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Respironics DreamStation CPAP Pro

The DreamStation CPAP Pro is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the System One REMstar Pro 460. In terms of looks, the main color of the machine is now white, and it is equipped with a color LCD Screen and light sensor on top. It has built-in Bluetooth to transfer your data via wireless to your healthcare provider or insurance company. Respironics made the menu navigation simpler with the control knob and buttons. The Pro provides the comfort and technological advancements to ensure a results-driven therapy session paired with personalization you need. This machine comes without humidifier (the option with the humidifier is here ). It is an excellent choice to use as a travel machine.

Comfort Technologies
C-Flex Plus includes flow-based pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation like the original C-Flex. However, C-Flex Plus also incorporates A-Flex technology which and softens the pressure transition that occurs from inhalation to exhalation. This ensures a far more comfortable experience in fixed-CPAP mode. C-Flex Plus includes 3 different transition settings which can be personalized to suit your needs.

Smart Technologies
The DreamStation Pro offers CPAP Mode - for fixed pressure with no changes or adjustments needed, and CPAP-Check (C-Check) Mode – delivers CPAP therapy wile automatically adjusting the pressure level to meet user needs every 30 hours to give optimal therapy pressure. EZ-Start – reduces the therapy pressure setting for the first few days of operation and gradually increases this setting until the prescribed pressure is reached.

Resistance Control
Resistance Control Technology was designed to maintain optimal pressure for any mask that is used with the DreamStation Pro. All Respironics CPAP masks include a numbering system that is based on variable resistance characteristics, which enables the DreamStation to compensate for different mask types. The result is a persistent and consistent pressure flow no matter what mask is used.

Humidity Control and Heated Tubing (OPTIONAL)
The DreamStation Pro brings excellent humidity control with advanced technology that analyzes ambient temperature and airflow. These features are only available when the machine is connected to the optional humidifier. The DreamStation is capable of automatically adjusting the humidity in your mask to match your preselected humidity level. The heating tube (sold separately) actively works to reduce rainout and automatically adjusts the humidity in your mask, reducing discomfort and increasing the effectiveness of your therapy. The 22/15 mm (non-heated) tube or the 15 mm heated tube is compatible with the DreamStation Humidifier. The Humidifier can be preheated 30 minutes prior to your therapy with a touch of a button.

Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology
You can pair the DreamStation Pro to a mobile device that has the DreamMapper app installed. DreamMapper is a mobile and web-based system designed to help users enhance their sleep therapy experience. Note: The DreamStation can only be paired to one mobile device – Smartphone, tablet, etc. If you have the SleepMapper app on your device it will change to the DreamMapper app.

Steps in pairing the DreamStation to your Smartphone or Tablet.

  1. Bluetooth setting will be enabled on your mobile device.
  2. "PR BT XXXX" will appear on the Bluetooth screen of your DreamStation CPAP device; (XXXX will be the last four digits of the serial number of your DreamStation)
  3. Begin pairing from your mobile device with the DreamStation powered up and the blower is turned off.
  4. When your mobile device is in range of the DreamStation CPAP, one of the following applies:
    1. Your mobile device has Secure Simple Pairing (SSP).
    2. Your mobile device does not support Bluetooth SSP.
  5. Use the dial knob to choose "yes" or "no". Once "yes" is chosen, the DreamStation device will acknowledge the passkey.
  6. When your mobile device acknowledges the pairing request, both your mobile device and the DreamStation CPAP will be paired and ready to connect using DreamMapper .

Key Features

  • Resistance Control - Utilizes a unique mask numbering system that enables DreamStation to compensate for different mask types
  • C-Flex Plus Technology - Combines C-Flex and A-Flex technology to provide increased comfort and compliance DreamStation
  • Ramp Pressure - Pressure starts off a lower levels and gently increases over the course of 45 min, in 5 min increments


How often do I need to change my filters?
Filters are a critical part of your CPAP therapy and need to be cleaned routinely. It is recommended that disposable filters are replaced every 6 to 12 weeks. On the other hand cleanable filters should be washed weekly and replaced every 6 months. Disposable and reusable filters are both available for purchase on our website.

Why is the mask alert feature not working?
Make sure the mask alert feature is set to ON. Be aware that certain masks will not work with this feature; however, mask alert should not affect the performance of the DreamStation Pro.

Does the DreamStation come with a different power supply?
The DreamStation comes with a standard 80W power supply.

RX Required

Technical Data
2.94 lbs
Weight with Humidifier
4.37 lbs
6.18 x 7.6 x 3.3 inches
Dimensions with Humidifier
11.7 x 7.6 x 3.3 inches
Water Chamber Capacity
Pressure Range
4 to 20 cm H2O
Pressure Relief
C-Flex, C-Flex+
0-45 min, Ramp/SmartRamp
Starting Ramp Pressure
4 cm
AC Input
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A
AC Power Supply
Included, 5.75 x 2.75 x 1.50 Inches
DC Converter
Yes, Battery is available separately
Smartphone App
Yes (DreamMapper)
SD Card Included
Altitude Adjustment
Oximetry Compatibility
Yes with optional accessories
2 Years
Sound/Noise Level
25.8 dB(A) machine only/27.9 dB(A) with hum
White with light grey
Reusable pollen; Disposable Ultra-fine
AC Power Supply Weight
Advanced Event Detection
Compliance Meter
Data Storage Capacity
Over 1-Year on SD Data Card; Under 6-Months On-Board.
Flow Waveforms
Humidifier Included
Ramp Time
SmartRamp with Event Detection Standard Ramp User Adjustable 0 to 45 Minutes
Weight of machine with Power Supply
2.94 lbs
Extra Features
EZ-Start, Auto-Trial
Item Includes
  • DreamStation CPAP Pro with built-in BlueTooth
  • SD Data Card
  • Reusable foam filter and ultra fine filter
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Power supply with power cord
  • User Manual
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I already own this machine, but I am considering buying a new identical one (DSX400S11). I can't understand whether the dehumidifier is included or not based on the videos and the description. Thanks

This particular item you are looking at is for the CPAP itself only. The humidifier can be purchased separately. You can also purchase both the CPAP and humidifier together at this link:

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I have the CPAP Dream Station with the humidifier. However I would prefer not to use the humidifier. Is it possible to use the machine without it?

Thank you

Yes you may disconnect the humidifier and use the cpap alone. Thank you

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Is there going to be a recall on the DS? I was recently diagnosed with apnea, mild but with severe symptoms, and I now have the 1st Gen DS. Which I love. But I've read about the sound suppressant foam degrading, so imagine my concern. I try to take really good and gentle care with only recommended products and no ozone. (I read that was a possible issue.) Thanks.

Phillips is not recalling the DreamStation, though they have stopped production. The foam degradation issue is very small (about 0.03%), so the risk is low. As well, they have not reported any harm to the user due to the issue.

However, Phillips will repair or replace any devices with this issue, and may even offer to fix devices without this issue (but they haven't released details regarding this)

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Thank you for the previous answer but I am still a bit confused. I own a DSX400S11 and it comes with the humidifier box. The link you sent has slightly different model names (T11 and H11). How do I get the exact same configuration? Or at least, can you comment on what the difference between these two models with the humidifier you have on the website and S11 is?

Sorry for the nitpicking.

It is possible that when you purchased your machine, the provider gave you a humidifier-less machine and attached a humidifier. The DSX400S11 does not come with a humidifier. The DSX400H11 comes with a humidifier and a plastic hose. The DSX400T11 comes with a humidifier and a heated hose. The machine itself is the same, the S, H, or T denotes only the accessories that would have come in the original box from the manufacturer.

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