Respironics BiPAP AutoSV Machine with heated humidifier

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Package Contents

  • BiPap AutoSV Machine
  • 6 Foot Hose
  • Carrying Case
  • Patient Manual
  • Clinical Manual
  • SmartCard
  • 2 Reusable Foam Filters
  • 1 White Disposable Filter
  • Power Supply
  • Filter Cover

Respironics BiPAP AutoSV Machine with heated humidifier

This item is discontinued: check out the latest model PR System One DS960 BiPAP Machine AutoSV .

Respironics has designed the BiPAP AutoSV to be the best sleep therapy system in managing the unique forms of sleep apnea that you have. The AutoSV employs 3 unique technologies to ensure optimized support. The Advanced Event Detection and Response and Automatic Servo Ventilation Algorithm (AutoSV) work together to deliver a dynamic response to conventional and non-conventional occurrences, while simultaneously delivering proper hydration. The Encore SmartCard brings clear, accurate, actionable data to the table, allowing you and your health provider to design the optimum therapy for you.

Advanced Event Detection and Response

Respironics Advanced Event Detection and Response is able to quickly identify and respond to conventional and non-conventional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) events. With its fully expanded performance you'll find the device delivers ideal and optimum pressure at all times, regardless of the situation.

Automatic Servo Ventilation (AutoSV) Algorithm

The AutoSV Algorithm constantly monitors breathing patterns based on several categories, in order to easily track and target a flow within each breathing cycle. The device incorporates this data to stabilize pressure support when the flow target is achieved, and ensures every breath is properly hydrated.

Efficient Encore Data Management and Reporting

The data management provided by Respironics brings unparalleled versatility and flexibility, enabling you and your provider to create the best therapy for you. You will be able to break down data and information through the weekly user flow and event report, which tracks information on a breath by breath basis.

Key Features

  • Auto EPAP for ideal therapy at all times
  • Efficient advanced back-up rate for sustained therapy
  • Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity


Breath Rate 2 to 30 BPM > =/- BPM or =/- 10% of the setting (when measured over a 4 minute period)
Timed Inspiration 0.5 to 3.0 seconds =/- (0.1 = 10% of the setting) seconds
Ramp Duration (0-45 minutes) =/- 10% of setting
Rise Time 1 to 6 (the range of values correcspond to tenths of seconds) =/- 25%
Dimensions 9.75 x 6.62 x 4.4 in/ 24.8 x 16.8 x 11.2 cm 
Weight 4 lbs / 1.8 kg
Miscellaneous Auto On/Off, mask off alert, user reminders
Output 4 - 30 cm H20
Sound Pressure Level 30 dB(A)
AC Voltage Source 100 TO  240v, 50/60 Hz
DC Voltage Source 12V DC (when operated with the extermal DC power adapter accessory)
AC Current 1.25 A maximum
DC Current 3.0 A maximu
Protection against electric shock Class II
Degree of protection against electric shock Typ BF Applied Part
Modes of Operation Continuous
Electromagnetic Compatibility The device meets the requirements of EN 6061-1-2, second edition (2001)
Fuses There are no user-replaceable fuses
Temperature 410 to 950 F (Operating) -40 to 1400 F (Storage)
Relative Humidity 15 - 95% non-condensing (Operating and Storage)
Atmospheric Pressure (5600ft to sea level) 83 to 102kPa (Operating)

Reviewers Tip:

BiPAP AutoSV effectively treats a variety of disorders including Restrictive disorders, periodic breathing such as CSR, obstructed airway apnea, Obesity with hypo-ventilation, complex SDB, COPD and OSA, and Neuro-muscular disorders and SDB.

This item is discontinued


  • How much does it weigh?
    • The AutoSV weighs 4lbs making it portable and easy to carry
  • What are the modes of operation?
    • The AutoSV has a continuous mode of operation
  • What is the output?
    • The output ranges from 4 to 30cm H20

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A. We are unfamiliar with that model. Please reach out to Philips Respironics directly 1-800-345-6443 or their website.
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A. We are unfamiliar with that model. Please reach out to Philips Respironics directly 1-800-345-6443 or their website.
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A. I am unfamiliar with this particular model of bipap from Philips. Perhaps contact Philips directly for their expertise at 1-800-345-6443.
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