Transcend Micro CPAP AirMist HME Replacement Filters

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8x AirMist HME filters

Transcend Micro CPAP AirMist HME Filters

Key Features

  • Replacement HME cartridges for Transcend Micro AirMist Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME)
  • Usable up to 7 days after opening
  • No cleaning required, discard after 7 days
  • 8 cartridges per pack

HCPCS CodeE1399

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Q. Does it matter which direction the foam is placed in?
A. No it does not, the adapter will be placed in the proper direction once connected as it can only connect one way.
Q. I have seen different references to how long a Transcend Air Mist cartridge lasts -- between 3-7 days. How do I tell when I should replace a cartridge?
A. The cartridge's life span is 7 days from opening. The product hardens after this duration and will not provide the humidity back to the end user. The other concern is bacteria. You want to replace weekly for the healthiest therapy.
Q. Just received my Transcend Micro travel Cpap. Does Transcend have a shorter hose rather than the 6 ft. Sometimes I don't need a 6ft. hose when I'm traveling, such as on the plane.
A. No, Transcend does not have a shorter tube for the Micro.
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Helen B
Subject: Water free humidification
Highly recommend. No more stopping to find water and carrying it around while traveling. Highly recommend. They last the full 7 nights.
4 months ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Nikki M Verified Purchase
Subject: Good
no need to refill water anymore! yay!!! no need to refill water anymore! yay!!!
2 years ago
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