ComfortGel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask

ComfortGel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask

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Philips ComfortGel Blue full face mask is discontinued and replaced by Philips DreamWear full face mask

ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask

In order to maximize your comfort during CPAP therapy, Respironics designed a blue gel cushion that enhances your masks seal to eliminate or reduce leaks without causing discomfort on the face. The micro exhalation ports are conveniently located to redirect air away from your mask, in order to decrease the volume. This allows you and your partner to rest peacefully throughout the night. The premium forehead pad will also allow for a better fit and increase in comfort.

Exhalation Ports
The ComfortGel Blue mask was designed to reduce the sound output by directing the airflow away from the CPAP user and their partner. While older full face masks may have directed air towards your face or your partner's, the ComfortGel full face mask has been designed so that both of you can sleep uninterrupted, by eliminating uncomfortable airflow and excess noise.

Blue Gel Technology
The cushion will conform to your facial structure, this means it will mold and change quickly in order to form a good seal that will not be broken during movement. The gel cushion helps reduce or completely eliminate air leaks during the night, and is extremely comfortable on the skin. By having a better seal, it increases your CPAP machines performance.

Comfort Forehead Pad
The forehead pad will increase the fit of your comfort gel blue full face CPAP mask, while also increasing the comfort you receive during use. You can adjust the forehead pad in order to enhance the fit. It will also help reduce or completely eliminate any of the pressure points on the head, while other full face CPAP masks may not.

Key Features

  • Superior comfort - Forehead cushions that will provide an excellent fit while providing comfort during CPAP use
  • Exhalation port location - Diverts the air from your exhale away from you and your partner, making the mask quiet during use
  • Maximum movement - Ball and socket clips that allow for you to move while wearing your CPAP mask

Reviewers Tip:

If you are using a Respironics System One CPAP, the mask has a built in feature that works with the System One Resistance Control. Each mask designed by Respironics is numbered, your System One CPAP will recognize the mask and adjust pressure accordingly. This is done In order to deliver consistent and comfortable pressure. Remember, the Philips Respironics full face mask can be used with any CPAP machine.

Component Material:

  • Latex Free
  • FacePlate Polycarbonate
  • Gel Cushion Urethane gel/EVA
  • Gel cushion and outer shell Urethane film
  • Outer flap Silicone
  • Forehead cushion Silicone
  • Headgear clips thermoplastic polyester elastomer
  • Headgear (premium) UBL/Urethane foam/Lycra
  • Compatible with all CPAP machines

Fitting the ComfortGel Cushion


Can I purchase replacement cushions for this mask?
Yes, you can find the ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask replacement cushions for sale in all four of the sizes we carry, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Are the cushion sizes compatible with the frame?
Each cushion & flap size must be the same size with the frame.

  • Small frame size is compatible with small cushion & flap,
  • Medium frame size is compatible with medium cushion & flap
  • Large frame size is compatible with large cushion & flap
  • Extra Large frame size is compatible with Extra Large cushion & flap

Is this mask compatible with any CPAP machine? 
All of the masks we sell are compatible with all of the machines we sell. Our machines do not come with a mask, unless you purchase them as an add on option. This allows you to pick the mask that is best suited for your needs, from a nasal mask to a full face mask. It also allows you to choose the correct size, so that you can receive the best comfort and performance during your sleep apnea therapy.

Remember if you do need to return this mask, it can be returned within 30 days of purchasing. Click the 30 day return badge to find out more.

Technical Data
1081800, 1081801, 1081802, 1081803, 1081806, 1040565
A7030, A7035
90 days
Extra Features
Pressure range - 4-40 cm H20
Size Gauge
Item Includes
  • Full Face Mask Frame and Cushion of selected size
  • Headgear - Respironics has changed the previous blue/black headgear to solid black.

Note:  Mask frame size corresponds with mask cushion size.
Reviews (51)
3.5rating Based on 51 reviews
Paul S(Verified Purchase) 01/01/2020
1 of 5 Stars!

The worst CPAP mask I have ever used. It leaks. It broke after 6 months of use and, of course, you can't get parts for it. I'm out $75 bucks for something that I cannot use. I've now resorted to Gorilla Glue to try to repair it. Flimsy design, poor construction, a complete ripoff.

**Paul, I am sorry about that! We do sell replacement cushions for this mask and it is recommended to replace your mask every 6 months.
Please contact us and let us help you make a choice that better suits you!

knud h(Verified Purchase) 06/05/2018
4 of 5 Stars!

I have been using this mask for about two weeks. It was fairly easy to get an airtight seal with minimal force to hold mask in position. I use high pressures and air leaks have been an issue. I have been able to sleep through the night while wearing mask.

The design of the mask-to-strap connectors make it difficult to take the mask on and off.
The outer silicon cushion had an unplesent musky smell that could not be washed away. The smell faded away after about three days

Adam R 03/12/2018
1 of 5 Stars!

This mask is horrible, I'm a CPAP user for the last 10 years. I though it was going to be great due to the blue gel, the adjustment part on the forehead comes apart easily, and the closure on the strap is difficult to snap into place, it takes me a couple minutes every night. It also leaks for me around the nose, i have to pull the straps so tight that the bridge of my nose gets so sore and aches all the next day. It's easy to imagine why this mask is so discounted.

Chloe E 09/09/2014
4 of 5 Stars!

Normally I used the nasal mask, but I decided to try a different mask , and this comfort gel blue mask is just wonderful. The cushion is really soft and didn't give me discomfort during my therapy. The forehead pad was very helpful it help eliminate the pressure points on my forehead. And the gel cushion helps eliminate leaks at night and very comfortable on my skin not leaving any red marks at all. Over all it exceeded my expectations.

Jeff M 06/24/2014
4 of 5 Stars!

Good mask, switched from the comfortgel nasal to this one because I have a problem with my mouth when I sleep and I couldnt get used to the chin straps. I would give the nasal 5 stars and it was a great mask, this one is good but I wouldnt give it the full 5 star treatment. Like others said maybe a small design flaw, but at least I can buy all the replacement parts I need. Overall more comfortable than most CPAP masks.

Chaim K(Verified Purchase) 11/14/2017
1 of 5 Stars!

Don't buy this mask unless you own a Resporonics CPAP. The reason is because it has a device to release air. For other CPAP machines, there is no compensation and your mask won't pressurize properly. I had to cover it with tape!

Also, I couldn't hardly ever get it to seal properly even though I chose the size to my face using their template.

The gel is also not very comfortable.

So beware!

Gary R 06/15/2017
1 of 5 Stars!

I had been using a mask sold here for 15 years until they discontinued it. Great, now i had to find a new one. It's not like buying a shoe, you can't try them on so I purchased this one along with a replacement insert at the full price. That was a year and a half ago. Now I need plastic surgery on my nose because this mask eats away at the bridge of my nose every night. Find another one people

Alex G 01/03/2018
2 of 5 Stars!

This mask is uncomfortable for a start , leaks regularly and the plastic part that joins the head part to the rest of it frequently falls apart . Any adjustment to the velcro or plastic parts you make during the night are noisy and difficult. Definitely not a mask for people who move around a lot at night which apparently I do . Cheap as masks go and you only get what you pay for.

Nicola B 08/26/2019
1 of 5 Stars!

I did not like the mask as the straps are not the conventional type which can be used with other masks. THey look too fragile and could last no loner than three months

Nicola, I am so sorry this mask did not work for you!
Most headgear straps are only compatible with one mask. Please remember you can return any mask within 30 days. I will email you.

Chris Q 01/04/2020
1 of 5 Stars!

Have had the mask for about a week now. I cannot get it to seal out unless I really crank down on the straps, and then it becomes really uncomfortable to try and sleep in. Already looking for a different mask

**Chris we do have a Mask Assurance program where you can send your mask back for another mask! Please contact us to get this started:)

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