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Lumin CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Disinfecting your CPAP mask or water chamber is not only sanitary for your health but also crucial to your equipment’s longevity. Cleaning them keeps them free of bacteria and calcium build-up that can often appear through constant usage. At first, cleaning everything by hand seems fun and easy. As time goes on, however, the need to clean daily or even weekly quickly becomes a chore. When you find these tasks to be simply too much, look no further than the Lumin CPAP Mask and Accessories UV Sanitizer by 3B Medical.

Most Thorough CPAP Cleaner Available
The Lumin CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer uses the same disinfecting method many health industry locations such as operating rooms, hospitals, and ambulances use. By using UVC (Ultraviolet C) rays, the Lumin emits an energy light rated at 265 nanometers. This is considered lethal to 99% of harmful bacteria, microbes, viruses, and fungi nestled in your equipment. This Lumin Cleaner and Sanitizer isn’t just for CPAP cleaning; it is also capable of sanitizing other household items such as toothbrushes, mouth guards, hearing aids, eye masks, glasses, dentures, and so much more. CPAP users and their families can find unique uses for this versatile machine.

No Harsh Chemicals or Water
One of the best things about 3B’s Lumin Cleaner is that users do not get exposed to ozone. There are many ozone cleaners already created, such as the SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer. A lot of ozone-based cleaning devices have a fair share of safety concerns since inhaling ozone that could leak from those devices can lead to a host of respiratory issues such as coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. Ozone exposure can also worsen asthma or COPD. Luckily, the Lumin does not use this cleaning method, which ultimately means less worry for you. Another common cleaning method is using water, but it isn’t as effective. Once cleaned with water, products have to be dried, which adds an additional step to the cleaning process. And if the equipment is not dried properly, harmful bacteria and mold can grow more easily. No water means no cleanup, making this Lumin CPAP cleaner truly revolutionary within the industry.

The Lumin Cleaner will automatically shut down whenever the lid is opened, keeping you safe and your equipment clean.

Review By Pam Schmidt RRT, RCP
Registered Respiratory Therapist for RespShop

Allergies, sinus problems, colds could be an issue if you are not cleaning or sanitizing your CPAP supplies. Most of my CPAP users do not clean or sanitize any of their supplies. WHY? They either do not have time or forget to take the time. With that said, I decided to do a comparison to see which Cpap Cleaner, SoClean and Lumin, to see what the differences are, and which one my users could use to help them sanitize their CPAP supplies. Most of my users are busy with day to day tasks and need something quick and safe. Let’s take a sneak peek at the SoClean VS Lumin. Which one fits your daily life and budget?

With both units, you still need to wash your CPAP supplies. It takes a few minutes before using one of these devices to use mild soap, clean, and rinse all your supplies. Always make sure you do not dip your CPAP machine in the water, simply wipe the outside off with a damp cloth. Just make sure your PAP device is unplugged. If you choose not to clean your supplies before using the SoClean machine, the mask can turn yellow from the oils that were not removed before sanitizing. Therefore, washing your CPAP supplies is a must!

Now that we talked about cleaning your PAP supplies let’s start to review each unit for sanitizing.

SoClean uses Ozone gas to sanitize your CPAP supplies, while Lumin uses UV Light. The SoClean machine will clean tubing, mask, headgear, and your CPAP machine. However, ResMed no longer supports using SoClean with their PAP devices, but you may still use it for their supplies and water chambers. The Ozone will kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria. The Lumin will only sanitize your mask, water chamber along with toothbrushes, keys, and anything UV light can touch. The Lumin will not sanitize your tubing or any significantly big CPAP supplies, because the UV light cannot reach everything. For your tubing to become sanitized when using the Lumin, you will need to purchase the Bullet. The Lumin Bullet will work with most standard tubes, make sure your tubing is one of them as it wont work with a heated CPAP hose.

Both the Lumin and SoClean are easy to use and take minutes to sanitize. The Lumin will take roughly 5 minutes to sanitize as its UV light deactivates the DNA of bacteria and other pathogens. While the unit is sanitizing your mask, use the Lumin Bullet to sanitize your hose. The SoClean will take 7 minutes to sanitize plus a resting period. Please make sure the yellow light is off before taking your supplies out. This will ensure the ozone gas has sufficiently been released out of the unit. By not allowing the resting period the ozone gas could remain on the CPAP supplies, which could irritate your lungs. Each unit comes with a 2-year warranty. If anything should go wrong within those two years, send it back!

Both units are quite user-friendly and suitable for sanitizing CPAP supplies in our busy day. With that said, it may come down to additional payments. With the SoClean, you will need to change the filter and tube every six months. This will add cost to your yearly budget, where the Lumin has no additional charges other than the Bullet if you choose to buy. Either way, it is essential to note cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP supplies will help decrease allergies, colds, and sinus problems. 


  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.25" L x 8.5" W x 7.75" H
  • Tray Dimensions: 9 1/2" L X 6 1/2" W x 4"H
  • Voltage: 110 VAC (60 Hz) - 220 VAC (50 Hz)
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Compatible with any CPAP Mask - Adapters needed for heated tubing for certain manufacturers
  • Thorough clean - Cleans 99.9% of bacteria and germs
  • Chemical free

Environmental Conditions

  • Storage Temperature: 0° - 120° F (-18° - 49° C)
  • Operating Temperature: 20° - 100° F (7° - 38° C)
  • Humidity: Up to 93%, non-condensing

Reviewer's Tip

You do not need to disassemble your mask and tube when using the CPAP Cleaner. Just put your mask in and let the machine do the work for you. Make sure to clean your equipment daily.


Do I need to take apart my mask to put it in the Lumin?
No, your mask goes in as is and will come out with a thorough clean, as the Lumin kills 99% of bacteria and pathogens from from every surface the UVC rays can reach. Full face and nasal masks should have no problems getting cleaned. If you are a nasal pillow mask user, you will still have to clean them manually as the UVC lights have trouble penetrating deep into the nasal pillow where mold tends to grow. The same can be said for tubing; the inside of tubing is difficult to reach for this Lumin machine. 3B Medical’s Lumin Bullet, however, was designed specifically for cleaning tubing. The Bullet works with most CPAP hoses and it uses the same UV light method to clean inside the tube.

What are the benefits of cleaning my CPAP equipment?
By cleaning your equipment daily, you lengthen their lifespan. This means less replacement parts are needed, saving you money and time. Cleaning your CPAP equipment also keeps you healthy. Equipment that does not get a thorough cleaning can allow bacteria and pathogens to build up. These harmful germs can lead to a higher chance of becoming sick and can have negative effects on your overall health and sleep apnea therapy.

HCPCS CodeE1399
Basic Features
Warranty2 years
Weight5.5 lbs
Dimensions12.2 x 8.5 x 7.75 inches; drawer volumne and dimensions: 231 ci (9.25 x 6.25 x 4 inches)
Power Features
PowerAC 110 V 60Hz, AC 220 V 50Hz

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Q. Is the Lumin Cpap cleaner FDA approved.
A. Hello,
The Lumin is not FDA approved for cleaning CPAP equipment. The best way to clean your mask and tubing is with warm soapy water or using CPAP wipes if you are traveling and don't have access to running water.
Q. The indicated price, included the hose cleaner or it must purchsase separate?
If yes, what is the cost?
Thanks so much.
A. The items that are included in that item is
Lumin Sanitizer
Lumin Light Bulb (LM1001)
Lumin Rack
Quick Start instructions
Price is $269.00 and the Wand is separate item for $169.00

Thank you
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Andrew M Verified Purchase
This was easy to set up and works great! I'm happy with the Customer Service I have received.
4 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Tasha L
I was so excited to see a cpap sanitizer that was not utilizing ozone!! Found it in the Lumin and love it! This baby is fast and does not need to be tethered to my cpap machine. I can leave this in my bathroom and use it to sanitize my cpap equipment AND other items as well and the best thing is it only takes 5 minutes, long enough for me to take a quick shower while it does its thing. It apparently can also sanitize your toothbrush, glasses and even your cell phone although I have not done this yet but love that option. I had tried an ozone cleaner in the past and sent it back, could not stand the smell and it turned my mask yellow after 3 uses. The Lumin is super easy to use out of the box, pop in the bulb, plug machine in, put your equipment in drawer push start, easy peasy. The only downfall is this machine will NOT clean your tube since the UV light has to touch the area to be sanitized but Lumin has come out with a fix for that called the Bullet which I also got. You simply pull the tube through the bullet, it takes about 60 seconds so also very easy to use. The Bullet has a magnetic wand in the tube and the wand goes into your tube, word of caution, the wand has a glass tip so if you drop it on the floor it will break so be careful! The instructions also say not to use around water. I store the Bullet in the Lumin drawer when NOT in use. I give the Lumin 5 stars because I hate cleaning my equipment as I usually end up soaked myself so I really do love this machine! *5 stars for sure
5 years ago
1 of 5 Stars!
Boobala G
So Clean as a name on itself is misleading to the max..the machine does NOT clean at all,jus santizes only if YOU have cleaned it efficiently..so where do we go from here? Trying to return it: the company does not recognize your name; (even though you have paid for it)...so lts a luck on that.

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us but I think you may have purchased this from another vendor. You do need to wipe off any debris before sanitizing for any sanitizing devise. You just need to wipe off the mask and we do sell Mask Wipes if that would help you. RESPSHOP.COM 866-936-3754
4 years ago
1 of 5 Stars!
Lona S
Worst thing I ever bought. It stinks no body replies to emails or customer request. I have tried everything. Even my Dr. Got one for sanitizing their masks and stopped using it because of the stink. Don't waste your money.

Thank you for your feedback. I also have the Lumin and since it uses UV light and not ozone, I do not find any odor at all. I would try wiping down your equipment before sanitizing to remove any old debris.
Your Respshop Team
4 years ago
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