SleepNet iQ Blue Nasal CPAP Mask

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Ultra Comfortable, Powerful Performance CPAP Mask

Providing the utmost comfort, the air gel on the SleepNet IQ Gel Nasal CPAP Mask with Stability Bar headgear comes closer to the face than any other CPAP mask on the market, protecting your skin from pressure any irritation that may arise from using other similar CPAP masks. Designed to fit most faces, the SleepNet IQ Gel Nasal CPAP mask provides an adjustable seal that can mold to your facial structures forming a perfect fit and providing maximum comfort.

Moldable seal

Designed to mold to your facial structure, the moldable seal allows you to change the fit of your mask at any time, while also eliminating leaks. The seal is wire rimmed and can be changed at any time in order to provide the maximum amount of comfort to your face.

Vision obstruction

A forehead strap secures your mask in place without sacrificing your field of vision, allowing you to stick with nightly routines such as reading or watching the television while receiving your CPAP therapy. The strap also allows you to loosen and tighten at your own will to change your comfort levels and adjust your CPAP mask.

Breathable Headgear with Quick Release

Soft and lightweight, the SleepNet IQ Gel CPAP Mask will provide comfort all night thanks to its breathable design. The headgear also comes with a quick release function that allows you to slide the headgear off the mask with just one hand. This mask features the secure stability bar.

Key Features

  • 360 degree rotation on tubing - Allows for extreme comfort and reduces the threat of potential mask grab
  • Compatibility - All masks sold at are compatible with any CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP machine
  • Soft, Adjustable, Gel CPAP Cushion - Uniquely designed to provide bonus comfort over other similar mask types while molding to perfectly fit your face in seconds


Reviewers Tip:

If you're experiencing any leaks during the night while sleeping, a little pressure around the seal will help mold the wire rim to a perfect fit. The mask is designed to bend and conform to your face, tightening the seal and eliminating potential leaks, while not sacrificing comfort. You should adjust the mask nightly so that you have a perfect seal around your nose before you fall asleep, but the design allows for a quick readjustment if you are experiencing any problems.

Instruction video on fitting your SleepNet IQ CPAP Mask

SleepNet iQ Technology


How often should I be cleaning my mask?

We recommend that you clean your mask daily. Warm water with a mild detergent works best, allowing the mask to air dry out of any direct sunlight. However, there are several different materials available that will help with daily cleaning including mask wipes (turn into link). Daily cleaning will extend the masks life as oils from your face tend to get on the seal overnight.

Will my facial hair cause me to experience any discomfort using the SleepNet IQ Gel CPAP Nasal Mask?

Nope! Thanks to the SleepNet Gel, CPAP users with facial hair will not have any negative effects on the masks seal or their comfort when using their CPAP mask.

I frequently move in my sleep while trying to find the most comfortable sleeping position, will I have any problems with the SleepNet IQ Gel Mask?

The SleepNet IQ Gel Mask comes with a 360 degree rotating swivel for the tubing, which will allow you to move in the night and adjust to your preferred sleeping conditions without sacrificing any comfort.

Technical Data
Item Includes


  • Frame
  • Gel Cushion
  • Adjustable Headgear
  • Flexible Swivel Tubing
  • User Manual
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Nolan R
Was this helpful?
I like the idea behind the moldable seal, but it actually just makes the fitting really awkward each time I try to put on the mask. Like, if it's not on just right, it feels VERY off. Just didn't really care to fiddle with the mask that much. Otherwise, it's fine, nothing special.
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4 of 5 Stars!
Mickey W
Was this helpful?
Looks weird but I like the tube over the head. I hate feeling like Im gettin tugged around while I wear a mask so this design is perfect for me
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