Belluscura X-PLOR Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cartridge

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Key Features:

  • Replaceable Oxygen Cartridge for Belluscura X-PLOR Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Easy to replace, no special tools required
  • Separates nitrogen from air to produce pure oxygen
  • Extends X-PLOR concentrator service life
Product Details

Belluscura X-PLOR Portable Oxygen Concentrator Replaceable Cartridge

The Belluscura X-PLOR Portable Oxygen Concentrator Replaceable Cartridge offers a hassle-free, cost-effective solution to maintain optimal performance of your X-PLOR concentrator. Engineered specifically for the Belluscura X-PLOR, this replaceable cartridge ensures a consistent, uninterrupted supply of purified oxygen.

The cartridge acts as the heart of the concentrator, separating nitrogen from the air to produce high-purity oxygen for the user. Like filters, oxygen cartridges lose their effectiveness over time and need to be replaced for optimal therapy.

When your X-PLOR device indicates that cartridge replacement is needed, simply follow the cartridge replacement instructions in the X-PLOR user manual to replace your cartridge. No technical skills and special tools are required. 

Cartridge Replacement Schedule
How often you need to replace your Belluscura X-PLOR Oxygen Concentrator Cartridge depends on:

  • your oxygen setting
  • how often your use the concentrator
  • environmental conditions such as high elevation and/or dry climate 
Technical Data
6 months
Item Includes

1 X-PLOR Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cartridge

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Subject: Concentrator cartridge
I have been on supplemental oxygen for a very long time but also enjoying getting out of the house with friends and family as much as possible. Because of this I have always used a portable oxygen concentrator along with my stationary machine while I am at home. I decided to purchase the Belluscura as I only require a pulse dose of 1-2lpm while out walking and this machine thankfully can go up to 4lpm. I also was made aware that it is the most quiet portable concentrator available to me from Respshop at the moment! I also always felt like my previous machines required me to send my machine in for maintenance which is not ideal given my active lifestyle.This machine however has the replacement cartridge that I am able to change out on my own very easily! I appreciated the help from the staff at Respshop in recommending me this machine to me based on that. The option for expedited shipping makes it so I do not have to be without my machine for long when the time comes again. Thank you team!
Was this helpful?
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