Philips NightBalance Positional Sleep Therapy Device

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A clinically proven alternative to CPAP therapy for positional obstructive sleep apnea.

Key Features:

  • Mask-Free, CPAP-Free Positional Therapy Treatment
  • Gentle Vibrations prompt users to sleep on their sides, preventing airflow obstructions
  • Adaptation Program customizes vibrations to help users adjust to therapy
  • Discreet, Compact Design is perfect for travel
  • NightBalance Mobile App for data tracking and sharing
  • Rechargeable Battery
Product Details

Philips NightBalance Positional Sleep Therapy Device

The Philips NightBalance is a compact, easy-to-use, mask-free treatment for positional OSA. The palm-sized device is worn comfortably across your chest in a soft, machine-washable, adjustable strap.

The NightBalance delivers gentle vibrations that prompt you to shift off of your back without disturbing your sleep. It automatically adjusts the intensity of vibrations to provide the therapy you need.

How does NightBalance work?

As you sleep, NightBalance detects when you are sleeping on your back and delivers auto-customized, gentle vibrations that prompt you to move onto your side without disturbing your sleep. The quiet vibrations help you to stay off your back and avoid the higher number of breathing disturbances that occur when you sleep on your back. This reduces the overall AHI to levels that make NightBalance clinically non-inferior to CPAP therapy.

No Mask needed
Philips NightBalance Positional Sleep Therapy Device is worn across the chest during sleep, there are no masks, no tubes, and no CPAP Machine accessories needed (big savings!). It's designed to make it easy for you to fall asleep in any position and stay asleep.

Considerate Adaptation Program
Philips L2US01US NightBalance Positional Sleep Therapy has a uniquely designed Adaptation Program. For the first two nights (nights 1 & 2), the device will simply monitor the individual's sleep behavior without providing any therapy. For nights 3 through 9, gradual vibrations are introduced over time to help you get acclimated to the device. On day 10 and on, the device provides full therapy when needed. Thus reducing the time spent sleeping on your back, and more time sleeping soundly. 

Compatible mobile app
The NightBalance is constantly monitoring and recording how your body responds to the therapy it provides. All of your sleep data is automatically uploaded to a secure online portal. The user-friendly interface allows you to follow your progress online and the device itself, helping you keep track of your sleep goals.

Is this therapy right for you?
Are you suffering from POSA (positional obstructive sleep apnea) but cannot tolerate PAP treatment? Are you finding it unbearable to use a mask, leaving you with dry mouth or nose irritations? If yes, NightBalance might be the answer for you.

Benefits of NightBalance
Patients using NightBalance found it to be more comfortable, easier to use, and significantly more adherent to it than to CPAP machines. According to Philips Respironics, 88% of users who tried NightBalance said they would recommend NightBalance to others.

No new sleep study needed
The sleep study that was used to confirm the diagnosis of OSA can be used by your physician to also confirm if you suffer from positional OSA and therefore if positional therapy will be helpful for you.

Note: A prescription is required for the NightBalance. The prescription must include a sleep apnea diagnosis but does not need to specify the NightBalance.

Technical Data
Sensor Device: 30 gr (1.1 oz), Chest Strap: 62 gr (2.2 oz)
8 x 6.85 x 2.75 inches
1 year warranty on Sensor Device and Docking Station
Item Includes
  • Philips NightBalance Sensor Device
  • Docking Station
  • Adjustable Chest Strap
  • AC Power Cord
  • Travel Case
  • Printed Instructions for Use
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Q&As (7)
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How do you know that Philips have stopped production of this product? I contacted Philips directly a week ago and they said it was still avaliable to order. I'm hesitant to buy now if they have discontinued in case they stop supporting the software! Thanks

Thank you for reaching out to us! We received a notification that we could no longer order this product as of Oct 2023. Please contact Philips for further assistance.

Was this helpful?
Why Phillip discontinue night balance?

We do not know the reason for the stop in production unfortunately.

Was this helpful?
I own the Philips Smart Sleep snoring relief band sold to consumers without a prescription which appears to do the same thing. Are you aware of any differences other than the docking station and transmitting data to the doctor?

Philips has discontinued the production of the Night Balance.

Was this helpful?
My doctor doesn't feel this will work and won't write a prescription., but I want to try it since I hate the regular mask machines. Can't I buy it myself with my sleep study report?

I am sorry but we do require a prescription

Was this helpful?
I have been reading about the Philips NightBalance on the RespShop website. I am very interested in trying this product. Do I need a prescription for this as it is not a CPAP?

Yes, we do require a prescription for the NightBalance. Please reach out to your doctor to provide you with a prescription.

Was this helpful?
Is a doctor's prescription necessary?

NightBalance requires a prescription. The prescription must include sleep apnea diagnosis but doesn’t necessarily have to include NightBalance.

Was this helpful?
What are the differences between the philips night balance you sell for $449.00 and the philips nightbalance lunoa sold by some stores on line for $820..?
Thank you.

Hi there, we only carry the Philips Night Balance so I can only speak to that device. It is a device used for positional therapy to treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

The Night Balance from Lunoa appears to be an updated device by night balance. Please reach out to them for further details.

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