ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask

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Key Features:

  • Compatible with all CPAP machines except the AirMini
  • Dual-Wall Spring Air Cushion for an enhanced, stable seal
  • Minimal Contact Design allows for a clear line of sight to read or watch TV
  • Adjustable Headgear for a quick and secure fit
Product Details

Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask by ResMed

ResMed's updated Quattro FX Full Face Mask is an innovative, market-leading CPAP mask designed with your comfort in mind. The Quattro is a small and unobtrusive device that allows users a clear line of sight and minimal points of contact to the face. This easy-to-use mask fits comfortably, allowing you to get a good night's sleep and obtain great sleep therapy with minimal hassle.

Great for Side Sleepers
The Quattro FX seals securely on your face without any forehead support. The Mirage Quattro's light and flexible straps wrap easily around heads of all sizes, allowing users to sleep comfortably on their back or on their side. Because the device has few contact points on the face, you can avoid obvious facial blotches and red marks by using the Quattro FX.

Spring Air Technology
Spring Air technology creates a suspension-like action between the mask frame and the spring air cushion. The two parts combine to make a stable design, distributing pressure evenly around the face while still allowing the user to move freely.

Full Range of Motion
Like the initial design, the second-generation Quattro allows users full 360-degree elbow rotation. The device's comfortable fit also allows you to move your face freely without dislodging the mask. With some other full-face masks, the line of sight is obstructed. However, with this mask, the mask system design allows users to read, watch television, and even converse with ease. You should also be able to wear glasses while using the Quattro FX mask.

Comfortable Fit
You should get a great sleep with the Quattro FX's robust cushion designs. The dual-wall contains two cushions, one around the nose, and another that rests above the chin. As you breathe, the air flows, and the outer membrane will inflate around your nose, minimizing the likelihood of air leaks or pressure sores around nose.

Easy Application
Fitting your mask to your face is easy with the Quattro FX, as all you need to do is use Spring Air's Swing Technique: Simply ensure that the upper cushion rests on the center of your nasal bridge, and then place the bottom of the mask between your lower lip and chin. Just attach the headgear clips and adjust the straps for a comfortable and secure fit.

Reviewers Tip:

The mask comes apart easily for quick and easy cleaning.
Quattro/Quattro FX cushions, frames, and clips are not interchangeable with each mask or within each mask.

61700 Mask includes: 61733 Headgear, 61721 Cushion, 61727 Frame
61701 Mask includes: 61733 Headgear, 61722 Cushion, 61728 Frame
61702 Mask includes: 61733 Headgear, 61723 Cushion, 61729 Frame

Fitting Your ResMed Quattro


How often will I need to replace my mask?
Most masks should be replaced after roughly six months. Once the cushions start sagging, or the straps lose their elasticity, the mask will not be able to seal effectively.

If the cushions are sagging, do I need to replace the mask entirely or just the cushions?
You should be able to get away with replacing just the cushions at least once (after three months or so).

I've noticed that the mask sometimes leaks when I sleep on my side. Why?
Because there is no forehead press, the mask can slide with side-to-side movement if it is not fastened properly. Ensure the device is attached securely before you go to sleep.

Will this mask work for my machine and tubing?
Most ResMed products are compatible with most tubing and machines. With the exception of the AirMini machine, the Quattro FX mask will work with your CPAP machine and tubing.

Technical Data
61700, 61701, 61702
90 days against manufacturer defects
Tube Connection
Front of the face
Mask Type
Full face
Headgear Clips and Type
Yes, nonmagnetic clips
Headgear Size with Mask
Other Headgear Sizes Available
Yes, Small and Large
Other Headgear Styles Available
Fit Pack Available
Active Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
Glasses Friendly
Reduces Claustrophobia
Specifically Designed For Women
Facial Hair
Cushion Interchangeable with Different Type
Item Includes
  • Headgear
  • Frame
  • Cushion

61700 Mask includes: 61733 Headgear, 61721 Cushion, 61727 Frame

61701 Mask includes: 61733 Headgear, 61722 Cushion, 61728 Frame

61702 Mask includes: 61733 Headgear, 61723 Cushion, 61729 Frame

Reviews (24)
4 of 5 Stars!
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Best mask yet but I have encountered one problem. I am a left side sleep and the mask irritates my eye.
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3 of 5 Stars!
Paul M
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The mask is smaller than I expected.

This has led to problems with it fitting correctly.
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5 of 5 Stars!
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Very comfortable and non restricting. Fits very well and does not interfere with sleeping.
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3 of 5 Stars!
Mildred F
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This mask is very uncomfortable. I have to research for a better one.
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I tried on a mirage Quattro xs and it seemed to fit but don't see that size what size should I get ?

The ResMed Mirage quattro and the ResMed Quattro Fx are 2 different masks. Model number 61200 is Mirage Quattro XS, which is in stock. The ResMed Quattro Fx does not come in an XS.

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I currently use a Resmed FX wide mask. It appears that I can no longer order that size. Should I get a med or large with the new Quatro FX?

I would suggest trying the large.

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