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ResMed Quattro FX for Her Full Face CPAP Mask

ResMed Quattro FX for Her Full Face CPAP Mask

62502, 62501
ResMed Quattro FX for Her Full Face CPAP Mask
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ResMed Quattro FX for Her Full Face CPAP Mask ResMed Quattro FX for Her Full Face CPAP Mask
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For Her CPAP Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask

ResMed's Quattro FX for Her Full Face Mask is a CPAP mask designed specifically to fit a woman's face. The mask shares all of the best features with the original Quattro FX -- including a Spring Air cushion, easy attachment, and a quiet mask port -- in a feminine sized mask with pink headgear straps.

Minimal Contact

The Quattro FX for her has a secure seal without the necessitating a forehead pad. You'll wake up with fewer red blemishes or stretch marks, and you can enjoy a clear line of sight for reading or watching television without obstruction.

Spring Air Technology

Spring Air Technology controls the interaction between the Spring Air cushion and the Spring Frame. The frame and the cushion work together to offer angular adjustments as you move, which makes a forehead attachment superfluous. This helps distribute pressure evenly without rotating your cushion or dislodging your seal.

Dual Wall Spring Air Cushion

The cushion itself is one of ResMed's premier cushion designs. Available in two different sizes, the Spring Air is a dual-walled cushion. The outer membrane is made of silicone and it attaches gently to your cheeks around your mouth. The supportive inner cushion stabilizes the CPAP mask, helping you maintain a quality seal throughout the night. As air flows into the Quattro FX CPAP mask, the outer membrane will inflate around your facial features, which helps to keep the seal without creating any facial abrasions.

Swing Seal Technique for Quick Application

The Swing Technique makes applying your mask a breeze: just size, swing, and seal the mask. Remove your headgear clips and then place the Quattro FX CPAP mask at an angle so your cushion rests on the middle of your nasal bridge. Then just swing the mask down so it rests between your bottom lip and chin. Attach the headgear clips and adjust the side straps for a secure fit, and you're done!

Key Features

  • Dual-Layered cushion provides stability and seal
  • Crown cap headgear with no forehead attachment or pad
  • Swing Technique allows for quick application

Reviewers Tip:

The mask comes apart easily for a quick cleaning. Wash with warm water, a non-abrasive soap, and a soft cloth.

  • Small: 3 9/16 in
  • Medium: 4 in
  • Large: 4 3/8 in

Material List:
  • Frame: Polycarbonate
  • Cushion: Silicone
  • Headgear: Nylon/Spandex/Polyurethane/Polycaprolactam/Rayon acetate satin
  • Soft Wraps: Nylon/Spandex
  • Cushion measurement: Small - 3 9/16 in., Medium - 4 in.

Cleaning Guide for ResMed's Quattro FX


What is the biggest fitting difference between the Quattro Fx and the For Her Quattro FX?

It's mostly just in the size and shape of the straps and the cushions. Female faces are shaped slightly different than male faces, and ResMed designed the for Her model with straps that contour to a woman's features.

Can I get the for her model without pink headgear?

Not at this time, unfortunately.

Should I use antibacterial soap to clean the mask?

No, antibacterial soap will chew away at the silicone in your cushion. This will harm your seal and vastly reduce your cushion's life span. Wash with a non-abrasive soap or a mild shampoo instead.


© ResMed 2020 Used with Permission.

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7034/A7035
  Warranty90 days
  Extra FeaturesPressure range - 4-30 cm H20

Item Includes

  • Full Face Mask for Her in selected size
  • Headgear

62501 Mask includes: 61721 Cushion, 62513 Frame, 62507 Headgear

62502 Mask includes: 61722 Cushion, 62514 Frame, 62507 Headgear