Philips DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Heated Humidifier

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Key Features:

  • Heated Humidifier designed for DreamStation Go Travel CPAP
  • Compatible with Philips 12mm Micro-Flexible Tubing as well as 15mm and 22mm Standard Tubing
  • Adjusts humidification based on environmental conditions
  • Maximum water chamber capacity 240 mL
Product Details

DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Humidifier  

Philips is proud to announce their new travel heated humidifier for their DreamStation Go travel CPAP machine. This is the thinnest travel humidifier on the market with water-saving technology and is compatible with both bottled and tap water!

Now you can travel with all the comforts of your home CPAP machine with all-night humidification making this a travel game changer!  


Smart Humidification 

The DreamStation Go has water-saving technology which adapts to a wide range of conditions as you sleep. It will adjust the moisture it delivers as needed and if you under fill the chamber it will shut off the heater plate preventing you from breathing dry air. 


  • Tubing Compatibility     Micro-flexible 12 mm, 15 mm and 22 mm standard tubing
  • Water Compatibility       Distilled, tap or bottled (It is recommended that you use distilled  or bottled water in hard water areas.)
  • Battery Power                Not recommended 

DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Insert the supplied microSD into the microSD slot on the left side of the DreamStation Go.
  2. Ensure the card is fully engaged by using the filter to push the card into the slot.
  3. Power your device and wait for the upgrade screen to appear.  Do not connect the humidifier to the device until the software update is complete.
  4. When the upgrade screen is visible, swipe to "Yes" and tap to confirm.  Your device will begin the update.  Do not turn off power while the upgrade is being applied.
  5. With update applied, remove the front cover from your device by pulling on the side of the cover.  
  6. Connect your DreamStation Go Humidifier to the front of the device
Your device is now ready for use.  Please consult your manual for further humidifier instructions.  

Technical Data
12.2 oz; 344.7 g
5.79 x 5.95 x 2.32 in (14.7 x 15.1 x 5.9 cm)
Water Chamber Capacity
240 ml
AC Input
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A
2 years
Sound/Noise Level
Sub 30db operation
Item Includes
  • Humidifier
  • Water Chamber 
  • Elbow Adapter (1140278)
  • User Instructions
  • Firmware Upgrade kit - instructions and 8GB microSD card version 1.1.4
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Hsu H
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I suggested to have this accessory for dreamstation go, especially you would like to use dreamstation go in the air conditioned room.
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5 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
I suggested to have this accessory for dreamstation go, especially you would like to use dreamstation go in the air conditioned room.
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Hello, I am sorry at this time we do not have any ETA on the DreamstationGo. Thank you

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