3B RESmart CPAP Machine with Humidifier

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3B RESmart CPAP Machine with Humidifier

3B's RESmart offers RESlex technology, integrated heated humidifier, and a easy to use data management system that provides simple and reliable sleep apnea therapy. You can rest easy knowing RESmart is an affordable CPAP that delivers dependable results without sacrificing quality.


RESlex focuses on decreasing positive airway pressure during exhalation, in order to create a natural breathing pattern that's less invasive. This provides you with a far more natural and comfortable sleep apnea therapy experience.

Heated Humidifier

The heated humidifier focuses on delivering sleep apnea therapy without sacrificing comfort. Traditional CPAP therapy can irritate throat and nasal passages during normal use throughout the night. RESlex's heated humidifier provides moisture to significantly reduce irritation, and provide a natural sleep apnea therapy experience.

Easy Clinical and Compliance Data

3B provides two easy methods for retrieving compliance and clinical data. Healthcare providers can utilize a direct connection and download the data from the SD card to review recorded data, or connect online and retrieve the data from a dedicated 3B product website. This provides actionable data for you and your healthcare provider, enabling better sleep apnea therapy.

Key Features

  • RESflex Technology - Creates a natural breathing patten, less invasive
  • Ramp Technology - Starts pressure at lower levels and gradually increases to prescribed levels over a 45min duration 5min increments
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment - Maintains persistent pressure despite differing altitudes
  • Heated Humidifier - Provides comfort and reduces common CPAP therapy irritations
  • Compliance and Clincal Data - Easy access of actionable data through SD card

Reviewers Tip:

The RESmart comes with an optional audible alert for tube/mask leaks.

This item is discontinued.


What is the pressure range?

The pressure range is from 4 to 20cm H20.

How much does this device weigh?

This device weighs approximately 5lbs.

What kind of filters does this device require?

The device uses Disposable filter.

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