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Fisher & Paykel Zest Q CPAP Mask

Fisher & Paykel Zest Q CPAP Mask
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Fisher & Paykel Zest Q CPAP Mask
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by Kulawiak K
Date Added: Thursday 27 August, 2020
Face mask fit fine for me. I hook it up and played with tightening the straps but not to much. It went downhill from here. The plastic part that rests on your forehead is uncomfortable. I thought this would help with comfort but I was wrong. I wore it for hours but then woke up randomly because my forehead hurt. I played with straps to help, played with the mask etc. Finally Hurt bad enough I hooked up my old mask.

by Andrew H
Date Added: Wednesday 23 August, 2017
This is a great mask.
This is the 2nd I have bought and have never had any problems. I tend to interchange between this mask and the Airfir10 nasal mask. The Zest is better I find if you have a cold or are a little blocked in the nose the self adjusting mechanism beneath the nose is very clever and occasionally needs a bit of lubrication for it to slide properly. Good value for money mask.

by Renee W
Date Added: Thursday 21 August, 2014
Fisher Paykel Zest Q CPAP Mask has the best fit I have ever worn since I have been dealing with CPAP machines. It has such a comfortable fit on my face with zero leakage. Also with the adjustable tubing helps me get the perfect adjustment at night so I may have the most possible comfort at night which is great benefit for me. I recommend this product with my highest recommendation possible.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)