ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask

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Full Face CPAP Mask with Nasal Pillow Cushions

Being one of the most unique designs of any CPAP mask available on the market, the ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear is an extremely comfortable and effective sleep apnea therapy mask. Although designed as a full-face mask, the mirage liberty is unique in that it has nasal pillows above the mouth cover. Operating like a full face mask in that it covers both your nose and mouth, but using nasal pillow cushions to provide bonus comfort for CPAP therapy users. While other full-face masks may be restricting, the Liberty allows for an increased vision field, resulting in the user being able to read a book or watch TV while wearing their mask before bed. The dual-walled cushion design ensures that you will receive the most effective CPAP therapy possible while wearing your mask, as leaks will be minimized or completely eliminated.

Dual Wall Cushions Improve CPAP Comfort

To improve the seal over your mouth without sacrificing comfort, ResMed designed the Mirage Liberty CPAP mask with two walls, one on the out edge to reduce or eliminate any leaks, and one on the inner edge to improve comfort while wearing your CPAP mask. Even for the most frequent of fidgets during sleep, the dual walls will allow for your seal to remain intact during use.

Nasal Pillows

Increasing comfort and performance, unlike other full-face CPAP masks the liberty has nasal pillows instead of a nasal cover. This increases your field of vision while also making ResMed Liberty less restrictive than its full-face counterparts. The Liberty CPAP mask does not have a nasal bridge that other full-face CPAP masks have, which can cause irritation for some CPAP therapy users

Near SIlent CPAP Mask

The air vents on the ResMed Liberty are a custom design that allows for air to be pushed out and away from the user in a quiet nature, allowing for an uninterrupted night's sleep for both you and your bed partner. CPAP therapy is all about sleeping peacefully, and these air vents are located in areas that will force air out away from your face and your partner's face.

Lightweight Full Face CPAP Mask

While full-face masks tend to be heavier than their nasal and nasal pillow counterparts, thanks to the nasal pillow design of the Liberty this full-face mask is extremely lightweight for CPAP users. It also comes with an easily detachable elbow that makes cleaning your mask easier than ever before.

  • Unobtrusive design allows a free field of vision
  • Dual-wall cushion/nasal pillows with trampoline action, for a more comfortable fit
  • Minimalist design is the perfect alternative to conventional full-face masks

Reviewers Tip:

The comfortable nasal pillows make it easy to get a great fit and tight seal. The Mirage Liberty CPAP Mask is a great option for those who want the benefits of a full-face mask without any pressure marks.



How and when should I clean my mask?

You can hand wash your Mirage Liberty CPAP mask daily with warm, soapy water.

How do keep my mask on at night? I often find that I've removed it in my sleep.

This type of problem is likely occurring due to nasal congestion. If you have a history of sinus and allergy problems, you may be better treated with a full face mask and/or humidification.

Technical Data
61300, 61301
90 days against manufacturer defects
Tube Connection
Front of the face
Mask Type
Headgear Clips and Type
Yes, nonmagnetic clips
Headgear Size with Mask
Other Headgear Sizes Available
Yes, Small
Other Headgear Styles Available
FitPack Available
Active Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
Glasses Friendly
Reduces Claustrophobia
Specifically Designed For Women
Facial Hair
Cushion Interchangeable with Different Type
Item Includes
  • Mask
  • Cushion - Small or Large, Pillows -Small, Medium, Large
  • Headgear (Standard size - One size fits most/all)
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3.4 out of 5 stars
5 star
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Chester D
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Subject: ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask
I found this mask to be terribly uncomfortable. It binds and pinches, does not fir well and is extremely uncomfortable.

Hi there, we're sorry you're unhappy with this mask. Please note we have a 30 day mask guarantee that is applicable once every 6 months where we can apply store credit towards a different mask. Please give us a call at 866-936-3754 for more information. Thank you.

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1 of 5 Stars!
John K
Was this helpful?
Nice concept but bad leaks in the nozzles connected to the nose. With this configuration impossible to secure the incoming air tightly.

John, I am so sorry that mask did not work out for you! You can return the mask so we can get you one that fits you better. I will email you!

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4 of 5 Stars!
Keaton G
Was this helpful?
I've been using this mask since 2011. I will not use another mask but the Mirage Liberty Full Face mask.
It's a great mask as far as I am concern; it has work well for me. The only thing I have to do is turn up the humidifier level so that I won't have dry mouth in the morning. This mask comes in two sizes, small and large, and in each package there are three pairs of pillow sizes, small, medium and large. It is nice and quiet when in use, and very comfortable. The price is a bit high, but it is well worth it.
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5 of 5 Stars!
Sam S
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Subject: Recent purchase
I got the hybrid mask. Love it. The best so far. I have problems with nose congestion and this helps get the air through since it's right on the nose. I also have the resmed mirage liberty, and they are pretty equal. This one has like a built in chin strap and the nose pillows have a couple adjustments to make them short or tall. Recommend this to anyone.
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4 of 5 Stars!
Anna B
Was this helpful?
I really liked the design and it felt comfortable. The only thing was that I couldn't get the nasal pillows to seal properly. When I did, during the night they would move and wake me up. I also feel that the clips to loose, it didn't take much for them to open and un clip from the mask.
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5 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
Necesito comprar esta máscara , soy talla medium y solo existe Large y Small , que talla debo adquirir .
Masks ResMed Liberty
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4 of 5 Stars!
Sonya J
Was this helpful?
It is a nice mask. A little noise on the out flow.
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1--Do you file midicare
2--I have a short beard will it work for me
3--Side sleeper

We do not deal directly with insurance companies. This mask will work for you.

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can these be bought in uk?

We are not familiar in which Resmed products are available in the UK, here is their website that might help.

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you have model 61303

Yes, We do have in stock.

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