Respironics PR System One DS250 REMstar Plus CPAP Machine with C-Flex and Humidifier

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Respironics PR System One DS250 REMstar Plus CPAP Machine with C-Flex and Humidifier

This product is discontinued. See the replacement Respironics REMStar Plus .

Respironics REMstar takes sleep therapy to another level with its unique Flex Technology, and state of the art humidity and resistance controls. The REMstar CPAP is backed by Dry Box technology to provide ultimate protection from water damage, ensuring longevity for your device. System One Humidity and Resistance Control

System One incorporates unrivaled humidity control with an intelligent system designed to adapt to surrounding temperatures, user airflow, and prevents condensation in the tube. This equates to consistent humidity levels personalized to your preferences. The resistance control on the other-hand delivers optimal pressure levels regardless of the mask used. This translates into consistent pressure delivery ensuring convenience and comfort.

Flex Family Technology

The REMstar incorporates C-Flex Plus which builds upon the standard C-Flex technology by Respironics. C-Flex integrates 3 levels of relief based on a superior analysis of expiratory flow, which provide exceptional pressure relief leading to the best user comfort and uninterrupted sleep. The REMstar improves upon the C-Flex with C-Flex Plus. C-Flex Plus provides the same level of comfort but with the added feature of reducing pressure transition in fixed CPAP mode. This results in an easier, smoother breathing cycle.

Dry box Technology

Respironics Dry Box Technology traps fluid, significantly reducing the risk of water damage to the sensitive electronics in REMstar. With the combination of a one way valve and the relocation of the air outlet, Respironics Dry Box Technology equips you with maximum water control.

Key Features

  • Dry Box Technology - Protects sensitive electronics by trapping fluid
  • Integrated Heated Humidifier - Built in humidifier reduces CPAP therapy irritation
  • Flex Family Technology - Focuses on smoother, easier pressure transition
  • Altitude Adjustment - Automatically adapts pressure over varying altitudes
  • Ramp Time - Starts pressure at lower levels and gently increases to prescribed pressure over a 45min duration in 5min increments


Reviewers Tip:

The REMstar is light enough to take with you on travels, it even comes with at travel case.

This product is discontinued.


What is the pressure range?

The pressure range is from 4 to 20cm H20.

What kind of filters are used for this device?

The filter used is Polyester Fiber

How much does this device weigh?

This device weighs approximately 4.6lbs.

Technical Data
DS250HS, DS250S
2 years
Item Includes
  • Respironics PR System one REMStar Plus CPAP Machine with A-Flex and System One Heated Humidifier
  • System One Heated Humidifier
  • Travel Case
  • Performance Tubing
  • Travel Ready Adaptor (100v – 240v AC Auto adaptive)
  • SD Card
  • FREE filters for three years -- only from
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