Respironics OptiLife Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Model: 1036800, 1036801, 1036802
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Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Offers Clear View, Flexibility

The OptiLife Nasal Pillow Mask from Respironics is the original My Life mask. A mask that is lightweight, easy to attach, and it comes with four available cushion options for your convenience. The OptiLife CPAP mask has a set of air holes arranged in a circular pattern to mitigate noise and a flexible tube that allows you to sleep on your back or on your side without dislodging your seal.

Clear View

The Respironics OptiLife CPAP Mask offers you a clear line of sight. There's no center bar resting between your eyes to inhibit your view, so you can wear glasses while you watch tv or read while you wear your mask.

Comfortable Cushions

Respironics includes four different cushion sizes for your convenience. The Respironics OptiLife CPAP mask cushions rest comfortably on your nose, and the angle of the cushions can be adjusted to fit your specific face.

This OptiLife mask comes with pillows and/or cradle cushions:

  • 1036800: P/S/M/L pillows
  • 1036801: P/S/M pillows, and S/M cradles
  • 1036802: M/L pillows and M/L/LN (large narrow) cradles

Flexible Tubing and Quiet Ventilation

The OptiLife includes an eighteen inch tube with a 15 mm hose that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to toss and turn at night without dislodging your mask or harming your seal.

Does not include tube management clip.

Key Features

  • Flexible Mask Tubing Provides a Strong Seal
  • Six Nasal Cushion Options
  • Comfortable Chin Support Band Eliminates Nasal Irritation

Mask Material Components

Frame: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
Nasal Pillows: Silicone
Tubing: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Swivel: Polycarbonate
Headgear: UBL; Urethane Foam; Lycra


Reviewers Tip:

The included tube is eighteen inches long, and features a hose with a smaller -- 15 mm -- diameter.

Introducing the Respironics OptiLife


What are the sizing options?

The OptiLife comes with four sizes of cushions: large, medium, small, and petite.

Does this product have any latex?

No, all Respironics products are latex free.

Technical Data
1036800, 1036801, 1036802
A7034, A7035
30 days
Extra Features
Pressure range - 4-40 cm H20
Item Includes
  • 1036801 - MultiSize Pack with P-S-M Nasal Pillows and S-M Cradle Cushions
  • 1036802 - MultiSize Pack with M-L Nasal Pillows and M-L-LN Cradle Cushions
  • 1036800 - MultiSize Pack with P-S-M-L Nasal Pillows
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Marcus L
Was this helpful?
70 bucks for a CPAP mask? Are you kidding me!! These masks cost 100s of dollars at the local stores, and then you need to replace them every couple of months? Get out of here! This mask is only 70 bucks and its comfortable and works great. Good seal, good performance from my machine, cheap price, great all around. No way was I spending 200 dollars on a mask that I was going to need to buy again in 6 months, Ill spend 70 bucks and get as many as I want.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Sharon M
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
I have tried most masks on the market in the years I have used cpap and find this set up works great. I am mouth breather but strap helps with that. Definetely a set up to try. I have used this company for several years and find them very competent, deliver fast, and answer any questions you may have.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
sharon m
Was this helpful?
pplies before and have been very pleased with customer service and quality of products. The cost of products is the most economical I have found ever found..
Was this helpful?
2 of 5 Stars!
Jim D
Was this helpful?
Couldn't make this work for me. Very foolish to buy headgear with a chin strap since I don't really have a chin. Think all the boring oil paintings of 17th century French or English nobles you've ever seen and you'll get the picture. Chin strap just sort of dangles and swings. The cushions were baffling as well. Tried for a cheaper optiion to my usual Swift X gear, which is simple and effective. Next I'm hoping to switch to a nasal mask since I'm suffering awful runny noses and sneezing which anecdotally seems connected to pillow style masks.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Tim S
Was this helpful?
Trying a nasal pillow mask for the first time so I went with this one because it had a good price. I wasnt expecting much because I chose a lower cost item but its actually not bad. I use nasal masks usually but I wanted something that was less bulky, pretty good mask, and the price is really nice. I think I'll go back and forth between the masks for a few more days to decide if I want to commit full time to nasal pillows, but so far I havent noticed any extreme differences in my sleep. Thanks respshop.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Bernie T
Was this helpful?
I was looking to replace my old pillow mask because it was starting to get worn out and the headgear started to rip and my cushions were getting to the point where I needed start putting lotion on my nose because it was just burning and irritating. I use a chin strap because I sleep with my mouth open at night put I like to use the nasal mask the fits in your nose. I Purchased this mask because it was like a 2 in 1. It fits nice and it feels great.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Juergen V
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
The mask is okay, but there are better masks. I also own a DreamWear Mask and this is the perfect mask. The OptiLife Mask ist perfect, if you use it with the nasal pillow mode. Then it is as good as the DreamWear Mask, which has no pillow mode. With the Cradle Cushions I don't like the OptiLIfe Mask. Here the DreamWear Mask is better a lot of.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Deborah C
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
I like the chin cradle feature on this mask. I read for a few minutes every night, this mask allows me to wear my glasses after putting on my mask and relaxing. It is taking me a little while to get use to the different style mask, but that is normal for me.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
William D
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
Another great product from Respshop. The prices are so good here I purchased two types of masks to try out. They're both good.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Ming E
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
Good design. But headgear is too thght for me. Fast delivery and real bargin. Two thumbs for
Was this helpful?
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I need the flat nozzle?

Hi there, this mask is discontinued. Try calling our customer service line at 1-866-936-3754 and we can assist you in finding a suitable replacement.

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