APEX Medical Wizard 310 Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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APEX Wizard 310 Nasal CPAP Mask

Available in three different sizes, APEX Medical's WiZARD 310 Nasal Mask provides the utmost comfort throughout the night during CPAP therapy. This APEX mask is innovative because of the materials used to create it. A soft forehead support, a flexible frame, and a breathable headgear ensure superior comfort. The APEX WiZARD 310 comes with a forehead support for better pressure distribution, a softer silicone cushion that conforms around the nasal area, quick release clips, and a flexible tubing connector that increases your range of movement giving you more freedom.

Advanced Comfort Features

The WiZARD 310 features a more flexible mask frame compared to the rigid frames used on previous models. It is designed to contour to the facial structure of the user, so the mask is extremely comfortable. The pressure distribution technology on the 310 is phenomenal because it delivers better redistribution of pressure throughout the face rather than in one area. Paired with the flexible frame and the absence of a forehead pad, all that is left is comfort. Because of this, your chances of losing the forehead pad or having to assemble and disassemble the mask are greatly reduced. Know that the mask will rest naturally while distributing pressure evenly throughout the head area. The APEX WiZARD 310 Nasal Mask comes with a silicone cushion that is extremely soft on the face compared to older masks.

Quick Release Safety Features

The APEX WiZARD 310 consists of three parts, allowing for simple maintenance and easy replacement. The headgear features a quick release buckle that can be dismantled with one hand. The mask can be removed from the headgear quickly and easily if the situation arises. Fitting the WiZARD 310 Nasal Mask is simple and pain-free. With the snap-on cushion, assembling or cleaning the mask is an easy task. The WiZARD 310 nasal mask also has a tubing quick release function for your convenience. The design allows for the tube to be quickly connected and disconnected if the need arises during CPAP therapy.

Contoured Fit

With increased comfort, not only does the user benefit, but their bed partner also does too. The ergonomically designed cushion has multiple pressure redistribution points in the design, providing better facial support to each individual using the 310 Nasal Mask. Also, with advanced air guide vents created in the design, exhaled air will be redirected to prevent it from reaching the bed partner, allowing both people to sleep peacefully.


CPAP masks we carry at RespShop are compatible with most CPAP machines and tubes. Manufacturers have standardized the tubing cuff size for your convenience.

Key Features

  • Pressure Distribution - A frame that allows for pressure to be evenly distributed to provide you increased comfort
  • Tubing connector - Soft and flexible, the tubing connector allows for you to have more freedom to move during CPAP therapy
  • Quick Release Safety - Buckles on the head gear and tubing allow for you to easily remove the mask headgear or tube in case of emergency
  • Contour Fit - The Swivel Elbow is affixed and cannot be removed
  • 45 degree air flow

Reviewer's Tip

If you are adjusting the APEX WiZARD 310 Nasal Mask tight to the point that the mask is causing you pain and discomfort, you probably have the wrong mask size and should look into purchasing a different size. When first purchasing a new mask, if you are not aware of the size you need, RespShop provides a mask assurance service that allows you to return an uncomfortable or a bad fitting mask within the first 30 days. Your APEX WiZARD 310 should never be uncomfortable on your face or feel too tight on your head.

Mask Assembly

  1. The cushion has three different fixation points; push them firmly together to insert the cushion into the mask
  2. Lay the headgear on a flat surface to thread the headgear straps through the hooks on the frame, but make sure that the velcro is facing outwards


Can I use alcohol to clean my mask?
You should never use alcohol, bleach, or any type of oil that is scented to clean your mask. These types of chemicals may cause damage to the mask and shorten its lifespan. We recommend that you use warm water and mild detergent, and wash your mask daily for the best results. We also have mask cleansing wipes that will not have any negative effects on your mask.
Why am I experiencing leaks in my APEX WiZARD 310?
There are several different reasons for leakage in the mask. Your mask might be the wrong size or might not be fitted correctly on your head. But, remember that if tightening the mask is causing you pain, you should use a different size. It is also possible that the cushion or mask in general is worn out and needs to be replaced. To maintain the mask’s condition, it is recommended that you clean the mask daily. Finally, it is also possible that the mask was assembled wrong, and you can check out the user manual for the proper way to assemble the APEX 310.

Technical Data
SM07001, SM07002, SM07003
A7034, A7035
6.6 oz
Pressure Range
4 - 30 cm H20
Size Gauge
Item Includes
  • Wizard 310 Nasal CPAP mask with Headgear
  • User Manual
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Arthur w
Was this helpful?
Simple, straightforward mask, it does its job without any fuss. I used a Wizard 210 for years but decided to give this a shot since it touted improved comfort. Right off the bat, I can say it’s more comfortable than my 210. The forehead support and mask frame both feel more flexible than before, so it contours to my face really well. Straps are easy to adjust too, and the nose cushion feels very comfortable. I haven’t had any issues with red lines this time around but if you don’t find the cushion to fit right, I think you can buy different sizes here.

It comes in three parts in the box, but it’s very straightforward to assemble. A nice touch is the triangle notch on the top of the nose cushion which means you can only snap it in in the correct orientation. No fiddling around with the direction. There’s also a clasp on the right side which makes the mask easy to take off. If you’re someone who has to get up a lot during the night, this should make it more convenient, although you can also just disconnect the tube each time since there’s a quick release feature.

When it comes to how it fits when you sleep, it’s very comfortable and should be fine with all sleeping positions. The tubing portion is flexible and the elbow can rotate 360-degrees so you shouldn’t have any awkward pull from the hose. Of course, if you sleep on your side and face opposite your machine, the hose will lay on your arm but that’s just a limitation of the technology. This is a great no-fuss mask overall, and at a great price, so it has my recommendation.
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5 of 5 Stars!
Dominick J
Was this helpful?
Subject: Good buy
This is a pretty new mask on the market from what I can tell, but the reviews on it seemed overall excellent. The mask and its parts also seemed very budget friendly so I decided to give it a try. Overall, I’m very happy with it and I think more people should give Apex masks a try.

The headgear is constructed well and comfortable. The material is soft and has sufficient circulation, so my head stays cool at night. Four straps to adjust, I was able to get a good fit. This axes the traditional bulky forehead pad design but has a mini plastic portion. As another user mentioned, it takes a little getting used to but I got used to it and now I don’t even notice it. Remains to be seen how it holds up in the long run. Clips on the bottom straps are also nice, they make the mask easy to take off.

As for the cushion, it’s good. Not much to say about it, but it has a sufficient seal and is comfortable. Also, replacements are very cheap compared to other masks which is nice. Helps save a lot of price in the long run and I made sure to pick up a few extra for the future. Finally, the tube swivels and has flexible portion which is great. You can hook up and redirect your air feed in a convenient way.

Overall, the Wizard 310 is a great mask. I hadn’t heard of Wizard masks before but I’ve become a big fan. Don’t be afraid to give it a chance.
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5 of 5 Stars!
Bill E
Was this helpful?
Upgraded to this mask from a Wizard 210 and so far I have no real complaints. I don’t think many people know these Wizard masks but I’ve always been a big fan of their harness system. The harness held really well on my 210 and the 310 is no different. Perhaps the straps feel a little better on this one too, it seems a little more breathable which is nice for a cooler sleep. Nose bridge support is OK, I would get faint lines on the 210 and I still have that issue on this mask. Don’t really care though since at my age I’m not impressing anyone, so nothing that really matters to me.
I like that the tube rotates and has a little flexible bit, it means I can place my machine in a way that keeps the hose off of me. The release clips and all that are a good convenience too, easy to just take my ask off when I want to get up in the middle of the night. Just a solid mask overall, the 210 served me a good many years and I see no reason the 310 won’t be able to do the same.
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4 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
Subject: Wizard mask
Comfortable mask. I enjoy the forehead support the most-- My old mask had an uncomfortable bar on the forehead piece that left deep marks in the morning and made it difficult to sleep. When I was researching for new masks, I saw this mask and noticed the soft forehead piece. Just like the picture showed, the APEX Wizard mask has a comfortable forehead piece that isn't solid/hard.

The cushion on my nasal area is also comfortable and doesn't get in the way much. I believe they use some sort of contour on the cushion material so it fits my face well. Very happy about this.

But on the minus, I do get minimal leaks on this mask. Not sure if my mask is slightly defective or if it's the way I'm putting it on. I sleep on my side. The leaks don't happen every day -- sometimes it's a lot and sometimes it's none. If there were no leaks I would give this 5/5 stars.
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Dean B
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Subject: 310 Wizard CPAP frame and straps
Poorly made frame. Forehead brace not wide enough causing straps to bunch up on top of the head. Not as well made as the Wizard 210. One star rating at best.

I am sorry this did not work for you. Please contact us as we do have a Mask Assurance Policy so we can find something that works better.
Your Respshop Team

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Danny K
(Verified Purchase)
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Subject: Wizard 310
I have had this mask a few days and really like it. It's comfortable, quiet and easy to adjust. I will admit, the plastic piece between the nose piece and head gear takes a little getting use to. It only leaks 1L of air a night per my AirSense, my N20 mask leaked 5L of air a night. It's also a great price.
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Thomas F
(Verified Purchase)
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Subject: APEX Medical Wizard 310 Nasal Mask with Headgear
Not impressed. The mask does not seal no matter which way its put on! Always waking up to air leak blowing on my eye.

I'm so sorry this mask didn't work out for you. We have a Mask Assurance Policy so please don't hesitate to contact us so we can exchange it for a different mask! 1-866-936-3754

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Marlene H
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Subject: APEX 310 Mask
Purchased and arrived quickly. It has been working great and I am able to sleep vvery well. Thank you respshop and Apex.
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What is the price on this product?

Hi there, unfortunately this mask is no longer available. A similar model I would recommend is the Mirage Fx Nasal mask: https://www.respshop.com/cpap-masks/nasal/resmed-mirage-fx-nasal-cpap-mask-p-271.html

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