Solar Charger For Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine Batteries

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Green, solar powered CPAP battery charger

Transcend's solar powered CPAP battery charger is perfect for sleep apnea users who love to spend time outdoors. The built-in solar modules charge the device when it is placed in the sun, even on gray days. The charger folds up easily and fits comfortably into any travel bag.

Charges in One Day

Placed in direct sunlight, the Transcend Solar Charger takes approximately six hours to charge fully (for the overnight battery).

Military Tested Strength

Constructed from Power Film, the super thin charger is durable and comes ready to use. Simply unfold the device, lay it flat, and connect your battery to the charger.

Directions For Use

1.     Unstrap the Velcro from the Solar Charger.

2.     Unfold the Solar Charger to its maximum size.

3.     Place the Solar Charger in direct sunlight with the solar panels facing up.  NOTE: The LED  may illuminate red depending on Ambient light conditions.

4.     Plug the Transcend P8 Battery or Transcend P4 Battery into the Solar Charger port.

5.     The solid red LED indicates that the battery is charging.  Once the battery is fully charged, the solid green LED will illuminate.  Typical charge times for fully depleted batteries are 6 hours for the P4 Battery and 12 hours for the P8 Battery, respectively.  Charge times may vary depending UV Index.

6.     When charging is complete, fold the Solar Charger and strap the Velcro into place.  Do not fold or crease the solar panels, creasing may destroy their function.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To clean the Solar Charger, use a dampened cloth to wipe away any dirt or residue.  No further maintenance is required.

Power Output warranty:     PowerFilm warrants to the original purchaser that under standard PowerFilm test conditions the PowerFilm Solar product will produce 80% of the minimum rated output for the term of three years.

Storage Temperature Range:  -20o to -60C (-4o to -140oF)
Operating Temperature Range:    0-45oC (32 - 113oF)

Key Features

  • Ideal For Hikes and Camping Trips
  • Compact Charger Weighs Less Than Two Pounds
  • Green Technology

Reviewers Tip:

The charger is durable and lightweight, so don't be afraid to take it into the wilderness.

Transcend Solar Charger Hiking Guide


Can I roll up the charger?

The Transcend Solar Charger folds more than it rolls. The solar panels fold on top of each other, and the device is approximately 10.5" x 3.5" x 2" folded up.

Does the charger come with, or come attached to my device's battery?

No, the charger is an external device that attaches to the battery. It does not come on any battery or CPAP machine.

Do I need to worry about keeping my charger clean?

Transcend designed its Solar Charger with outdoor use in mind. The charger can withstand some dirt and wear and tear. Clean any accumulated debris with a damp cloth.


Technical Data
0.7 lbs or 317.5 g
Open flat panel: 30 x 21 in. Folded: 10.5 x 3.5 x 2 in.
1 year
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Laurie E
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I'm so glad to hear that I am not the only one with problems. I used it in 2017 and it did charge the battery at least partially. But never again. I sent it to the Philips service department but, after 2 months or so, they said it worked. It doesn't. I argued and got a replacement panel. I backpacked with it for 10 days in 2018 and never got it to recharge. I was ticked for carrying the extra weight. Then I bought a new battery thinking that was the problem. Still no charge and it's not returnable. The light comes on the panel but not the battery. Now I have two batteries which, fully charged, should last for 4 maybe 5 nights, if I'm lucky. But they weight 2.2 lbs together plus the weight of the cpap! So much for ultra light hiking.
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Melanie J
Was this helpful?
Bought this a number of years ago. Used it the first time then, although slow, seemed to work. I was excited. Then went to Iceland this year 2018, even with extended sunny days , nothing. Lit up but wouldn’t charge. Tried it again at home this fall in bright light outside, again got red light but no light when battery plugged in. Called manufacturer, they said past warranty. Expensive for one use!!! Don’t waste your money.
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Kelly D
Was this helpful?
This is totally worthless. Would barely add any charge despite a full 12 hours in the sun. Sent it back because I thought it was defective. Second charger was also worthless and would not charge a p8 battery. I'm looking for another option. The challenge is the proprietary plug on the P8.
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