Transcend EZEX Portable CPAP Machine with Exhale Pressure Relief

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Product Details

Discontinued. Please refer Transcend 3 MiniCPAP for newer solution.

CPAP Travel Just Got More Comfortable

Light weight and easily portable, the Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP machine now comes with exhalation relief. The Transcend EZEX CPAP machine has been popular with travelers thanks to its light weight and portable design as well as its solar power options for its rechargeable batteries. Thanks to an updated design, the Transcend EZEX CPAP now comes equipped with exhalation relief for a better and more comfortable night's sleep. Universal power adapters (PSA2) are included with every purchase to ease the stress of international travel. The four (4) international adapters are interchangeable and will provide power compatibility for most countries. CPAP Masks are sold separately from all CPAP machines. As with all of the CPAP machines sold at RespShop we process all manufacturer's warranties and provide technical support through out the term. The warranty period for the Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP machine is two (2) years from the date of purchase.

EZEX - Exhalation Pressure Relief
As you breathe out, the incoming air flow pauses, starting again as you breathe. The EZEX feature helps to regulate a normal breathing pattern, reducing the pressure while exhaling.

Easy to use data interface
All Transcend EZEX CPAP's includes easy to install software for use on any PC computer (currently not Mac/OSX compatible), as well as a USB cord in order to transfer data from your machine. The user and clinician software allows for the user to easily customize and analyze their own data for personal use or for their doctors.

Key Features

  • Smallest Travel CPAP - Easily portable, reducing the stress of traveling with your CPAP machine
  • Versatile Battery Options - AC & Solar Charger options for charging batteries on the go

Reviewers Tip:
The bottom of the machine houses an easily removable and cleanable filter. There is a push button tab near the power inlet that will detach the base from the machine. Remove the charcoal colored foam filter and proceed to clean the filter with a mild detergent and warm water for increased hygiene.
Video on how to setup your machine.

Default Settings:

  • Ramp: On
  • Ramp Time: 5 Min
  • Ramp Start: 4cm
  • EZEX: Off

Transcend Backpack Solar Charger Travel Hiking Guide Tutorial

View the Solar Charger for Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine Batteries


How can I view my information without an LCD screen?
The Transcend EZEX includes a USB cord and installation software allowing you to plug your machine directly into your computer to change your settings, save your information, and forward your results to your healthcare provider if necessary.

Can I charge the battery pack while it is connected to my Transcend?
Yes, the Transcend battery can be recharged with the AC power supply or mobile power adaptor while delivering therapy.  The Portable Solar Battery Charger will also recharge Transcend batteries, but it cannot be used during therapy.

The EZEX is a feature upgrade to the Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine. Have a look at some other travel friendly CPAP machines.

Return on warranty issues only.

Technical Data
0.9 lbs (426g)
Weight with Humidifier
12.3 x 7.6 x 4.4 inches
Dimensions with Humidifier
Humidifier Settings
Water Chamber Capacity
Pressure Range
4 to 20 cm H20 (0.1 increments)
Pressure Relief
EZEX Pressure Relief Settings OFF, 1, 2, 3
0 to 45 min (5 min increment)
Starting Ramp Pressure
4 to CPAP Pressure
AC Input
Universal 100v-240v (50-60Hz)
DC Converter
Yes, overnight and multi-night battery (optional)
Smartphone App
SD Card Included
Altitude Adjustment
Automatic Up To 8000 Feet
3 years
Sound/Noise Level
26.6 dBA
White with light grey
Reusable foam filter
Operation Modes
CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
Leak Compensation
AC Power Supply Weight
Compliance Meter
Data Storage Capacity
Total Therapy Hours, Therapy Sessions ≥ 8/6/4 Hours, Total Blower Hours, 13 Months Daily Compliance Storage
Flex Modes
Humidifier Included
Rainout Reduction
Ramp Time
0 to 45 cm H2O (5 min increments)
Weight of machine with Power Supply
1.55 lbs
Item Includes

Box Opening & Contents

  • The Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP Machine with EZEX Pressure Relief
  • 6 ft Standard CPAP Tubing (NOT compatible with H6B or H9M Waterless Humidification)
  • Universal CPAP Tubing Adapter
  • Travel Ready Power Supply with 4 Power Adapters providing Universal Compatibility (PSA2)
  • The Transcend Travel Case
  • USB Cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manuals (CD)
  • Software compliance CD


Starting in June/July 2018, software, user manuals and information will no longer be included with the machine.  You may visit to download the manuals or software.


Reviews (10)
5 of 5 Stars!
Tirey C
Was this helpful?
This portable CPAP gets an A+, since it performed JUST as I had hoped on my recent camping trip. The battery held a charge that allowed me 2 use it for more than 1 night. The machine was quiet, yet powerful.

I do have a few negative comments that have more to do with the manual, than the product:

* The "clearing out function" leads a new user to think that the machine is on some inhumanly high setting. This function should most likely have some OTHER button that has "clear out button that will blow your head off if you have your mask on". So this is really more of a design issue that would make the product more user friendly.

* There is a small part that goes between the machine and the hose. I am not quite sure why this was a separate piece. In my case, I did NOT properly insert this. I was left with a feeling that the machine was UNDER performing. This should either come assembled ON the hose or ON the machine when the product arrives. Or there should be a BIG RED ARROW on both the machine and the connector that you have to match up.

So overall (not that I have the machine properly assembled and understand the clean out function, I am SUPER HAPPY with my purchase.

Tirey in Texas
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Kim G
Was this helpful?
The big computer mouse as one of your customer wrote in her review for the fixed Transcend machine. It sure does shape almost like a computer mouse. I was looking for a small machine to bring with me on my overseas trips. Your customer service representative recommended me this machine.

When it first arrived at my home, I am surprised how small it is! Exactly what I need for my travels, light and powerful little machine indeed! It works just as well like my bigger machine I used at home. For this machine, I try it with both the heated humidifier and the waterless humidifier. Either one works fine for me, as long as they help prevent me from having dry nose and throat when waking up in the morning.

Good machine. It travels with me where ever I go. My new travel companion.
Was this helpful?
1 of 5 Stars!
Jan B
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
extremely disappointed by the fact that there is no software available to set the thing for MAC. - only windows disc.
Utterly ridiculous!
Reaction of the provider: try to find a Windows PC - we have to MACs at home!! What do we do? Buy an extra pc to set the CPAP?
Especially unbelievable regarding the fact that the machine was bought in the USA.

So, I cannot tell whether or the not the cpap works allright, since the thing rest workless on my desk (for more than a week now)
(actually 'somnetics' is to blame, but Transcend produces the machine with that software only)

I blame Respshop for not giving this information before you buy a thing like this for $ 700.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Dennis C
Was this helpful?
I bought this transcend machine about a year ago because I am a frequent camper, and this machine had the battery options I needed for when I didn't have power. The multi night battery works great, even a year later it still gives me plenty of charge to use on consecutive nights. The machine is the perfect size to accompany me on camping trips. My only complaint is the humidifier. I bought it after I bought the machine because it wasn't available when I first purchased. It started to leak after a few months. Respshop replaced it for as it was still covered under warranty. New one hasn't had a problem yet so hopefully I don't run into it again.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
I bought my Transcend Ezex machine few months ago and have no complain at all. This machine is perfect for me because I like to travel and go camping a lot with my family. U also have the option of getting the overnight battery or multi night battery which is very convenient for camping where sometimes power supply isn't available at times. I have the multi night battery which I can use my machine longer without a power supply when im camping with my family. Its also very convenient when im traveling perfect size for my carry on luggage, very quiet machine and easy to set up. I sometimes mistake it like my computer mouse because of its size.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Josie J
Was this helpful?
My kids call this device my giant mouse, but the perfect machine for all my business trips. Been looking for a small machine I can take for my travels and thanks to your customer service for helping me decide which machine is the right one for me. The multi night battery works great because I can used my machine when power supply isn't available. With my machine I used it with the heated humidifier is helpful for me, I don't have to worry about having dry mouth or sore throat that's an a plus.
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3 of 5 Stars!
Joel S
Was this helpful?
I had used this for the first time on a road trip to California and was a bit disappointed in the noise level. It was not what I would consider an quiet unit but then again I have sensitive ears. Also, I found the ramp function really didn't provide much of a pressure reduction at start up. (With clarification it does actually work you just have to press the button as it cleans out the machine)
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Mary J
Was this helpful?
Only machine I found that allowed me to travel and had a battery that lasted longer than one night. Really small and quiet so it's easy to travel with. Multi night battery works great but I use a low pressure setting so it lasts awhile. Heard it's not as good at real high settings. 5 stars because I can use mine back to back days with charge.
Was this helpful?
1 of 5 Stars!
Alan B
Was this helpful?
I bought this machine as I live on a yacht. It's the noise level, the loudest machine ever. I can't get used to it and cant sleep with it...
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Robert C
Was this helpful?
I only used it for about a week and find it really satisfactory for a compact machine !
Was this helpful?
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