12-24 hours, usually in a few business hours! Questions and answers will appear here after we answer. You may also have email notifications.
How are these rentals cleaned and sanitized? I assume all tubing and hoses are brand new?

Thank you for reaching out! Our processing department closely inspects, sanitizes and evaluates each rental machine prior to authorizing the machine for customer use. We use cleaning agents that are regulated by the EPA. The cleaning agents we use disinfect, sanitize and are also fungistatic. We replace all hoses and filters with brand new ones, as those are not safe to re-use. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Was this helpful?
Can the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP machine be used in Europe with the appropriate conversion adapter plug?

The Z2 has a built in converter. You just need a plug adapter like you would use for any of your electronics. Enjoy your trip.

Was this helpful?
What is the return process for the unit? How much is charged for shipping/returning?

We do offer free standard shipping for rentals. If you are ready to return, just let us know and via email and we'll send you your return label. We also offer expedited shipping but prices depend on the transit time. Feel free to give us a chat and we'll show you estimates.

Was this helpful?
Does my monthly rental period start when I order, when it ships, or when I receive it?

The rental period begins when you place the order. We do, however, add an extra 10 days to the first month's time to account for that shipping time. So, if you were to place the order on the 5th of the month, for example, the machine would ship the same or next day and typically arrive within 3-7 business days. Your next billing date would be on the 15th of the following month and would continue on subsequent 15ths until you returned the machine.

Was this helpful?
How do you include the battery feature (not the battery backup item) with my rental order so I can use it on the airplane or is it part of the standard package?

We do not include the battery in rental process. Check with your airline to see if they have a plug in or you would need to purchase a battery,

Was this helpful?
I am currently renting the Z2 travel cpap. I see on my bank statement the payment hold has been charged before I returned the unit to you. Why is that?

I hope you are enjoying the Z2. The payment hold is refreshed every 4 weeks. It remains a pending transaction only as it was at the initial purchase. The payment hold will be removed once you have returned the rental cpap to us.

Was this helpful?
need to talk in the phone with someone to order my cpap machine for traveling
can you let me know who could I talk to?

Hello! Please give us a call for assistance: 866-936-3754.

Was this helpful?
I rented the Z2 from you. I loved it! I have returned it to you via the return label you provided. Today I see a charge on my credit card. Can you explain this?

I am thrilled you loved the Z2! It is a great travel cpap. We have not yet received your rental back in our warehouse. You did activate the return label prior to the months rent ending. Once it returns, we will remove the payment hold and refund any rental payments that may occur during the return shipment.

Was this helpful?
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