Philips DreamStation CPAP Machine WiFi Modem
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Philips DreamStation CPAP Machine WiFi Modem

Model: 100700W
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Philips DreamStation WiFi Modem

The Philips DreamStation WiFi modem provides an easy, convenient solution to CPAP users for transferring their sleep data to physicians for analysis. The WiFi modem can be attached to the compartment easily. The DreamStation WiFi modem can transmit your sleep therapy data to Philips Respironics. Your service provider can read your compliance data and send notifications to your machine, troubleshoot the CPAP, or change computer settings remotely without leaving your home!

Note: This WiFi Modem does not include the Pulse Oximetry device or sensor.

Making it easy for us to reach our patients

  • Wi-Fi delivers sleep data to clinicians
  • Bluetooth is included in every device for easy connectivity with DreamMapper APP

*This device works in the US only.

  • DreamStation WiFi Accessory InstructionDownload
Model 100700W
HCPCS Code E1399
Machine Size Only 6 x 5 x 4 Inches

1 x DreamStation WiFi Modem

Michael B 01/28/2023
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Philips Dreamstation WIFI Modem
Modem came quickly and installed easily without any setup issues. Exactly what I needed to get the CPAP programmed after recall replacement.

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I have a DS 1 and received a new DS2 from the recall today. My ds1 had a wifi modem, the new ds2 does not appear to have wifi, nor a place to add it. Is there anyway to force a ds2 to use wifi? I also do not use the deammapper app and will not due to phone type. Thoughts, suggestions? (Buy a new phone is not an option)
Hi there, the Dreamstation 2 actually comes with a Integrated cell modem with automatic Bluetooth pairing which enables quick setup and easy access to sleep data for your convenience. You may be able to try registering on Dreammapper on a computer to see if you can use your SD card to download the data. You may have to call Philips directly to see if this would work as they generally work with bluetooth connectivity and an app. The website is:

If that does not work, please call Philips Respironics for assistance: 1-800-345-6443
I have received my new bipap machine from the philips respironics recall. It is a dreamstation. My current cellular modem, ( FLG, DS Cellular Modem, US ) does not fit into my new machine. Would this modem be a fit for my new dreamstation sent to me by philips resperonics?
Yes this is the modem you will want to use if you have the Dreamstation.
Where is the modem
Hi there, If you have a modem it would be on the left hand side of the device under the flap which you can lift up. If you purchased a device from us it does not come with a modem.
If I get a new modem for my dreamstation and give you my prescription how does my provider connect to my machine with the new modem
The modem goes based on off your serial number on your machine. Once a modem is placed into a machine you provide your Dr's office or provider with the serial number of the machine (starts with a J) and they will have access to your machines data using Care Orchestrator.
I have a modem 100605C. Is it still acceptable for use, because I am not getting any more signal for my phone or computer for data upload?
Hello, the specific model you mentioned is a cellular modem. If it is no longer functioning, you may need to replace it as they may fail over time. I would recommend the Wifi modem as it uses your local Wifi.
Do you handle CPAP machines with a modem?
Hi there, can you please give us a call with your question? 866-936-3754.
Do you handle dual sleep apnea machines with a modem?
Hi there, this is a Wifi Modem which you could use on any Dreamstation 1 CPAP device by connecting to your local wifi, but it can only work on one unit at a time if that makes sense.
Is this modem 3G or 4G or above.
My 3G modem no longer works as 3G service has been discontinued.
Hi there, this is a Wifi modem, so it transmits using your local Wifi.
Received replacement ds1 from recall. Put Wi-Fi modem from old unit in new unit and it will not upload my settings.Called Respironics and was told maybe my modems bad.It works in my old unit and my doctor can can adjust and read my info. So why can’t I get it to work in my replacement machine?Every time I try to pair it in Wi-Fi mode it fails?
Hi there, if Respironics has advised the modem is bad, this most likely is the case. I would recommend getting a replacement modem if you have an older one. If you have followed these instructions, and it continues to fail you will need a replacement:
Does the modem Model #100700W fit the DreamStation model #DSX500S11F
This modem will work with any Dream Station 1 CPAP/BIPAP machine. If you meant DSX500S11 then yes it would work with that model.
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