SleepNet iQ Blue CPAP Nasal CPAP Mask with Three Point Headgear

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Comfortable, Uniquely Constructed Nasal CPAP Mask

The IQ Blue with Three point headgear comes with a cushion that can be molded to fit your specific face and a tube that can be rotated 360 degrees. SleepNet wanted their users to be comfortable when wearing their CPAP mask, so they built it to offer users a clear line of sight, no matter how they chose to wear their mask.

Conforming Cushion

A wire support frame is embedded on the inside of the cushion, and the cushion can be molded to conform to your face. The shell is flexible, so if you don't mold it properly the first time -- or if your face changes shape over time -- you can re-mold the mask again and again. Once you have it fitted properly, the gel cushion protects against pressure points and friction marks.

360 Degree Tubular Rotation

Sleep on your back or on your side with the IQ Blue Nasal CPAP Mask. The mask comes with a 360 degree tube that can rotate fully, or you can opt to wear it with the three point headgear attachment and wear the tube over your head. Either way, the tube won't block your line of vision, and the well-crafted diffusion ports will quietly blow air away from you and your partner.

Key Features

  • Latex Free
  • Tubular Rotation Options
  • Comfortable Mask

Reviewers Tip:


How many sizes does this mask come in?

Two, which will fit most faces.

Can I clean this mask in a washing machine or dish washer?

No, SleepNet advises against using anything other than a non-abrasive soap, water, and a soft cloth.

If I accidentally break the cushion, can I repair it with tape?

No. If you damage the gel in any way, you'll need to replace the entire mask.

Technical Data
A7034, A7035
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ysidro e
(Verified Purchase)
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Been using the Flex masks for quite a while and decided to try this as i didnt like the idea of having to change the inside portion of the other masks.
This mask is very soft to the skin however it has some very bad leaking issues and it makes for quite an uneasy night sleep.
The top portion is not steady and moves quite a lot.
I wouldnt recommend it.
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5 of 5 Stars!
Tammy N
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Very soft and comfortable mask compared to what I have been using in the past, the soft gel cushion protects me from getting pressure points or red marks when waking up in the morning. Easy to put on, and wearing the tube over my head never block my vision while reading.
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Diane G
(Verified Purchase)
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I am having a very bad experience with this mask and headgear. I have a huge sore on my nose from the mask and air escapes. The top of the headgear keeps on slipping off in the night. I will return this!
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Dianne B
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the gel cushion is soft compare to other mask easy to put on because of the three point headgear
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