SleepStyle HC234 CPAP Machine with Humidifier

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This product is discontinued. Please check the latest model ICON+ Auto CPAP .

Therapeutic and Ergonimically Designed CPAP Machine

Fisher & Paykel's HC234 is one of the earlier Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle machines. The SleepStyle 234 offers a wide pressure range, altitude adjustment, and enhanced user control. Ambient Tracking Plus helps to mitigate the symptoms associated with CPAP therapy, allowing you to get the best treatment possible without sacrificing any comfort.

Ambient Tracking Plus

If you frequently experience rain-out or if you often have condensation inside your CPAP tubing, Ambient Tracking Plus is the solution for you. The feature helps to protect against those symptoms by automatically adjusting the machine's heater plate based on room temperature. The level of humidity depends not only on the humidifier's setting but also on the conditions of the room and whether or not your mask is leaking. Ambient Tracking monitors all of these factors and adjusts your humidification settings based on room conditions.

Wide Pressure Range

The SleepStyle comes with a wide pressure range, spanning from 4-18.5 cm H20. The pressure is adjustable in .5 cm increments.

User Friendly

The HC234 comes with a user-friendly menu design and an ergonomically positioned keypad and display system. The display screen is on the top of the machine and can be used to adjust your therapy settings in the dark.

Key Features

  • Product Includes a Six Foot Hose, Travel Bag, Filters, and 2 Humidifier Chambers
  • Internal Humidification Protects Against Sleep Apnea Therapy Symptoms
  • Ambient Tracking Plus Constantly Monitors Humidification Settings

Reviewers Tip:

You can use the internal humidifier for both warm and cool air, depending on your preferences.

Benefits of CPAP Treatment


Do I need an external humidifier with the SleepStyle?

Fisher and Paykel designed for the SleepStyle to be humidified internally; you won't need to purchase an additional humidifier.

Are the water chambers dishwasher safe?

They are, but at RespShop, we always recommend that users wash their CPAP equipment by hand with warm water and a non-abrasive soap.

How long do CPAP machines last?

With proper care and regular cleaning, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to use your machine for several years.

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