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APEX Medical XT Fit Travel CPAP Machine

Model: SF01101
APEX Medical XT Fit Travel CPAP Machine APEX Medical XT Fit Travel CPAP Machine APEX Medical XT Fit Travel CPAP Machine APEX Medical XT Fit Travel CPAP Machine
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Durable Light Weight Travel CPAP with Exceptional Performance

The latest in the APEX XT Line, the XT Fit is a perfect travel CPAP due to its lightweight and palm sized stature allowing for ease of use when trying to travel with your CPAP therapy machine. While smaller in stature than other CPAP machines in its class, the XT Fit is built to perform at the levels you have grown accustomed to with larger CPAP machines, making it an excellent alternative to larger machines for on the go CPAP users.

Power Supply Already Built In

All models of the APEX XT come with a built-in power supply brick that essentially eliminates extra weight. This allows the machine to remain compact and easy to travel with. In order to power the machine you must have it plugged in at all times. The APEX XT Fit can easily be stored in a carry-on bag without having to worry about the amount of space it takes up. The power supply is universal and will work internationally as well as domestically. For international travel you will need an outlet adapter in order for it to operate.

User Friendly Interface

LED lit screen that is clear to read, the user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making changing your settings or reading your information quick and painless.

Compact Size

Weighing under two pounds with a built in power supply the APEX XT Fit is one of the lightest and smallest traveling CPAP machines on the market. The XT Fit is palm sized and FAA approved making it easy to carry on a plane, lessening the stress of traveling with bulkier CPAP machines and taking up less room than other larger and heavier machines in its class.

Optional APEX Medical XT Fit Heated Humidifier

The XT Fit Humidifier which is sold seperately is designed to be the perfect CPAP companion. Used in conjunction with the Apex Cpap it can add a bit of bulk to the overall machine size however it packs the same punch that you would expect from larger CPAP machines. APEX has developed a great alternative for those who need a travel friendly but effective CPAP device. 

Heated Humidifier

The heated humidifier reduces the irritation commonly associated with CPAP therapy. Traditional CPAP devices can cause irritation of the throat and nasal passages but humidified air can eliminate dryness.
The humidifier will provide up to 8 hours of humidification per night at a minimum. APEX has vigorously tested the humidifier and found you can reliably expect 8 hours minimum for a full water chamber.

Please note: 2-year warranty is voided by water damage/misuse of the machine.

Default Machine Settings

  • Start Pressure: 4 cm H2O
  • Ramp Start Pressure: 3 cm H2O
  • Ramp Time: 10 Minutes
  • Ramp: On
  • NO PVA OPTION - No exhalation relief on the Manual  

Key Features

  • No external power brick essentially eliminating extra weight. Must be plugged into wall to operate.
  • User Friendly Interface - Simple and hassle free menu navigation backed by bright LED screen
  • Ramp Pressure - Gently starts therapy at lower ramp settings, and increase over a span of 45 min in 5 min increments
  • Portable - Weighing in at 1.76lbs this travel friendly CPAP is ready to go when you are
  • Leak Compensation - Compensates for minor leaks that occur in the mask area

**Does not have exhalation relief - PVA Pressure Variation Algorithm

Reviewers Tip:

The power supply is universal and will work anywhere, ranging from outputs of 100 to 240 volts, meaning you will not need to purchase a different type of power supply to run overseas. However you will need an outlet converter so that you can plug it in in many different countries. You can purchase an inexpensive outlet converter, just remember to bring it with you whenever you travel! The machine is under two pounds making it the ideal traveling CPAP machine available!

Note: The included Travel bag for the machine only (SF01101) is smaller than the Travel bag for both machine with humidifier (SC01101) .

Please note: 2-year warranty is voided by water damage/misuse of the machine.

Introducing the APEX XT Series Travel CPAP Machines!


How often should I replace the filters?

The filters in all APEX XT models are washable and reusable, and should be cleaned at least once every two weeks, more frequently in extreme temperatures or an area where you have a lot of dust. In general you should replace the filters every six months if you are keeping up with the maintenance. Pay close attention to your filters and replace them when you see fit if you think they are wearing down to make sure your APEX is performing at its optimum levels.

Is the APEX XT line DC capable?

No, the XT line is only AC compatible.

Can the patient power the device by a battery or a car adapter?

The XT series CPAP system doesn’t have DC capability so it can’t be powered by a battery or a car adapter. However, it can be used with a DC to AC inverter (only CPAP, not the heated humidifier).  The iCH series CPAP system can operate with an inverter or converter. The converters allow users to operate the device from a 12V or 24V DC power source.

Does the Apex XT Fit include the heated humidifer?

The XT FIT does not include the heated humidifer for the price of $189. It may be add at an additional cost.

Does the Apex XT Fit record compliance data?


APEX explains the possible causes of noisy machine:

While our CPAP machines are very quiet (28 dBA), there are many factors involved when dealing with the perception of sound which is a unique experience for each person. While it is always your right to take the device in to your provider, before you get to that step there may be a few things you can do to isolate and therefore eliminate the sounds.

In our experience, the most common whistling or other high pitched sounds are caused by small leaks which allow air to escape. Very often these sounds are caused by dust/clogged filters, mask fit, sticky mask valves, or connections that may be loose. Before returning the unit to your provider, please take these steps as they may help in solving the issue. 

Check Filter on the back of the unit.  Check for dirt or clogging as both conditions can cause noises.  You may need to wash or replace the filter if necessary. 

Mask Fit/Sticky mask valves- Most of the noise you hear is actually air travelling through your hose and flowing into and out of the mask.  To isolate if this is where the noise may be originating from, disconnect the tubing from the mask inspect the surface for scratches or other physical abnormalities. Secondly, make sure the tubing is firmly connected to the mask inlet and breathe normally. Since sounds can be amplified when fully connected, pay close attention to see if you still detect the sound (even if minor).  If so, you may need to:

Wash the mask and tubing very thoroughly in warm water, then allow to air dry and repeat the test. In many cases a slightly sticky valve in the mask assembly will cause a whistling sound.

Try on a different mask (if available). This may help give you different sounds to compare and help in isolating any whistling. 

Once you have checked the above and the issue has not been resolved, we recommend completing the following breathing cycle. Placing the mask on your face and turning the unit on: inhale, pause (with lungs inflated) for 1-2 seconds, exhale, pause (with lungs deflated) for 1-2 seconds. Taking note of any sounds, repeat the process a few times. Now breathe normally.

If the sound only appears at one specific part of the breathing cycle, it is more likely that you have a small leak. You will need to reposition the mask on your face or make minor adjustments, such as tightening it slightly. After adjusting the fit of your mask, repeat the breathing cycle test.  Please ensure that this is done while still hooked up to your machine.

If the sound only appears in the breaks during the breathing cycle and you have verified all connections are secure, please take the unit in to your provider for evaluation.

Return on warranty issues only.






RX Required.

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