APEX Medical XT CPAP Heated Humidifier - Open Box

Model: SH01001-Open Box
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Product Details

Heated Humidifier for the APEX XT Travel CPAP Line - Open Box

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Technical Data
Item Includes
  • Heated Humidifier with Water Chamber
  • AC Power cord
  • Instruction Manual

Humidifier Setup

  1. Place the CPAP device on the heater platform.  The rubber tab at the back of the platform slips into the slot in the rear of the CPAP unit.
  2. Connect the power jumper cord to the AC inlet on the back of the CPAP device.
  3. Connect the AC power cord to the power inlet on the back of the heater, and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  4. Turn on the heater by pressing the On/Off switch on the back of the heater platform.  "Standby" appears in the LCD display of the CPAP.
  5. Fill the chamber with distilled water by outlet but do not fill it over the MAX line.  (Approximately 450ml).
  6. Press down and slide the chamber into the heater plate.  Make sure the silicon connector on the inlet connector fits securely over the CPAP device air outlet.  
  7. The heater ON indicator on the right side of the heated humidifier will be lit to indicate the heater plate has started to warm.  Caution: The heater will be automatically turned off when the water chamber is removed from the heater platform.
  8. Connect the other end of the tubing to your mask.
  9. Connect the tubing to the outlet connector on the water chamber.
  10. Adjust the heater temperature to the desired setting by using the control knob.
  11. 1 is minimum humidity, and 6 is maximum.  Check both ends of the tubing to ensure they are tightly connected to both the device and mask.  
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