Philips Pressure Valve For Oxygen Concentrator Users

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Key Features:

  • Prevents water and oxygen back-flow into CPAP/BiPAP machine
  • Compatible with all stand-alone humidifiers and all CPAP/BiPAP machines without an integrated humidifier
  • Easily attaches between machine and tube/stand-alone humidifier and tube
Product Details

Pressure Valve for CPAP Machines by Philips Respironics 

This Pressure Valve from Philips Respironics prevents water and/or oxygen back-flow into your CPAP machine from your tube or external/stand-alone humidifier. Air flows normally through the circuit when the CPAP/BiPAP machine is operating; when the machine is turned off, the valve prevents water (from an external humidifier) and oxygen (if using) from flowing back into the machine. Built-in vents in the pressure valve allows oxygen and water to exit the valve without flowing back into your device.

This pressure valve is compatible with any stand-alone humidifier and any CPAP and BiPAP machine without a built-in humidifier.

Note: This pressure valve does not prevent water back-flow when used with a CPAP/BiPAP machine with an integrated heated humidifier. 


Can I use this pressure valve on a CPAP machine with a built-in humidifier?

No, the pressure valve is not compatible with machines that come with an integrated heated humidifier.

Do I need to use a pressure valve if I use oxygen with my CPAP machine?

Using a pressure valve prevents oxygen from flowing back into and accumulating in your machine which can be a fire hazard.

Technical Data
Item Includes

1x Pressure Valve 

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Can you wash your Respironics Pressure Valve in water & soap like you do your hose face mask etc.

As per Philips, the valve should be cleaned weekly with mild detergent and warm water. Should the valve start to malfunction please replace the valve.

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From a regulatory impact perspective, does the valve need to be included in any device testing such as biological testing for 510k purposes? If so, should it be tested with the CPAP machine or tested separately with the tubing?

Thank you for contacting RespShop.
I am not sure how to answer your question. But you may find your answer contacting the manufacturer directly.
Please call Philips Respironics Parts and Tech Support at 800-722-9377.

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