Respironics FullLife Fitpack CPAP Full Face Mask

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FullLife Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

The FullLife Full Face CPAP Fitpack with Headgear by Respironics is an innovative full face mask that substitutes a forehead band for a wraparound chin support band. The Fitpack comes with cushions in three different sizes, a convenient feature for people who aren't sure what size will fit best.

No Forehead Assembly

Forehead attachments can rub uncomfortably on your skin, and if you don't like them, this is the mask for you. The mask is also designed to give you a clear line of vision. You'll have no trouble reading or watching television while you're wearing the FullLife CPAP mask.

Sure Seal Technology

Sure Seal Technology is a dual texture cushion design that helps to create a secure seal. The cushion surface is textured in specific spots, which helps it adhere to the skin better and create fewer leaks. The outer membrane of the cushion attaches softly to your face while the inner cushion provides support and prevents the mask from shifting throughout the night.

Chin Support Band

This is NOT a chin strap: The support band ensures that your mask fits securely, and it provides enhanced stability without requiring a forehead pad.

Key Features

  • Quiet exhalation ports
  • One Faceplate for all three cushions
  • Replaceable Cushions

Reviewers Tip:

Because of the three different cushion sizes, you can rest easy knowing that you'll find something that fits your face well.

FullLife: Fitting and Adjusting the Mask


  • So, are all three cushions included?
    • Yes, if you order the FullLife Fit Pack, you'll get three different cushion sizes: small, medium, and large. This mask is ideal for people who are unsure of their size or those who worry that they might be between sizes.
  • Is the chin strap made out of latex?
    • No, there is no latex in any Respironics packaging or product.


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4 of 5 Stars!
PMB-AS11176 A Verified Purchase
I've been using this mask for a few days now and I really like the strap setup, nothing touches my ears so I can sleep without that annoyance.
The mask fits well (I tried all 3 included in the pack and settled on medium)
The only reason I can't give a 5 is that like all full face masks I've tried, I get a sore on my nose. I'm going to try the gecko pad to see if that works.
9 years ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Will N
Wanted to try a new mask so I decided to try this FullLife full face fitpack and really happy with it. I have not had any discomfort and the what made it best is that the fitpack came with three different sizes I was able to try all 3 to figure out which one fits me best with no leakage. No bridge support so I can still read while im wearing my mask. And If your unsure which size fits you best just like I was this is something you wanna try, you will get 3 cushions S,M and L.
10 years ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Cal H
The cushion is very, very soft and malleable so it does not cause sore on the bridge of your nose. It has no bridge support, so your view is not obstructed. The headgear has the chin support (not a chin strap), and it allows you to take off your mask quickly.
Though it does not have clips, so you have to adjust your mask each time you put it back on. The Fitpack allows you to try on three different sizes to see which one has the least mask leak. This is the best one for mouth breathers in my opinion, and the price is great too.
12 years ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Deborah B Verified Purchase
This mask I used for quite awhile, very comfortable when i sleep on my stomache, however I did start developing a sore on the bride of the nose from the top piece of plastic.
12 years ago
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