Devilbiss EasyFit CPAP Nasal CPAP Mask

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Silicone Nasal CPAP Mask

Convenient mask built to accommodate faces of all shapes and size. To make the EasyFit, DeVilbiss generated a database to analyze unique faces, and the resulting design -- which comes in seven different sizes -- can be personalized to fit anybody's features. The EasyFit also offers the flexibility to choose between three different cushions and forehead pads.

Cushion Compatibility

Compatible with all three types of EasyFit cushions: Gel, SilkGel, and Silicone. You can use one cushion or mix and match with cushions and forehead pads to find the perfect combination in support and comfort. The mask comes with a silicone cushion, and the concave shape of the cushion helps make a consistent seal around your face.

Ball-and-socket Elbow

The new ball-and-socket elbow provides 360 degree rotation, and the new design also features a re-constructed exhalation port. DeVilbiss wanted the exhalation ports to be further away from the user's face, so they built the port at the end of the elbow tube connector. The unique design reduces noise and directs air away from you and your partner.


The headgear will not block your line of sight. Featuring padded straps that wrap around the top of your head and below your ears, the headgear is comfortable and designed to stay in place over the course of the night. The gel forehead pad will press gently against your forehead, so there's no need to over-tighten anything.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Fits Easily
  • Unique Scallop-shaped cushion

Reviewers Tip:

DeVilbiss analyzed the data of thousands of facial profiles to design one of the best fitting nasal masks available today.

easyFit Interface


I see there are a lot of sizes. Which one is the most popular?

The medium mask fits most users.

What is the advantage of the ball and socket?

The ball and socket elbow allows for full tubular rotation, which lets you sleep on your side or roll over during sleep without dislodging the seal.

Will this mask work with ClimateLine or other heated tubes?

Yes, the mask is compatible with slimmer tubes and heated tubes.

Technical Data
DV97230, DV97220, DV97210, DV97322, DV97332, DV97312, DV97240
A7034, A7035
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