Liviliti Paptizer UVC LED Smart CPAP Sanitizer - Ozone Free

Model: SZH40-T5
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Key Features:

  • Largest internal capacity on the market
  • No ozone, mercury, chemicals, or residue
  • No filters to replace or costly adapters required to use
  • 40 UV-C LEDs with 50-sided multidirectional medical-grade sanitization
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs, and viruses in as little as 3 minutes of disinfection time
  • Auto shut off power saving mode
  • Easy to use single button settings with LED display
  • Multi-purpose - cleans anything that fits!
Product Details

Ozone Free Paptizer UVC LED Smart Sanitizer

Whether you are disinfecting your CPAP Equipment, CPAP masks, and supplies, or you are keeping other household items sterile the new Paptizer is a great option. The UVC LED sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses in as little as 3 minutes. No odor, and no hassle. This smart portable sanitizer integrates UV-C Light, Heat, and Circulated Air to provide medical-grade sanitizing. It is the most advanced chemical-free CPAP cleaner on the market. The Paptizer reduces unpleasant smells by decomposing the molecular structure of the odor. In less than 180 seconds you can sanitize and deodorize your CPAP equipment and everyday items at the press of a button.

UVC LED Sanitizers v.s. Ozone Sanitizers

  • No delay in using your products (Ozone products have a product downtime of greater than 1 hour before the item can be used again)
  • No filters to replace or maintain (Ozone products have a recommended filter replacement of 2 times per year costing consumers over $60 per year plus shipping)
  • Manufacturer friendly and does not affect any warranties as with some ozone-related products in the market

How It Works

The Liviliti Paptizer uses 40 UVC LEDs with five-sided multidirectional medical-grade sterilization to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria by destroying DNA and RNA structure. The smart sanitizer also reduces unpleasant smells by decomposing the molecular structure of the odors. UVC LED is widely used in sanitizing devices in hospitals to sanitize products. The Paptizer UVC LED Smart Sanitizer uses one-touch control for each setting. Just turn it on, place your item(s) in the smart sanitizer, choose the setting you prefer, and wait for the alarm to beep twice when the sanitization process is complete (only 3 minutes!).
*To sanitize an item using UVC light, it's necessary for the light to come into contact with the item's surface. The light can't penetrate through the interior of a tubing.


Can I use my phone in the Liviliti Paptizer?
Yes, any electronics that will fit in the unit can be used for sterilization.

Is there an alert to inform me when my product is clean?
Yes, you will see a LED countdown timer along with a double beep when the product is clean.

What warranty does the Liviliti Paptizer offer?
2-year warranty with LED life of 10,000 hours

How do I register my product warranty?
Visit this page for warranty registration of your product. You will need the serial number located on your unit for registration.

Is your product mercury free?
Yes, since the Liviliti Paptizer uses LEDs instead of traditional bulbs the unit is mercury and ozone free.

Can I stop washing my equipment if I use a sanitizer?
No. Continue to follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning your product. Sanitizers do not remove dead skin, oil, makeup, or other organic materials.

If I wash my equipment does it have to be completely dry before sanitizing?
It is recommended for the greatest results for the equipment to be dry.

How exactly does the UV-C light kill germs?
When you expose a microorganism to UVC lamps, the light will penetrate through the germ cell wall and alter or disrupt the germ cell's DNA. When this process occurs, the germ cell's growth and reproduction stop, stopping its ability to spread.


  • UVC LED Wavelength: 260-280 nm
  • LED Quantity: 40
  • Power Rating: 27W
  • Voltage: 110 VAC (60Hz)
  • Input: 18V 1.5A
  • Operating Temperature: 32F - 104F
  • Humidity: 5% - 95%
  • Outside Dimensions: 11.89" L x 10.59" W x 6.06" H
  • Internal Dimensions: 9.45" x 7.68" x 4.72"
  • Tray Dimensions: 9.45" L x 7.68" W x 4.72" H
  • Weight: 4.29 lbs
  • Laboratory Tests: E Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, p aeruginosa, candida albicans, COVID-19
  • Warranty: 2 Year

Reviewed by Susan CSSC

Certified Sleep Science Coach


I was excited to get my new Paptizer and I feel this is a game changer in the sanitizing arena of cleaners. Not only does this sanitizer use UVC LED to kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses in just 3 minutes (ozone free), but I love that I can also store my mask and hose in it until I am ready for bed. I run the sanitizing and drying cycle while getting ready for bed and my items are warm and dry. This cycle will sanitize, and warm while drying any moisture from items and will allow you to store your items so they remain fresh. It's nice to put on a warm mask on those cold nights!

I also really appreciate that this item is white and somewhat low profile, so it looks very nice on my white bathroom countertop, it looks sleek and clean to me. While it appears small on the outside, the inside has the largest capacity on the market.

Not only can you sanitize your CPAP items, but you can also sanitize anything that will fit like your Toothbrush, COVID mask, glasses, and cell phone without Ozone so no odors!
I am very happy I purchased this item and already getting my money’s worth!

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Technical Data
Machine Weight
4.29 lbs
Machine Size Only
11.89 in L x 10.59 in W x 6.06 in H
AC Input
110 VAC (60Hz)
2 years with LED life of 10,000 hours
18V 1.5A
Item Includes
  • Liviliti Paptizer CPAP Sanitizer
  • Stainless steel rack
  • Power adapter
  • 2 Year Warranty
Reviews (7)
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Linda V
Was this helpful?
Subject: Water chamber problem
The Liviliti Paptizer is very easy to use and I was happy I bought it until I tried to sanitize my water chamber for my Luna G3 and found that it wouldn't fit in the Liviliti. Very disappointing.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Troy M
Was this helpful?
Subject: Very easy to use!
All of our family members use this machine and love it! We use it for toothbrushes, hair brush, phone, keys, as well as the cpap supplies. It does not require us to replace anything which is great. I highly recommend it!
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Sam J
Was this helpful?
Subject: Paptizer
I am so happy I got the Paptizer! I use it about every couple of nights on my water chamber and my tube and mask and mask parts. I still use soap and water then put it in the paptizer on the sanitize and dry mode and just love it. All my items come out dry! I am very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend it. I have used other sanitizing devices in the past but this is by far my favorite. Sam
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Trisha M
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
Subject: Liviliti Paptizer UVC LED Smart CPAP Sanitizer
I was looking for an ozone free sanitizer for my Cpap. I found the Liviliti Paptizer UVC LED Smart CPAP Sanitizer on the Respshop website. The look of the sanitizer sold me! Sleek and clean looking and I don't have to keep it in the bedroom! My side table is too small for everything to be in the same spot. I keep the Paptizer in my bathroom as I need the sink and water as well. The Paptizer works with LED lights to kill bacteria and any unpleasant odours that may develop. The Paptizer surprised me with how much room was inside when I opened the lid. I can easily sanitize my water chamber and mask in a quick three minute cycle. I really appreciate there are no moving parts I have to remember to replace like filters as I am horrible about remembering to do that. My family enjoys the Liviliti Paptizer to sanitize their items as well. We all use the Paptizer for our cell phones, car keys and wallets. If it will fit inside the Paptizer - it will sanitize it! This Liviliti Paptizer has made my CPAP therapy the healthiest it can be. I highly recommend it.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
Subject: Paptizer
I love my cleaning unit, the one and only paptizer! My favorite thing about it is that I am able to clean not only my CPAP equipment, but also anything else I feel could use a deeper clean! Ever since COVID and the need to be extra careful with your cleaning, I have been using it for any cash, car keys, cell phone, you name it! If it is able to fit, I use it. Although the paptizer is unable to clean my current heated hose for my CPAP machine as it cannot penetrate the coils, I did purchase the antimicrobial hose to go along with my machine instead, which has worked just fine for what I need. The only issue I see with the paptizer is that is does not eliminate the need for my regular cleaning and replacement schedule for my CPAP equipment. Once a week I make sure to disassemble my water chamber and mask, rinse in warm, soapy water and THEN use my paptizer. I will also occasionally use it throughout the week. The team at Respshop also make ordering any additional equipment very easy. Thank you again!
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
David H
Was this helpful?
Subject: Liviliti Sanitizer
This CPAP sanitizer is of high quality, well made, and easy to use. The modes are easy to understand, the storage area is large enough to fit my tube, mask, and water chamber. You can also sanitize plenty of other items. I like that it’s UV, no ozone and no other harmful chemicals. I’ve only been using for two weeks but so far I am satisfied. Price is a bit much but again the quality is superior.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
Subject: Nice UV dryer box
I put in my AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask and wet hose. After it did the drying an hour. Ready to use like it is cleaned new fresh dry mask germ free. I have done a few times whenever hose look like it's wet inside bubbled. I throw it in to do the drying every times, it been good and dry. I would recommend it to anyone new to this.
Was this helpful?
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Q&As (11)
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How does the Paptizer clean the inside of the CPAP tubing?
Do I still have to clean my tubing with vinegar or does the Paptizer clean the inside of the tubing?

The UV lights cannot pierce into the tubing itself. I always suggest to patients to not skip physically washing their equipment. All CPAP accessories should be washed with warm soapy water or distilled vinegar at least once a week. Sanitization should be an added step for further cleanliness.

Was this helpful?
How to clean this device? Can I use rubbing alcohol? Thanks.

Yes, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean the device. Make sure it is unplugged when doing so.

Was this helpful?
Does insurance cover any of this?

You would need to contact your insurance regarding coverage or reimbursement first before placing an order with us as we cannot bill insurance directly.

Be sure to confirm with your insurance company these questions:
1. Do you accept a paper claim?
2. What documentation will I need to send with my claim?
3. Will I need to add any modifiers to my claim?
4. May I purchase the CPAP machine and still have it covered?
5. Is Respshop in-network or will I be paying out of pocket for this claim?

Was this helpful?
Does this use Ozone and will it void my Cpap warranty?

It does not use Ozone and it will not void your CPAP warranty when used as per the manufactures recommendations.

Was this helpful?
To also sanitize the heated tubing?

It can only sanitize the outside of any tubing so we still recommend washing your tubings at least once a week using warm water and mild detergent.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents such as bleach, as they can damage the tubing. We recommend using a hose brush to scrub the inside of the tube for a thorough clean. Rinse the tube out with running water and hang the tube up, allowing it to air dry away from direct sunlight.

Was this helpful?
Does Medicare cover all or part of the cost?

Best to ask Medicare.

Was this helpful?
Can the UV led component(s) be replaced once they go out? Also like UV bulbs does the UV output decrease over time on the UV leds?

Hi there, The UVC LEDs in the Paptizer cannot be replaced individually if they go out. As with any LEDs, the output does decrease over time. However, there are 40 UVC LEDs in this unit, which means even if some do start to fade years down the road, there are enough to still be effective with sanitizing.

Was this helpful?
What are the internal dimensions?

The Outside is 11.89 " X 10.59 " X 4.72 " and the Inside is
9.45" X 7.68" X 4.72"

Was this helpful?
Will the Res Med full face mask (yes the entire face mask that covers my entire face) fit in this box?

Hello! Yes, your entire mask would fit into the box.

Was this helpful?
Does it keep your equipment from turning yellow?

The Paptizer does not replace cleaning your CPAP mask/hose with soap and water/wipes to remove any face oils/dead skin cells that are on your mask cushion. Mask cushions turn yellow over time because of infrequent cleaning. We suggest using the Paptizer after you clean your mask and hose to kill bacteria.

Was this helpful?
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