Respironics GoLife For Men Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

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CPAP Mask for Men

Introducing the Respironics GoLife for Men CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear! Offering an innovative approach to your sleep apnea therapy needs. Designed specifically for guys, the mask's straps and pillows are built to contour to a male's facial structure and the headgear comes in an aesthetic, red color. The GoLife comes with three different sized nasal pillows, so you'll be able to choose whatever size fits your unique face best.

Self-Adjusting Pillows

The pillows are flexible and are optimally angled to help maintain a lasting seal throughout the night. That flexibility eliminates your need to adjust the pillows while you use this CPAP mask.

Easily Adjustable Headgear/Enhanced Seal

The headgear, which comes in Red/Burgandy has one strap that wraps around your head, and an optional strap for the top of your head. These straps can be adjusted easily and are designed to fit a man's facial structure specifically. This will mean you'll get a tighter seal, with fewer leaks, and less irritation.

Key Features

  • Quiet Air Diffusion
  • Comes With Small, Medium, and Large Cushions
  • 360 Degree Tube Swivel

Reviewers Tip:

Watch TV or read comfortably while you wear the GoLife from Respironics: the unobtrusive headgear features only one strap, and the mask won't block your line of sight.

GoLife from Phillips Respironics - Fitting and Initial Setup


  • Does the headgear or mask frame come in different sizes?
    • No, the frame is one size fits all. The cushions are different sizes, so pick whichever one of them will fit your face best.
  • Where should I put my side strap?
    • When applied correctly, the mask's side straps should perch on your ears like a pair of sunglasses.
  • Do I need to wear the top strap on the headgear?
    • No, the top strap is optional, and can provide enhanced stability if the side strap is loose.

Technical Data
A7034, A7035
Item Includes
  • 2 x mask frames (item #1078408)
  • Headgear (item #1092080)
  • Short Tube(item #1078407)
  • 3 Pillows Cushions size: Small(1073333) , Medium(1073334[Discontinued]), and Large(1073335)
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Alex B
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The nasal part works fine -- its the headgear that doesn't work. (A) The side pieces leave welts in my cheeks that take all morning to dissipate. (B) The headgear slips up and off my head; I am constantly--several times each night--waking up when the nasal cushions drop away from my nostrils and then pulling the headgear back down over the back of my head to reseat the cushions. This may help my apnea but still leaves me without a good night's sleep.
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Lisa F
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Good price for a good mask! Insurance doesnt cover any of my cpap equipment so I buy online because I can save over a hundred dollars on this mask alone, and even more on machines.

Why doesnt insurance cover cpap?! Serious issue and no coverage from my insurance company. Respshop has the good prices so I use them because local companies want thousands or hundreds of dollars for this stuff
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Robert R
(Verified Purchase)
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I've been using nasal pillow CPAP for over 4 years. This one is well made and is the most painful mask I have tried. There is a hard plastic piece that the nose piece attaches to. This digs into my lip and is very painful. I really wanted this mask to work, but I can't sleep with so much pain.
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Tom T
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This is the first time I've tried a nasal pillows mask. I like that they're light, but I think I'd want one with better straps in the future. These aren't that comfortable.
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