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RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners (30-day Supply)

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners (30-day Supply)
[6A-FLK, K10-NS, K1-FS, K4-FS, K7-NS, K8-NM, K5-FM, K2-FM, K11-NM, K9-NL, K6-FL, K3-FL, K12-NL, 10A-NXK, 6B-FLK, 7A-NPK, 6C-AVK]

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners (30-day Supply)
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by Arpad Z
Date Added: Sunday 09 September, 2018
These liners are easy to use and make wearing the full face mask much more comfortable. Also I can go 4 days without washing the mask and that saves a lot of time.

by Ari K
Date Added: Wednesday 15 August, 2018
These Mask Liners are very good for me because I have this skindecease and have problem to sleep with a Silicon mask on my face. So these liners make me sleep without worrying about how my face is going to look in the Morning. Thank you for a great product ! Hope to get these liners in shops here in Finland too.

by Mary-judith C
Date Added: Wednesday 13 December, 2017
They are Ok. The problem is I have to stretch the material to allow clear passage of air through my nostrils and mouth. And I don't have a big nose nor a big mouth! But the liner does help air leakage and helps seal the mask.

by Romy R
Date Added: Tuesday 20 June, 2017
These liners have helped in healing a breakout around my nose. Now I don't look like Rudolph anymore. It takes a few nights to get used to them but they do the job .

by Mark S
Date Added: Sunday 22 January, 2017
On my 2nd order of the K2-FM pad's. I would have liked to knew about these 2 year's a go. these are Great, and I have been telling other's that I know about them.

by Mark S
Date Added: Monday 05 December, 2016
I love the Pad's, I have no more mark's on my face, and sore's on my across nose. I was put Band-Aid on my nose when I had the mask on so I wouldn't have them, these are much better!!!

Displaying 13 to 18 (of 24 reviews)