AirSep VisionAire 5 Oxygen Concentrator w/ O2 Monitor

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AirSep VisionAire 5 Oxygen Concentrator

VisionAire 5 is hands down the lightest and quietest oxygen concentrator in today's market. Weighing a simple 30lbs, the VisionAire 5 LPM, is the most practical and power efficient choice for in home oxygen.

Efficient Quiet Operation

VisionAire 5 operates at near silent decibel levels to add another layer of comfort concerning your oxygen needs. The VisionAire 5 offers 5 LPM and is an incredibly power-efficient stationary oxygen concentrator. AirSep's VisionAire is the quietest and most efficient home oxygen concentrator in the market today. You can rest easy knowing you are receiving the best oxygen care in your home with quiet efficiency.

Maintenance Free

The VisionAire 5 is effectively maintenance free and is fully supported by AirSep, the experts in oxygen generating technology. No maintenance means no hassle and no wasted time, ensuring you are maximizing the potential of your VisionAire 5 while reducing or removing unnecessary down time. Filter free results in a smaller cabinet that saves on space and time providing you with excellent cost saving opportunities.


Safety is a paramount focus for the VisionAire 5 and it comes with a host of safety features. A back-lined flow-meter provides accurate viewing and proper settings, a locking flow, and overdraw protection. Each VisionAire 5 is created with a resettable circuit breaker, a dual-function compliance/hour meter, and a well-equipped alarm system.

Key Features

  • Efficient and Quiet
  • Maintenance Free
  • Safe

Reviewers Tip:

Do not leave the nasal cannula under any cushions or bed coverings. If the home oxygen concentrator is turned on but not in use the oxygen will make the material flammable/


Can I use an extension cord with the VisionAire 5?

You should not use an extension cord with the VisionAire 5 as it could cause an eletrical hazard.

What kind of alarms does the VisionAire 5 have?

The VisionAire comes with a host of different alarm types including, Power Failure, High and Low Pressure, High Temperature, No Flow, and Low Concentration (with optional oxygen monitor).

Can I use the VisionAire 5 around my fireplace?

The VisionAire 5 produces a high concentration of oxygen which can promote rapid burning. It is recommended you are at least 5 ft away from any open flames, including cigarettes.


Available Accessories


Return on Manufacturer's warranty issues only

Technical Data
14.1 x 11.5 x 20.8 inches
Pressure Range
1 to 5 LPM
Altitude Adjustment
Up to 10,000 Feet
3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Sound/Noise Level
40 dBA
Oxygen Purity
90% at Sea Level +5%/3.5%
115VAC/60hz, 3.0 A
Power Consumption
290 Watts
Item Includes
  • 5-LPM Continuous-Flow VisionAire Concentrator
  • Power cord
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