ResMed Mirage Activa LT CPAP Mask Frame Assembly Kit - Size Small - Open Box

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  • 1x Mask Frame
  • 1x Small Cushion
  • 2x Headgear Clips

*Frame with small cushion:  60195
 Frame with medium cushion: 60172 
 Frame with large cushion: 60173 
 Frame with large wide cushion: 60174 

Mirage Activa & Activa LT Assembly Kit - Size Small - Open Box

The Mirage Activa and Mirage Activa LT Assembly kit includes the mask frame and cushion combo. The Activa is perfect for those who move frequently during their sleep apnea therapy session due to a combination of ActiveCell technology and stable forehead support.

ActiveCell Technology
ResMed's unique ActiveCell Technology adjusts to a variety of sleeping positions preventing mask leakage when you move during sleep. The ActiveCell technology serves a dual purpose as well by preventing you from over-tightening your headgear and maximizing comfort without compromising seal quality. The result is a significant reduction in pressure points and red marks. ActiveCell is able to achieve this through a unique bubble-type seal which enables the frame of the mask to shift separately from the cushion. This keeps the mask in place during any transitions between sleeping positions.

Quick Clips
Quick clips provide a hassle-free, convenient way to remove the mask without the need to re-adjust your headgear later on. You can get up and go and then return home to sleep without needing any further adjustments.

One Touch Elbow
The one-touch elbow enables you to quickly and simply remove the air tube from your mask. This allows you to clean or perform adjustments with minimal hassle creating an easier environment for you to care for your mask.

Flexible Forehead Pads
Flexible forehead pads actively adapt to the contour of your forehead in order to provide a superior seal and a comfortable fit.

Stable Forehead Support
The extra stability provided by the forehead ensures a proper fit and a quality seal. There are 4 different positions you can select in order to find the most suitable position for you

MicroFit Dial
ResMed has developed the MicroFit dial that can make 24 incremental adjustments so you can find a personalized fit for your facial features. The MicroFit dial adjusts the forehead and dual-wall cushion in a synchronized fashion thereby enabling an easy first-time fitting. Incremental adjustments also prevent you from over-tightening your headgear reducing potential red marks and pressure points.

Key Features

  • Compatibility - the mask frame is compatible with both the Mirage Activa and the Mirage Activa LT
  • ActiveCell Technology - Bubble-like membrane prevents mask leaks during movement
  • Flexible Forehead Pads - Conforms to the contour of your forehead ensuring a superior seal and fit
  • Stable Forehead Support - Extra stability for a proper fit and quality seal
  • Headgear Quick Clips - Quick and convenient way to remove the mask without re-adjusting headgear

Reviewers Tip:

The Activa LT cushions and clips are cross-compatible with the original Activa however they are not an exact fit.

ActiveCell Technology


How often should I wash my mask?
You should wash it daily after every use in order to extend the life of your parts.

Do I need a special cleaning solution for the mask?
No, you do not need a special cleaning solution. Simply wash the mask and its components in warm water with mild detergent. Air dry but not in direct sunlight.

Is a cushion included with the purchase of an assembly kit?
Yes, a cushion that is matched the size of the frame is included with the purchase of an assembly kit.


Model60195-Open Box
HCPCS CodeA7034

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Pali H
Subject: evaluation
it is sealed better than others.
price is reasonable.
3 months ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Pali H
Subject: A great mask for me
I bought 20 of this because it is my best choice.i have tried many but the air leak is the problem.This item is sealed much better than others
3 months ago
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