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Sunset Healthcare Basic Chin Strap

Model: CS002
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Sunset Universal Chinstrap for CPAP

Sunset's latest chinstrap is an accessory that will help you get the most out of your CPAP therapy. The adjustable strap comes in one size and attaches above your ears and under your chin.


Sunset's strap attaches seamlessly to the top of your headgear for quick and easy compliance. The strap is compatible with all types of CPAP masks -- including nasal, nasal pillow, oral, and full face -- and is latex free.


To wash the chinstrap, we recommend using warm water and a non-abrasive soap. We advise against placing your chinstrap in the dishwasher, or running it through the laundry. Do not place it in the dryer: simply lay it flat in a warm environment to dry.

Key Features

  • Comes in Black
  • Easy Velcro-Like Attachment
  • Comfortable Material

Reviewers Tip:

The strap comes in one size: because it is made of flexible material -- and because it is intended to fit all masks -- it will fit nearly all faces.


Does this strap attach to the mask?

No, this piece attaches to the top of the headgear only.

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