Philips DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS Machine with Humidifier

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DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS Series Now Offering Superior Automatic Breathing Support

The DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS machine provides an advance breathing therapy and support you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Noninvasive ventilation therapy is the name of the game and the DreamStation more than delivers. Your therapy is automatically adjusted to suit your breath-by-breath needs and features the ability to provide up to 30 cm H2O.

Benefits of AVAPS
Average Volume Assured Pressure Support is an innovative technology offered by Philips Respironics. In order to ensure customized care for the end-user, the AVAPS will automatically adapt pressure which allows a consistent tidal volume. Sound confusing? Essentially AVAPS measures the average tidal volume of your breath and reports this information to the BiPAP machine, which adjusts your IPAP pressure to reach your target tidal volume. This automatic adjustment happens with your constant need for change as well as any disease progression. By constantly measuring and adjusting your tidal volume, the DreamStation delivers ventilation efficacy as well as simplifying the titration process.

All About the Patient
When it came time for a new device to be produced, Philips Respironics wanted users' opinions and so they asked BiPAP users and they spoke about their needs in a device, what they were looking and Philips Respironics more than listened. They listened carefully enough to make Dreams into reality. It's compact and light which is always a plus for the world travelers going on cruises, trips across continents, heck even across the country will pose no big issue. A bright color LCD screen that's front-facing makes things easy to navigate even if you're in the dark, reading a book in bed, or even laying down fully ready to go to sleep. The design is sleek and low-profile that you're afforded the ability to pack more things.

DreamStation’s sleek, stylish, low-profile design offers the important features users told us they wanted in a therapy device. It’s small and light, making it easy to pack for travel. It features easy-to-navigate menus, a front-facing display that can be operated while lying down or sitting up in bed, as well as an easy-to-clean, one-piece humidifier water chamber. In addition to resistance control and advanced event detection, System One Respironics BiPAP incorporates tracking systems Encore and DirectView, Digital Auto-Trak, and more. System One compatibility means you can use all System One accessories like performance tubing, filters, and power supplies.

Heated Humidification
We could all use extra help where necessary by helping to increase your comfort during therapy, the humidifier manages any possible rainout in your tube/mask. The consistent humidity is delivered straight into the tube providing relief. The humidifier is connected directly to the device and features dry box technology which helps reduce the chance of having water enter the device which could damage it greatly. Something wonderful to note about this humidifier is that it comes with two modes; Standard or Adaptive mode. Standard mode simply provides constant humidity at the level of your choice(range of 0-5, 0 being off and 5 being the highest) however adaptive mode monitors the ambient humidity and makes the automatic adjustment to heat levels throughout the night not only providing you with optimal humidity but also preserving water so that it doesn't run dry before you wake up.

Optional Heated Tubing
You can purchase heated tubing as an add-on option which will ensure that the humidity levels from your humidifier to the tube and straight into the mask will stay constant. There are five different levels of temperature available for your liking which gives you enough flexibility to find what suits you best. Rainout is a big no-no as it can cause irritation by allowing for excess moisture into the mouth or nose during use, resulting in side effects such as a sore throat/dry nose or abruptly waking up causing you to lose out on good sleep.

Key Features

  • Customized Therapy - AVAPS reports your average tidal volume and adjusts as needed
  • Advanced Support - delivers pressures up to 30 cm H2O
  • Innovative Humidification - heated tube manages air temperature and humidity

Review By Pam Schmidt RRT,
RCP Registered Respiratory Therapist for RespShop

Respironics DreamStation AVAPS takes your chronic respiratory disease to new and exciting changes. If you suffer from chronic respiratory disease, then look at Respironics DreamStation AVAPS to help with normalizing your ventilation. This noninvasive ventilator adapts to every changing need, has therapeutic demands that change with every user that suffers from a chronic respiratory disease. As a Respiratory Therapist, AVAPS ventilation offers me solutions to treat these clients in a way that best suits their needs. Let's look at this BiPAP AVAPS and explain some of the features it has to offer.

Patient care is personal and automatic with the Philips DreamStation AVAPS; my users feel they have better control over their treatment. It is easy to manage their disease efficiently and effectively by using the AVAPS. The DreamStation AVAPS offers many monitoring choices than most brands; it was designed with the user in mind, helps support users' long-term use, along with having increased efficiencies. With its intuitive ventilation modes such as AVAPS, AVAPS-AE, Digital Auto Trak, and heated humidifier options, this BiPAP tops the cake!

AVAPS, this mode automatically delivers client custom care by adapting volume assured pressure support to the disease progression by maintaining a consistent tidal volume. This delivery mode type will adjust to the changing needs of the user while providing optimal user comfort, care, and ventilation efficacy by simplifying the titration process. By using AVAPS, you provide physiological improvements, resulting in a decrease of PtcCO2. This is better therapy than using a standard BPV-S/T. So, AVAPS has been beneficial to ensure a consistent tidal volume per breath, along with delivering comfort towards my users.

AVAPS-AE, this auto-titration mode, has proven the performance of AVAPS. It will maintain a user airway as it applies an auto back-up rate. In this mode, the ventilator will automatically increase pressure support to reach the target tidal volume wherein AVAPS mode, if the targeted tidal volume is not reached, then the ventilator will take over. Either method is designed with user comfort, efficiencies, and effectiveness of therapy in mind.

Optimal humidification can be delivered by using a fixed, adaptive heating tube or a pre-humidifier chamber. The humidifier was designed with a one-piece, dishwasher safe water chamber. Just make sure to continue to use distilled water to keep your chamber looking good as new.

So, kudos to Philips Respironics for making the DreamStation AVAPS one of the top brands for treating chronic respiratory diseases. The DreamStation AVAPS is quiet, compact, and lightweight, which is always beneficial for traveling on the go, not to mention the bright LCD screen that makes navigating easy. So, when it comes to buying a new device or just new to AVAPS, look at this sleek, low profile BiPAP to take you to new heights in therapy!

Pam is available Mon-Thur 7am-12pm CST for a free Consult on this product.



How do I know if I need a BiPAP machine?
BiPAP ventilators are ideal for users who have more complicated sleep and respiratory disorders or who require both inhalation and exhalation support. Users who are prescribed a high pressure may find it difficult to exhale against the pressure of a CPAP machine, and BiPAPS are usually an effective solution. Talk to your doctor to determine what treatment is right for you.

How much pressure support is the Respironics DreamStation AVAPS BiPAP capable of?
This device delivers up to 30cm H2O.

RX Required

Technical Data
DSX1130H11, DSX1130T11
E0471, E0562
2.94 lbs or 1.33 kg
Weight with Humidifier
4.37 lbs or 1.98 kg
15.7 x 19.3 x 8.4 cm
Dimensions with Humidifier
29.7 x 19.3 x 8.4 cm including power supply
Humidification System
Fixed, adaptive(standard 15mm or 15 mm heated tube)
Pressure Range
4 -30 cm H20 (increment is .5 cm H20), EPAP: 4 - 25 cm H20 (increment is .5 cm H20); CPAP: 4 -20 cm H20
5 to 40 minutes (increment is 5 minutes)
Starting Ramp Pressure
4cm to EPAP or EPAP min
AC Input
100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 - 1.0 A
DC Converter
Yes, Battery is available separately
Altitude Adjustment
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Sound/Noise Level
27.9 dBA
Operation Modes
Breath Rate
1 to 30 (increments is 1 breath)
Data Storage Capacity
SD Card: 6 months, On-Board: 3 months
Flex Modes
0 to 3 (only in S-mode)
Flex Pressure Relief
0 to 3 (only in S-mode)
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Extra Features
Bluetooth connectivity, auto EPAP algorithm, Auto Servo Ventilation
Item Includes

DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS Machine with Humidifier

80W Power Supply with AC Cord (1118499, 1005894/1038928)

DreamStation ASV Power Cord Clamp (1128518)

One each: reusable and disposable Filter (1122446, 1122518)

Travel Bag (1121162)

User Manual

6 ft, 15 mm Heated Tubing (HT15) if you choose DSX1130T11

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I have recently been instructed to use this machine. Do I need to have it calibrated to certain settings or do I just use it in avaps mode?

Hi, Usually a physician will write an order for settings and then we can set the unit prior to shipping. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-866-936-3754. Thank you

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I ordered a Philips Respironics Dreamstation BiPAP with AVAPS with the heated tubing, but didn't realize it does not come with a mask. How do I know which mask to order to be sure it is compatible with my Dreamstation?

All the masks on our website are compatible with the dream station. Simply pick the one that looks most comfortable to you and use our sizing gauges to make sure you have the right size

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