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Most Comfortable Pediatric CPAP Mask Ages 2 and Up

Designed to be used by children ages 2 and up, the Pixi Pediatric CPAP mask is the best mask on the market for young children with sleep apnea. Created to be adjusted by parents or adult caregivers, the Pixi CPAP Mask offers extreme levels of comfort for young children, while not sacrificing the performance of adult CPAP masks. The caregivers' needs, as well as the comfort and safety of the child, were kept in mind during the construction of the Pixi Pediatric CPAP Mask.

Quick Release Latch

Created with safety in mind, this latch allows for an adult or caregiver to quickly remove the mask during the night or during the course of an emergency without causing pain or discomfort to the child.


Made with breathe-o-prene material, the headgear is lightweight and unobtrusive, sitting out of the child's ears and eyes so there are no vision obstructions or discomfort while wearing the mask during CPAP therapy. Pixi was designed with comfort in mind, which will help reduce the stress of convincing a child to wear a CPAP mask.

Adjustable Tube

As children tend to be frequent movers during sleep, mask drag is a common concern for adults and caregivers while the child is using their CPAP machine. The tube on the Pixi Pediatric CPAP mask can be attached to either side of the cushion inside the mask allowing for adjustment depending on the sleeping position. The tube is also lightweight and flexible, allowing for stretching and bending during sleep which will result in less grabbing and a more comfortable night's sleep during CPAP therapy.

Key Features

  • Quick Release Latch - Allows for quick removal during sleep or during an emergency situation
  • Flexible Tubing - Two different attachment points for easy adjustment, lightweight tubing that can bend or stretch to help prevent mask grab and increase comfort
  • Comfortable Cushion - Single wall design that is lightweight and made of silicone reducing or eliminating the pressure on your child's face without affecting the seal


Reviewers Tip:

The straps on the headgear are conveniently placed away from the vision of the child who is wearing it. While children are known to fidget and may try to tamper with the device, the strap locations should help reduce tampering. The straps also allow for the mask and headgear to be adjusted a multitude of times and in a multitude of ways so as your child grows you can quickly adjust the size providing the maximum amount of comfort.

How to put on the ResMed Pixi Pediatric CPAP Nasal Mask

  • Gently place the mask on the child's face, ensuring the nose and nasal area are fully covered by the cushion. Be sure the mouth is free and clear of all obstructions.
  • Over the top of the head, gently pull the headgear until it is positioned with the middle strap across the middle of the back of the head.
  • While grasping the mask frame, to keep headgear in place, take the bottom headgear strap and bring it to the back of the neck.
  • Holding the tab on the bottom headgear strap, clip the quick release into place on the mask.
  • If needed, working from bottom to top on the headgear straps, slowly tighten or loosen the headgear straps until comfort is reached.
  • Fit the mask tubing and swivel to the CPAP machine or appropriate device.


How frequently should I be cleaning this mask?

Just like the CPAP mask on an adult, the oils from the child's skin will build help and have negative effects on the cushion. You should wash the cushion daily with warm water and a mild detergent such as children's shampoo, and there are mask cleansing sprays and wipes available for purchase that are safe. If the cushion in the mask is uncomfortable after general wear and tear, or the seal has been affected, you can find cushion replacements available rather than having to purchase a brand new mask.

I am having problems getting my young child to wear their CPAP mask at night, do you have any tips?

As with any sort of training, encouragement and positive reinforcement are always helpful. Games and activities that the child can enjoy are a huge help, and rewarding them with stickers as you would see in a young child's classroom is a great way to encourage them to wear their mask. Not giving up is the most important part. As your child grows, they will most likely recognize the positive effects on their health that their CPAP machine is giving them which will make the journey easier.

My child has marks on their face after use, what should I do?

It's likely that the mask is too tight. ResMed specifically designed the mask for children, rather than just taking an adult mask and scaling it to size. The mask was designed to rest comfortably on the child's face rather than tightly, so while you may think that tighter is better for the seal, in reality, you are probably causing some discomfort to the user and therefore should loosen the mask. If you can hear seal leaks while the child is wearing the mask, then the CPAP machine will recognize and make the necessary adjustments and compensate automatically. Over-tightening the straps will not help with mask leaks.

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Sylvia C
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I bought this mask for my grandson who was diagnosed of sleeping disorder a year ago and he has not complained at all. It's a very lightweight mask and made for kids his age. It is made for kids ages 2 and up very soft and comfortable. The good thing that we like about this mask is that you can attached the tube either to the right or left side of the cushion to the mask which ever the kid sleep on. Very satisfied with your product, thanks Resmed!!!!
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Hello can adults use this mask. It is made so mich better than the adult masks. A hose isnt running down in front of your mouth making you look like elphant man. Thank you

This mask is very small, as such it is unlikely to work well for the overwhelming majority of adults.

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