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Respironics Power Cord for DreamStation Go CPAP Machines

Model: 1132551
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Power Cord Replacement for DreamStation Go

This is a power cord that provides a direct connection from the AC Power source straight into your DreamStation device.Measuring in at 6 feet of length, it gives leeway to stretch the device further wherever you set it down. It is meant to be used on U.S. power(two prong) outlets however with a simple World Wide Adapter , there is now flexibility to use your device in another country in an entirely different continent. This is an OEM power cord by Philips Respironics so rest assured the quality is superb. you can use to plug your CPAP machine into the wall. It works with all makes and models, except for the Fisher & Paykel ICON series. 

Key Features

  • Plugs in Easily
  • OEM Cord
  • Six Feet Long
  • Can Power the DreamStation Go while charging the battery simulataneously. 

Reviewers Tip:

Keep away from Water!


How many prongs does this cord have?

It is a two prong cord.


DreamStation Go

SKU: 1180