Fisher & Paykel Pilairo Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

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The Fisher and Paykel Pilairo CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask is discontinued. Please see The Fisher and Paykel Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow Mask

Lightweight, Comfortable CPAP Mask for All

Coming in just one size with one strap, Fisher and Paykel's Pilairo endeavors to be an all-in-one CPAP mask. It's single strap headgear design is comfortable and offers less facial irritation than any other CPAP mask. The AirPillow seal gives users of all facial shapes and sizes a great seal without blocking your line of sight or obstructing your natural movements. Weighing less than two pounds, the Pilairo is an ideal mask for travelers with sleep apnea.

Air Pillow Seal

The Pilairo's calling card is the self-adjusting Air Pillow seal. The mask's one-size-fits-most design makes it easy for you to get a good seal with this mask, no matter what your facial structure may be. Just put the Pilairo on, and the mask will self-inflate as you breathe.

Mask and Hose

The Pilairo's mask and hose snap into each other while built in stabilizers hover over the nose. The rotating elbow lets you position your tube however you see fit for a comfortable and customizable CPAP treatment.

Single Strap Headgear

Because the mask seals so well, only one headgear strap is necessary for this nasal pillow mask. The strap is made from a soft, stretchy fabric that will accomodate your movements throughout the night, without compromising the effectiveness of your therapy.

Key Features

  • No Touch Mask Base
  • 360 Tubular Rotation
  • Lightweight and Travel Friendly

Reviewers Tip:

If you've ever felt that you're between sizes with your masks, try the Pilairo, which accomodates most facial shapes and sizes.


How heavy is the Pilairo.

Fisher and Paykel's Pilairo is extremely light, weighing just 1.83 ounces.

Does this come with headgear, or is this just the mask?

The headgear comes with the product.

Technical Data
A7030, A7035
Reviews (9)
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Montreal, QC 2014.01.30

PILAIRO REVIEW: Great concept - Lousy engineering

I've been on CPAP for 16 years, last 6 with Swift FX.

The way the nose connectors push up and back is accelerating the unfortunate ‘‘growing nose'' syndrome that we will all face with age.

So the pilairo concept is perfect to counteract this phenomenon.


• Feather lightweight although the few grams difference makes it a non-issue.
_ Part of this weight loss comes from a very short front tube:
half the length (17,5 cm vs 34,5 cm) of the Swift FX
_ this means that your main connecting tube, which is heavier,
has more leverage and tends to pull the pilairo down.

• Pillow is soft and prevents leaks
• Very quiet ++ I am asleep but my girlfriend is appreciative
• Stylish and sturdy frame

• One size fits all head strap is a fallacy. it was so tight It irritated my nose and upper lip.
I created an ‘‘in-house'' solution by cutting the strap and sewing in an elastic extension
and a velcro tensor.

• One size fits all nose connectors is another atrocity. By the fourth incomfortable night,
my nose bled and I was left with bleeding then scabs on each side of my central septum
To think that I paid good money for this !

If it works for you... excellent, but my personal discussion with ORL and sleep specialists has clearly shown that most people who require a CPAP, are on the upper third in weight and height. Somebody in market research dropped the ball with this absence of adaptable hardware.

• I contacted F&P and even offered to beta test their next upgrade... not even an ackowledgment

F&P is sitting on a gold mine with the ‘‘pillow concept''. I am having a thought or two about creating a new well adapted product based on that ‘‘yet unpatented'' concept...

If you are a real user (i.e. not a writer paid to spruce up blogs and reviews)
here is the person you need to send your grievances to:

Mr. Lewis Gradon, Director - Product development
Lewis.Gradon (at)

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited
15 Maurice Paykel Place East Tamaki, Auckland 2013
PO Box 14 348 Panmure, Auckland 1741 New Zealand
TEL +64 9 574 0100

Customer service !
Miss on the second.. and you'll lose the first

I'm back on Swift FX.

Francois, in Montreal
187 cm 109 kg (for the market research people...)
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Gus B
(Verified Purchase)
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Sorry forgot to sign in when i wrote this review.

What can i say, Thank You Respshop, i have been getting ripped off here in Australia but no more thanks to you.
Excellent email communication with customer service., Received the Fedex International shipping in 3 days to Australia.
Not only do you get excellent prices and they give you access to machine software after purchase.
Attention all Aussie's STOP paying exorbitant CPAP prices, we are being conned buy from Respshop.

This is my 3rd Nasal Mask, my first was the Zest (AU$249), then i tried the OPUS Nasal Mask even better than the Zest (AU$249).
Now i have just purchased from Respshop best Nasal Mask yet & even better AU$200 cheaper than i could have got it in good old oz.
Really comfortable, lightweight, hardly any disturbance during sleep., really soft natural feel.
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I have a RESPIRONICS - REMstar PLUS CPAP System with humidifier.

1) I will be ordering some #1005945 Ultra fine filters- How many units contents each package?
2) I am actually using a #1007968 model mask. It has a gel front separator that always gives problems. It becomes corrupted in a few time. I would like to change to better model of mask. What do you recommend? Is the Fisher & Paykel Pilario Nasal Pillow compatible with my REMstar unit?

Your soon recommendation would be appreciated before ordering.

Fernando Rodino
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apurv g
(Verified Purchase)
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About Respshop

1. Excellent customer service
2. With Fedex International priority machine delivered in 3 days to Australia
3. Live chat is actually a person you can converse with.
4. Excellent prices and they give you access to machine software after purchase.
5. Nice wide ranger of machines.
6. Why pay exorbidant australia CPAP prices.

About Nasal Mask

1. Ultra-compfortable fit.
2. Really lightweight.
3. Good flexibility in the elbow joint - partially floating not just a swivel elbow.
4. Minimal interference with sleeping.
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Hoyt B
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My first experience with CPAP and a mask. So did not know what to expect. Nose is becoming less sore after 2-3 weeks. Would prefer an adjustable head band. Speaking of which, I do perspire sometimes when I sleep. The center section of the headband (suede or something) faded and ruined two pillowcases before we realized what the problem was. Several washings with bleach, detergent, Oxi-clean, spray-on stain removers have reduced, but not removed the stain. Considering wrapping that part of the strap with Duct tape.
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Craig G
(Verified Purchase)
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I love this mask as it is small, unobtrusive, comfortable and seals very well. Unfortunately I have been unable to achieve much success so far as I am a light sleeper and the noise from the air diffuser keeps me awake and the volume of air that is blasted from the diffuser is significant. Ear plugs did help but I could still hear myself breathing. It would be a great mask for a heavy sleeper on a reasonably low pressure. I will persevere with it as it is just so comfortable - I just wish it was quieter.
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Fernando R
(Verified Purchase)
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I am actually using a REMstar PLUS CPAP System with Humidifier
I am interested in ordering a new mask to change the one Model #1007968 I am using. It has a gel front separator that becomes corrupted in few time.
I appreciate your recommendation about changing to the Fisher & Paykel Pilario Nasal Pillow System #4004200A. Is it adeqate to be used with my REMStar unit?
Your recommendation will be appreciated before ordering.

Thank you
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updesh s
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Hi CPAP users: this an exceptional mask and the best so far that i have used till to date. A simple hassle free mask that just feels like nothing over your face,, Great one size fits all and that is true,, great fit from the moment you put in on and almost zero leaks.
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Sandy H
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Hi, I've been using a Nasal Pillow for about 10 years and just changed to the 400420A. What a great mask. Light, soft against my skin and easy to sleep in. Recommend it to "pillow" users.
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