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ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP w/ Humidifier

Model: 37201
ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP w/ Humidifier ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP w/ Humidifier ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP w/ Humidifier ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP w/ Humidifier ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP w/ Humidifier ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP w/ Humidifier ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP w/ Humidifier
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Extended Warranty

ResMed AirStart 10 Fixed Pressure CPAP

The ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP is one of the newest machines in ResMed's Air series. The ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP with HumidAir is an effective, low-cost and basic device. It is simplistic to use for most users and includes all the basic features we've all come to love. With all the basic features you'd expect in a premier CPAP machine, you will rest easy knowing you're getting outstanding quality. Equipped with a vibrant LCD display, you will have no trouble seeing at night and you will enjoy the accessability of each setting. Did we mention how light this ResMed CPAP Machine is? Coming in at a whopping 2.75 pounds in total weight gives you the flexibilty to travel without all the extra cumbersome weight weighing you down. The AirStart is a great travel companion.


The ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP with HumidAir is built on the idea of simplicity. Due to it being basic, this device is looking to target users in need of a second machine in the event of frequent travel or simply having a backup machine waiting in the wings for a rainy day. We've all been there before when it comes to searching for a machine that is simple without the extra gadetry or special "luxury" features. (though they aren't really considered luxury features because these are medical device, as consumers we somehow treat it as such.) Even though this AirStart was built on the idea of simplicity, features that we've all come to love such Exhalation Pressure Relief and built-in humidification are still included. If you need Ramp, this will allow an increase in pressure prior to reaching your therapy pressure setting allowing you to get acclimated to your machine each night you go to sleep. You will dictate the set amount of time you would like before the machine goes into your set therapy pressure setting.

Expiratory Pressure Relief Along with Other Comfort

ResMed has carried over expiratory pressure relief (EPR) from their line of S9 models. EPR is an algorithm that works by decreasing the pressure at the beginning of each breath a patient takes, and then subsequently limiting that pressure throughout exhalation. Patients can choose whether they want pressure to drop by one, two, or three cm H2O and these pressure changes are made gradually so as to not awaken you while you undergo your therapy. EPR is also capable of detecting when you're in the midst of an unnatural respiration period: if an apnea lasts ten seconds or more, EPR stops and institutes your prescribed pressure setting until your breathing cycle recommences.

HumidAir Humidifier

The new humidifier features a slightly larger water chamber capable of holding up to 380 ml of water. The humidifier will help reduce some of the negative symptoms of CPAP therapy by propelling warm, moist air into your lungs: this helps to prevent rainout, nasal congestion, and other unpleasant side effects. Patients who do not wish to have humidified air may opt to remove the humidifier from the machine entirely or simply not fill the water chamber. A great feature is the ability to warm-up the humidifier. By pre-heating the humidifier it will allow it to be warm at the beggining of your therapy.

Ramp Feature

Long a standard feature in CPAP products, ResMed has re-designed the ramp to help make therapy even more comfortable. In the ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP, you can still use the ramp to gradually increase pressure over a forty-five minute interval. For the first time though, you now have the opportunity to delay the onset of the ramp from the beginning of your therapy. For patients who dislike the sudden inflow of air pressure when they turn on their CPAP, the new ramp is ideal: simply program the ramp to start anywhere from five to forty-five minutes after you turn on your machine and you can delay the onset of any pressure at all! This will allow you to fall asleep without any incoming pressure, helping you fall asleep naturally.

Easy Controls, Innovative Display

Therapeutic accessibility remains a hallmark of ResMed's machine. On the display screen the user is given the ability to change any settings deemed needing to be changed such as Ramp, Humidity level or EPR. Once everything is set the way the user likes, the display will show the settings you've chosen as well as the current pressure and level of humidity. Thereafter, it will have the display go black which keeps the room from being lit with extra light that can sometimes be unnecessary. When you wake up after your therapy you will see the hours of usage on display for you. Simplicity at it's best as you do not have to navigate far to find this information!

The following functions are not included in the Airstart 10 CPAP/Airstart 10 Auto: auto ramp; Smart Start; Climate Control; Remote Assist; Wireless Module; and Myair, Heated Hose. The included SD card records only hours used, mask seal and humidification indicators, and AHI.

Default Settings

  • Start Pressure: 8 cm H2O
  • Ramp Time: 20 mins
  • Mask Type: Pillows
  • Humidity Level: 4
  • EPR: Off

Key Features

  • Features EPR for advanced event detection response
  • Vibrant LCD Screen
  • EPR(Expiratory Pressure Relief)
  • Basic Controls
  • FAA approved.

Reviewers Tip:

The water chamber in the humidifier must be removed before it can take water. Do NOT try to fill the humidifier while it is attached to the Device. The standard water chamber included is not dishwasher safe and should only be hand washed.

Return on warranty issues only.

RX Required.

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