SleepStyle 604 ThermoSmart CPAP Machine and Integrated Humidifier

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This product is discontinued. Please check the latest model ICON+ Auto CPAP .

CPAP Machine with Integrated Heated Humidifier by Fisher and Paykel

Small in size but big on performance, the Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle 604 with an integrated heated humidifier will deliver exceptional therapy for your sleep apnea while providing bonus comfort due to the integrated humidifier and heated coil tubing. While previous CPAP therapy humidifiers could be affected by the ambient temperatures, the Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle 604 was designed so that the environment would deliver consistent temperature from the tube all the way to your CPAP mask to ensure that comfort is consistent no matter how dry or cold your room may be during use.


Heated tubing combined with your CPAP humidifier that allows for an increased amount of customizable humidity levels that will be maintained at the same level throughout the night even as temperature in your room might change. A comfort feature, ThermoSmart will compensate for mouth leak during CPAP therapy. A leak during CPAP therapy can cause discomfort, especially leading to congestion or dry a throat and nasal area.

Ergonomic Design

The SleepStyle 604 is a compact CPAP machine, which allows you to save space during storage or travel. Traveling with a CPAP machine can be difficult with bulky and heavy machines, but the SleepStyle is small and can fit conveniently into your carryon luggage.

Key Features

  • ThermoSmart Coil Tube - Delivers customized level of humidification for increase comfort and performance
  • Size - Compact with an integrated humidifier, unobtrusive on your night stand and easy to travel with
  • Humidifier - Built in to increase comfort and reduce rain out

Reviewers Tip:

Using distilled water in your humidifier will help prevent build up in your tube and water chamber and allow you to lengthen the life of the equipment.

Cleaning Tips

Check out ourblog for CPAP cleaning tips.


What type of CPAP mask will work for this machine?

All of the CPAP masks we sell are compatible with all of the CPAP machines we sell. Manufacturers have standardized the cuff sizes on all CPAP tubes to ensure that you have a large variety of options when choosing a mask, whether you prefer a nasal mask or a full face CPAP mask.

Can I travel with my SleepStyle 604 CPAP by plane?

Yes, all medical equipment are allowed on planes. You may need to upgrade to a different class to have a power outlet. You should let your airline and the TSA know ahead of time that you are traveling with your CPAP machine and make sure that you receive a medical equipment tag before going through the check points.


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